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Michael S. Goldstein, P.C.



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Michael S. Goldstein is a FOR PROFIT adoption service provider who handle Incoming/Outgoing Cases




Michael S. Goldstein, P.C.   Adoption & Family Law

62 Bowman Avenue
Rye Brook, New York 10573

Phone: (914) 939-1111
Fax: (914) 939-2369

MICHAEL S. GOLDSTEIN is an attorney, social worker, and adoptive father of three who concentrates his practice in adoptions. During the past 25+ years, Michael has been involved with over 2,500 successful adoptions, which include domestic, agency, international, readoption, single parent, two parent, second parent, and foster care adoptions. Michael’s representation has assisted clients to be successful in adopting within the United States and other countries through advertising, word-of-mouth, the internet, and contacts with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (a nationally recognized group of adoption attorneys), as well as with many adoption agencies.

Michael is a founding member, and past Board Member, of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, Governor Emeritus and Legal Advisor of the Adoptive Parents Committee, and has appeared on national television and radio as an adoption expert. In addition, he is also a frequent lecturer and contributing author for the Tri-State Adoptive Parents Committee, the North American Council on Adoptable Children, National Infertility Network Exchange, Jewish Child Care Association, Resolve (American Infertility Association), and Wanna Be Moms, Wanna Be Dads at the Center for Gay and Lesbians. Michael has also authored articles and chapters in publications such as the Consumers Report, “AdopTalk” Monthly Newsletter, and the New York City Bar Association’s Continuing Education Program “What Every Lawyer Should Know About Adoption.”

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62 Bowman Avenue
Rye Brook