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Rwanda: Lies, Lies And More Lies; How Morally Upright Are Our Churches?


Rwanda: Lies, Lies And More Lies; How Morally Upright Are Our Churches?

21 April 2009

Kigali — Many people and organizations have turned the plight of Rwandans in the last 15 years as a means of making ends meet, and they never shun away from going overboard in their sales pitch.

The internet is the favourite playground of the predators who prey on unsuspecting weak hearts who think that by donating to a charity, somewhere in the middle of war torn Africa, then they are contributing to bringing a smile on some poor kid's face.

Fleecing those who have is but a small crime - by Robin Hood standards (robbing the rich to give to the poor), - but going the extra mile in falsifying figures by a so-called religious organisation, is not only a crime, but the gates of heaven will forever be closed to them.

One needs just to visit www.rwandaorphanfoundation.com and the home page will shake anyone out of their stupor.

"Ndengera organisation: Orphan fund" screams the banner. "In affiliation with the Church of the Nazarene."

Up to this point, everything seems bonafide, but then comes the shocker in bright green letters on a black background;

"REALITY IN RWANDA: Every 14 seconds, AIDS turns a child into an orphan."

Now, if the maths are correct, at least 4 kids are orphaned by AIDS in a minute, which brings them to over 257 every hour, a mind boggling 6,171 a day!

So every year, Rwanda produces more than 2.25 MILLION AIDS ORPHANS.

It depends when these divine calculations were done, but if it was four years ago, then everyone in Rwanda, and a few visiting foreigners, are AIDS orphans! This wipes out Genocide orphans, Malaria orphans, accident,...

This is the kind of nonsense that a church in Gisenyi, lead by the Reverand Simon Pierre Rwaramba and his wife, Caritas Mukarurangwa are peddling to people, mostly in the US Bible belt. Need one say more?

2009 Apr 21