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Consejo Nacional de Adopciones - Guatemala


Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and International Cooperation in respect of Intercountry Adoption Accredited Consejo Nacional de Adopciones - Guatemala


Title Publication date
With adopted Guatemalan girl finally home, 'This is where the new journey begins' 2009 Mar 13
Volontaires pour faciliter l’adoption internationale 2009 Jan 19
Oviedo agency faces multiple complaints 2008 Dec 3
To save adopted girl, Calif. couple gives her up 2008 Nov 22
Swindle of families of US with fake adoptions 2008 Nov 10
Guatemala seeks domestic fix to troubled overseas adoptions 2008 Oct 26
Civil racketeering lawsuit filed against adoption 'facilitator' in 2008 Oct 20
GT News: PGN Employee Arrested 2008 Sep 23
Shady Child Adoptions in Guatemala 2008 Sep 16
Report: Guatemalan Institutionalised Children 2008 Jun 1
Has Your Child Been Abducted By the PGN/ CNA 2008 May 25
Guatemala investigates its adoption system 2008 May 24
Guatemala annuls 15 adoption cases 2008 May 22
Guatemala probe spurs N. Texas adoption fears 2008 May 22
Police investigates 80 adoption lawyers 2008 May 21
Sister of Guatemalan lawmaker arrested in adoptions case 2008 May 7
Guatemalan held in illegal adoption case 2008 May 7
Guatemala halts foreign adoptions 2008 May 6
Sen. Coleman offers statement on Guatemalan decision to halt adoption cases for 30 days 2008 May 6
Guatemalan adoptions put on hold due to legislation 2008 Apr 3
Victor Groza—changing lives of children…one country at a time 2008 Apr 3
Adoption von Kindern in Guatemala - Oft ein Verbrechen 2008 Jan 9
Ontstaan van de vereniging 2008 Jan 1
Intercountry Adoption Implementation Assistance Programme 2007 Jan 1
UK activist wins Guatemala trial 2004 Jan 31
Guatemala Update 2004 Jan 1
Spotlight on Orphan Resources International 2003 Sep 7


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