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Texas (state of the USA)


Abuse cases

Title Date
Girls adopted by Bryce Conrad Chatland 2023 Jun 7
Children adopted by Hayim Cohen 2023 Feb
Three children adopted by Charles Wadlington 2023 Mar
Boys adopted by Mark and Cheryl Layne 2019
Sherin Susan Mathews 2017 Oct 7
Children adopted by Allen Richardson and Paula Sinclair 2016 Nov
Girl adopted by John and Georgiana Tufts 2016 Aug
Children adopted by Eric Norman Stewart 2016
Abigail Alvarado 2014 Jul 20
Children adopted by Travis and Stacy Yates 2014 Feb 1
Koystya Thyssen 2014 Jun 25
10 children adopted by Dave and Wonda Dixon 2013 Aug 21
Girls adopted by Onyeka Lucy Asonye 2013 Apr 19
Max Shatto (Maxim Kuzmin) 2013 Jan 21
3 children adopted by Tim and Iliana Archuleta 2012 Oct 13
Logan Garrett and his twin sister 2012 Oct 22
Children adopted by Kenneth H. Brandt 2011 Mar 1
Girl adopted by Cynthia Greenwood 2011 Apr 14
Girls adopted by Jason Hignight 2011 Jan 18
Girl adopted by Jon Paul Reid 2010 Aug 10
Girl adopted by man from Brazoria, Texas 2010 Feb 2
Melody Aranda Velasquez 2009 Jan 9
Samuel Hudson (David) and five other adopted children of William and Cynthia Hudson 2008 Dec 9
Chrystal Ramirez (Chrystal Camarillo) 2007 Aug 24
Jackson Wingo 2007 Aug 30
Andrew Burd 2006 Oct 2
Girl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton 2006 Jan 1
Nicholas Rhea Hoffert and Gary Hoffert (Twins); and Girl adopted by David and Lynn Giddens 2006 Feb 10
Rohit Chakravarthy 2006 Feb 16
Children adopted by Mercury Liggins 2004 Mar 1
13+ Children in care of Diana Lynn Groves 2003 Nov 1
Girls adopted by Henrique Cruz 2002 Jun 16
Girl adopted by Stephen Douglas James 2001 Dec 4
Tiffany Clair 2001 May 3
Joseph Beebe 2000 Mar 17
Breianna Melendez 1999 Oct 5
Boy and girl adopted by Richard and Christine Dodson 1995 Jul 1
Kameron Lee Bright (Moghaghab) 1994 Apr 2
Children adopted by Dr. Philip J. Broeckel Sr and Julie Broeckel 1989 Oct 1
Jeannie Warren 1989 Jan 1

Child trafficking cases

Title Date
Mexico - Amado Torres and Maria Isabel Hernandez case 2008 May 1
Guatemala - Ricardo Borz (Osmin Ricardo Tobar Ramirez) and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Rainiery Arias Ramírez) 1997 Aug 6

Coerced adoption cases

Title Date
Barbara Landry 1984 Feb 10

Deportation cases

Title Date
Robin Whiteley 2009 Sep 12
Christopher Clancy 2002 Oct 4

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Anna Barnes 2008 Sep 1

Father's rights violation cases

Title Date
Logan McQueary (Gabriel Johnson case) 2009 Dec 26
Shawn McDonald 2005 Jul 2

Wrongful medication cases

Title Date
Pyschotropic drug case Texas 2004 Apr 1


Title Publication date
New child abuse charge filed against Utah woman who pleaded guilty in foster child’s death 2023 Oct 23
America's Foster Care System: Test Lab for Big Pharma, Cash Cow for Caretakers? 2013 Aug 7
Foster parent fails to receive screenings; accused in brutal abuse 2013 Feb 23
Texas Senate approves abortion sonogram bill 2011 Feb 18
Adoptions plagued by racial bias 2009 Oct 25
Texas Single Dad Stops Adoption; May Get Custody of his Son 2009 Sep 24
Governor vetoes child-abuse bill 2009 Jun 19
Former C.P.S. Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Making False Report Of Abuse 2009 May 22
Texas Senate Approves Choose Life License Plate, State House Sitting on Bill 2009 Apr 29
Texas Senate approves hiring more CPS caseworkers 2009 Apr 2
'Fight club' probed at home for disabled 2009 Mar 10
At a glance: Possible CPS measures in Legislature 2009 Feb 26
No miracles for town that heeded adoption call 2009 Feb 2
Some Texas foster kids' doctors have drug firm ties 2008 Aug 17
Accused baby broker denies wrongdoing 2008 May 29
Lisa Diaz had to save her "precious babies" from an evil world. She drowned them. 2008 May 26
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2008 Feb 19
Psychotropic Medication Patterns Among Youth in Foster Care 2007 Dec 31
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Dec 18
I Am Not a Bridge 2007 Nov 19
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Aug 9
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Aug 6
Teen ranch evades law [FOC operated 2.5 yrs in Utah without a license] 2007 Jul 16
Utah adoption probe widens 2007 Jun 11
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Apr 16
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Mar 27
Families share adoption woes 2007 Mar 13
The Gladney Maternity Home 2007 Feb 13
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Aug 10
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Jun 11
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Apr 14
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Apr 7
Nigeria case furthers scrutiny of Texas' Child Protective Services 2004 Aug 29
The Business of Adoption
Adopted girl says new 'mom' slept naked with her
Crisis in Texas Foster Care
CPS: Protecting Children or Destroying Families?
Child protection law and the FLDS: There's a better way
Did local health care provider once sell babies on the side?
A closer look at contested adoption


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