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Middle Africa



Title Publication date
European Bureaucrats May Be involved in Child Smuggling 2023 May 31
Kroongetuige in zaak van adoptiefraude wordt met de dood bedreigd 2020 Sep 27
Christian Saviors and the Adoptions Industry in Congo 2013 Jun 20
Alert: Democratic Republic of the Congo Immigration Authorities Suspend Issuance of Exit Permits to Adoptees 2013 May 2
Notice: Clarification regarding Embassy Kinshasa adoption-related immigrant visa procedures 2013 Apr 30
Notice: Reports of the Removal of Children from Orphanages in the DRC 2013 Mar 15
Notice: Changes at Embassy Kinshasa for adoption-related immigrant visa processing 2013 Feb 7
Zoe's Ark trial: Head of French NGO 'was manipulator' 2012 Dec 4
Adoption from Africa: Concern over 'dramatic rise' 2012 May 29
Jillian Michaels Is Finally Becoming A Mother! 2012 Jan 16
orphanages, ethics and international adoption 2011 Oct 11
Czech state restricts foreign adoptions, "exports" Romani infants 2011 Aug 17
New regulations make international adoption harder than ever for Americans 2011 Jun 10
Rwanda: Lies, Lies And More Lies; How Morally Upright Are Our Churches? 2009 Apr 21
A new law on the Rights of Congolese Children 2009 Feb 9
Blog: Eindelijk foto’s van onze Jonathan - Congo 2008 Dec 22
Cameroon: Jean Pierre Edjoa - «People Need to be Educated on Child Adoption» 2008 Nov 4
Arche Zoé: le Tchad demande 6,3 millions d'euros à la France 2008 Oct 17
Rwanda: Parents demand for their illegally adopted children 2008 Sep 9
Parents Demand for Their Illegally Adopted Children 2008 Sep 9
Congo Blog - child referral 2008 Aug 29
Humanitaire, magouilles et pédophilie : Kouchner & Sounalet 2008 Aug 7
Joint visit to Rwanda 2008 Jul 4
Adoption scam uses Mendham nun's name 2008 Mar 24
The young refugee who was adopted by a famous actress 2008 Mar 7
CONGO: Government lifts ban on foreign adoption of children 2008 Mar 5
Adoption Law Rwanda 2008
Una ONG catalana, denunciada por ‘robar’ niños del Congo para darlos en adopción a familias españolas 2007 Dec 14
Rwanda: National Independent Commission - Genocide 2007 Nov 15
When Kouchner wanted to save the Rwandese orphans 2007 Nov 14
Catalonia to acknowledge the illegal adoption by an NGO in Congo 2007 Nov 8
Acusan a una ONG catalana de comprar un niño congoleño por 350 euros 2007 Nov 7
Adoption scandal hits Congo 2007 Nov 1
El Govern cree que hay niños pendientes de adopción en el Congo que no podrán venir 2007 Mar 30
Impiden a dos familias guipuzcoanas salir del Congo con sus niños adoptados 2006 Aug 21
RDCongo.- Asociación de Adopción de Niños del Congo culpa del problema al 'conflicto de competencias' Estado-Generalitat 2006
Warren of Rwanda 2005 Aug 15
Adoption: les ratages du contrôle 2005 Aug 5
Un couple et deux gamins en plein tourment 2005 Aug 5
Rechter buigt zich over mislukte adoptie - Congo 2005 Feb 14
Congo casts out its 'child witches' 2003 May 11
Mensenhandel en visafraude 2003 Jan 27
Rwandan Children In Italy May Be Sent Home 2001 Apr 16
Italy may return Rwandan children 2001 Apr 12
Rwanda's tug-of-war children 2001 Apr 12
Rwandan children to stay in Italy 2000 Nov 14
Rwanda: Officials Demand Return Of Children 2000 Aug 16
Die verborgene Seite der internationalen Adoption 1998 Jun 1
Belgische Senaat 1997 1997 Apr 15
Vragen van de Senatoren en antwoorden van de Ministers 1997 Apr 15
Parlementaire handelingen 1997 Jan 16
Handelingen van de openbare commissievergaderingen - COMMISSIE VOOR DE BUITENLANDSE AANGELEGENHEDEN 1996 Feb 6
Move over Ethiopia...Congo here they come!


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