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Against Child Trafficking



Person Relation type Date from Date to
Arun Dohle Executive Director
Roelie Post Founder of
Anjali Pawar Participates in


Title Publication date
Maltese couple abandon 3 children adopted from India, activists want action 2023 Feb 22
Concerns of the People: Adopted from Overseas 2022 Jan 1
‘Ik zit al 22 jaar in een overlevingsmodus’ 2021 Nov
Kinderroof voor adoptie naar Nederland 2021 Jul 30
Arun werd geadopteerd en strijdt nu tegen adoptie: ‘Instanties weigerden al die jaren informatie te geven’ 2021 Apr 30
Kroongetuige in zaak van adoptiefraude wordt met de dood bedreigd 2020 Sep 27
936 kinderen naar hier gehaald en níemand weet of dat correct verliep 2019 Apr 29
19 years on, no justice, no compensation: A TN mother's fight for her abducted son 2018 Oct 16
Follow ICMR rules for surrogacy: Panel 2018 Apr 5
Adopted Indian girl returns home after abuse from Swedish parents 2018 Mar 30
Interview met Ina Hut (voormalig directeur 'Wereldkinderen') 2018 Jan 1
A Swedish woman’s search for her Indian mother uncovers another tale of baby snatched at birth 2017 Jun 28
Swedish woman adopted as toddler uncovers sordid past in hunt for her Indian mother 2017 Jun 27
Woman returns from Sweden to see ailing mother in India 2017 Jun 14
Lies, greed and heartbreak: How orphans are ‘made’ for the adoption industry 2017 Jun 10
Germany-based adopted woman’s search for her mother ends in Pune 2016 Jun 6
I dag går Amys mor i retten 2014 Feb 14
German Claudia Gerstner in search of her biological mother in Mangalore 2013 Jun 10
Adoption fra fattige til rige lande skaber flere forældreløse, end den hjælper, mener ngo'en Against Child Trafficking 2013 Jun 1
Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds 2013 Feb 20
Parents who 'lost' their kids to adoptions to make capital statement 2013 Feb 19
Ethiopian girl had her adoption revoked 2013 Feb 14
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
Governments Communicate in Kairi Case But Won’t Reveal Details 2012 Jun 13
How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists 2011 Dec 21
Glück auf Bestellung 2011 Nov 7
’Ze verwachtten hun dochter weer terug’ 2011 Jan 8
After 17-year battle, man meets biological mother 2010 Nov 18
Dutch teens arrive for reunion with family 2010 Aug 19
It happens only in India: An adoption record in five lines 2010 Aug 10
Bombay high court registry gets a week to trace adoption papers 2010 Aug 3
In search of roots, Dutch woman smells a 'racket' 2010 Jun 17
“Yo quería que estudiaran, no darlas en adopción” 2010 Jun 14
Mother fights to meet son 11 years after his kidnap 2010 Jun 6
Ouders eisen via DNA-test kind ’terug’ 2010 Jun 5
A Chennai slum dweller's fight for her Dutch son 2010 May 28
Selling poor children to rich parents (translated from Spanish) 2010 May 24
Australians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare 2010 Mar 16
Exportgut Kind 2010 Mar 14
‘Child wanted, cash paid’ 2010 Mar 4
Agencies warn against quick adoptions 2010 Jan 23
Haiti's orphan adoption debate 2010 Jan 21
Kinder als Exportschlager 2010 Jan 10
Adoption ist legalisierter Kinderhandel 2009 Dec 22
Adoption is legalized child trafficking 2009 Dec 22
Het draait om geld, geld, geld 2009 Dec 22
Minnesota couple caught up in apparent adoption fraud 2009 Dec 19
A German in search of his Indian mother 2009 Jan 10