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Preet Mandir



Person Relation type Date from Date to
Lisa Anderson Adopted using
Sardar Joginder Singh Bhasin Director 1997 Jan 01
Sardar Joginder Singh Bhasin Founder of 1979 Jan 01
Sardar Joginder Singh Bhasin Owner

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Preet Mandir Cooperates with AC International Child Support (AC Børnehjælp)
Preet Mandir Cooperates with ACCEPT - An Adoption and Counseling Center
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Adoptions From The Heart
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Asociación Humanitaria para la Adopción Internacional de Menores (ASHRAM)
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Bal Jagat, Children's World inc.
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Cascade International Adoption - now part of CHI
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Children's Home Society & Family Services, Minnesota (CHSFS)
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Children's House International
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Enfants de l'Espoir
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Hope Cottage, Inc.
Preet Mandir Cooperates with I Bambini dell’Arcobaleno
Preet Mandir Cooperates with ICCO
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Icelandic Adoption Society
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Journeys of the Heart Adoption Services - Home Office Oregon
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Missionarie della Carita (Missionaries of Charity Sisters)
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Niños sin Fronteras (NSF) ECAI
Preet Mandir Cooperates with Special Additions, Inc.
Preet Mandir Cooperates with The Barker Foundation
Preet Mandir Cooperates with World Families Australia (was Australians Aiding Children)
Preet Mandir Facilitates AC International Child Support (AC Børnehjælp)
Preet Mandir Facilitates Adoptions From The Heart
Preet Mandir Facilitates Family For You
Preet Mandir Facilitates MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services) India
Preet Mandir Facilitates World Families Australia (was Australians Aiding Children)
Preet Mandir Facilitates World View Adoption Association
Stichting Meiling Sponsor of Preet Mandir
Adoptions From The Heart Sponsor of Preet Mandir
Family For You Sponsor of Preet Mandir
Adoption Agency and Orphanage


Title Publication date
Special court rejects former Central Adoption Resource Agency 2013 Jul 24
Preet Mandir adoption racket: Court rejects J K Mittal's discharge plea 2013 Jul 23
Preet Mandir records being moved without court order 2012 Oct 2
Adoption agency at it again, now charges ‘donations’ 2012 May 8
Grandmother’s investigation plea against Preet Mandir dismissed 2012 Jan 5
Bhasin's Preet Mandir entry: Inquiry ordered 2011 Jul 1
Four get bail in adoption racket 2011 Apr 29
Bhasin used kids to make money: CBI 2011 Mar 10
Foreign parents can adopt only if nobody available in India 2011 Jan 13
Mandir: After phone threat, FB messages distrub complainant 2010 Dec 19
South African woman waiting to adopt from Preetmandir asks activist to drop her demand for inquiry 2010 Nov 5
Preet Mandir adoptions: NGOs forward objections to CARA 2010 Oct 20
18 Preet Mandir adoption cases get HC go-ahead 2010 Oct 9
Preet Mandir: mother says gave child for institutional care, not adoption 2010 Aug 20
Bombay high court: Let one agency monitor adoptions 2010 Jul 30
Pune Preet Mandir's licence suspended 2010 Jun 18
“Yo quería que estudiaran, no darlas en adopción” 2010 Jun 14
VHP accuses Christian organisations of child trafficking 2010 Jun 13
Maharashtra officials linked to adoption scam: CBI 2010 May 18
Preet Mandir adoption racket: NGO to approach HC to expedite case 2010 May 9
Adoptions under SC lens after ‘sale’ stink 2010 Feb 5
More trouble for Preet Mandir 2009 Dec 24
HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency 2009 Nov 5
Adoption irregularities: Preet Mandir denies charges; hearing on Sept 24 2009 Sep 12
CBI to submit another report on adoption centre 2009 Sep 11
After giving clean chit, CBI wants to probe Pune adoption scam 2009 Sep 11
CBI admits its report on scam was 'faulty' 2009 Sep 11
'Lost' grandkids in Spain, vendor moves court 2009 Apr 11
Woman moves HC to get back grandkids 2009 Apr 10
Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption 2009 Mar 9
Australia - Visit to India 2009 Jan 1
Inside story of an adoption scandal 2009
Tribute to victims 2008 Nov 29
Orphans to pray for good parents 2008 Nov 13
Preet Mandir - Tabernacle Church 2008 Nov
Food and fun 2008 Oct 20
Current India to Australia Program 2008 Sep 1
Ban on city adoption centre lifted 2008 Jul 25
HC vacates stay on foreign adoptions from Preet Mandir 2008 Jul 23
Material Girl looks for girl in India 2008 Apr 7
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
Preet Mandir - Tres meses ya Three months already 2007 Dec 15
Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption 2007 Oct 21
HC upset with CBI probe in Preet Mandir adoption scam 2007 Oct 16
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2007 Jun 26
Black Label bottle, cash and a child 2007 Jun 19
Inquiry finds no wrongdoing at Pune-based orphanage 2007 Jun 16
'Cheated’ dad can’t get back kids 2007 Jun 16
Denmark suspends all adoptions from India following reports children could have been abducted 2007 Jun 11
Preet Mandir to be under CBI scanner 2007 Apr 27
Child Trafficking 2007
Danish documentary on Preet Mandir 2007 Jan 1
AFIS Newsletter 2007 2007
India: Child trafficking in India has a new guise to wear: adoption 2007 Jan 1
CNN/IBN - how Preet Mandir sourced children for adoption 2007
Babies in limbo 2006 Oct 7
When Preet Mandir 'kidnapped' a baby 2006 Jul 11
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Preet Mandir loses Goa License 2006 Jul 3
Proofs from adoption racket jigsaw 2006 Jun 26
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice 2006 Jun 26
Agency burns evidence 2006 Jun 25
Bought in villages, sold in cities 2006 Jun 23
Pay in dollars and adopt a child 2006 Jun 19
Cradle Snatchers 2005 Oct 23
The adoption nightmare 2005 May 21
The adoption nightmare 2005 May 21
Judi Kloper home from her India trip scouting for children 2005 Feb 3
From: 'Fembek privat' <fembek@c...> 2003 Sep 1
Report slams two adoption agencies 2002 Jun 5
Preet Mandir says hands are clean 1999 Jan 9
Preet Mandir says its hands are clean 1999 Jan 9


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