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Has Your Child Been Abducted By the PGN/ CNA


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Has Your Child Been Abducted By the PGN/ CNA

If your child has been abducted by the PGN/ Central Authority please email me and I will add your story to the main page. Send a picture of your child so that everyone can identify who they are fighting for. mmerkley3@twcny.rr.com

Beautiful Mileidy: Also abducted by the PGN/ CNA

This beautiful baby girl is Mileidy. Her prospective adoptive mother, MARIA AGEEB (from the Bahamas) and I are pleading for your help.

Meliedy was abducted by the PGN/ CNA during a birth mother interview. The director of her agency, International Families: Robert Braun gives the following explanation:

"I am told that PGN took her because of two typographical errors in the file, both of them related to dates. One error was made by Dr. Francisco Montiel in a medical report, and the other was in an "acta notarial de ratificacion de consentimiento" signed by the mother."

Mileidy's prospective adoptive mother, Maria speaks from her heart:
"Mileidy has a large extended family of aunts, uncles, a grandmother and cousins waiting anxiously for her to come home to us in the Bahamas. It was a huge blow to all of us to hear this news and I am still reeling. When I first heard from Robert I thought - this is it, my daughter is coming home. What a heartbreaking disappointment.

Up to now, I was content to wait patiently as I thought we were doing everything we were supposed to and it was merely a matter of time. I had met Mileidy's foster mother and was secure knowing that she was in a good home and being taken care of and happy. Now I don't know where she is, she is not with anyone that she knows and must be frightened and upset. And for what? Typographical errors!?! Are they kidding me?"
2008 May 25