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reactive attachment disorder



Title Publication date
Extreme Tough Love 2014 Mar 7
Doctor says teen was depressed, suffered PTSD 2013 Oct 8
Cambodia's Orphan-Industrial Complex 2013 Jun 3
Russian Boy’s Death Still a Mystery, Despite Medical Findings 2013 Mar 4
Russian Officials Want Access to Ranch Where They Claim U.S. Parents Reportedly 'Dump Unwanted Kids' 2012 Sep 22
Russians unlikely to succeed in bid for new Craver trial, attorneys say 2011 Nov 21
Can Adoption Lead to Child Abuse? 2011 Nov 9
The Craver trial: In the participants own words 2011 Sep 17
Five of Nathaniel Craver's teachers testify for defense 2011 Sep 9
A Q&A with William Ingaldson, Counsel for the ‘Hot Sauce’ Mom 2011 Aug 23
Neurofeedback: A Treatment for Reactive Attachment Disorder 2011 Apr 25
Adoption: How I lost my little sister 2010 Aug 31
Oklahoma Couple Want to Return Troubled Adopted Son to State 2009 Dec 21
Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz 2009 Aug 31
Liberia: What happens to the Child When Adoption Fails? 2009 Aug 17
Our son needs help 2009 Jun 25
Girl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears' 2009 Mar 9
10-year-old's dark side frightens mother 2009 Mar 8
From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions 2008 Nov 29
Reactive Attachment Disorder: A New Understanding 2008 Oct 28
Abandoned Korean girl finds home in Hong Kong 2008 Oct 20
Harford couple sentenced to 22 years after guilty plea in son’s starvation death 2008 Apr 18
How adopting an angelic five-year-old blew our family apart 2008 Apr 5
Case reveals course of troubled child 2008 Mar 30
(You'll have to pay to get more) 2008 Mar 12
Selecting and Working With an Adoption Therapist 2007 May 14
For those wondering, "what went wrong?" 2007 May 9
No place for Sasha (part 1) 2007 Jan 7
Report of the APSAC Task Force on Attachment Therapy, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Attachment Problems 2006 Feb 1
re-home-ing 2004 Nov 15
Desperate mothers fight to hang on to restraint therapy 2002 Oct 15
Internet adoption a tangled web of hope and fear 2001 Mar 11
Open Records, Open Minds: Psychiatry & Adoption
adoptee essay: Turning Fifty: Rethinking My Experience of My Adoption
Child "disciplined" with hot sauce and cold showers!
Can an Adopted Child Be Returned?
What do you RAD folks think about this ?
What is an R.A.D. Rage like?
Coercive Restraint Therapies: A Dangerous Alternative Mental Health Intervention