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Guatemala - Ricardo Borz (Osmin Ricardo Tobar Ramirez) and Jeffrey (Jeffrey Rainiery Arias Ramírez)

1997 Aug 6



In 1997, 6 year old Osmín Ricardo Amílcar Tobar Ramírez and his infant half-brother Jeffrey Rainiery Arias Ramírez were removed from their mother's home due to allegations of  abuse made by an associate of an adoption attorney. There was no formal investigation of whether there was abuse, and the children were placed in the adoption attorney's orphanage (Asociacion los Ninos de Guatemala).

Ricardo and Jeffery's mother, Flor de Maria Ramirez, denied that she was ever abusive or neglectful, and she fought for custody of the boys. Ricardo's father, Gustavo Amilcar Tobar Fajardo, was not notified that the boys were removed from the home.

Nonetheless, the adoption attorney  Susana Luarca, (who also owned the orphanage), and judge, Aida Marizuya Rabasso, who worked regularly together, deprived Flor of custody, refused to place the boys with other willing family members, and found new, separate US adoptive homes for both boys.

When Ricardo's father learned the boys had been removed from the home and adopted, he began a fight to regain custody. After Gustavo complained that Susana Luarca had placed his son illegally, he was attacked by two men with machetes who cut him on his hands, arms, and face. The men said he should stop talking.

To this day, Gustavo Tobar is working with Casa Alianza to have the adoption reversed. Ricardo was adopted by a Pennsylvania family, Jeffrey was adopted by an Illinois family but may be in Houston TX.


Guatemala City