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illegal adoption


Abuse cases

Title Date
Elizabeth Lisa Steinberg 1987 Nov 2

Deportation cases

Title Date
Marisa Carlson 2001 Apr 2


Title Publication date
Illegal adoption: Ernakulam MCH staff Anil Kumar arrested from Madurai 2023 Feb 17
For 15 years he was just Uncle John, until she learned he was a serial killer who had murdered her mother 2019 Oct 2
Child-buying masquerading as adoption in the state, panel told 2014 Sep 25
Challenging time for Christian adoption movement 2013 Oct 25
Trafficking Native Children: The Seamy Underbelly of U.S. Adoption Industry 2013 Aug 27
Illegal adoptions in Poland: Baby on sale [blog post] 2013 Jul 26
Kasargod child trafficking: Kundapur couple say baby was legally adopted 2013 Jul 6
Theft of Babies Rising Again in Guatemala 2013 Jun 11
Thousands of Irish women may sue over illegal adoptions to America and elsewhere 2013 Jun 2
Woman claims her baby was adopted without her consent 2013 May 31
Child Trafficking: Man Sold Pregnant Wife’s Unborn Child for N200,000 2013 May 24
Barriers to adopting a baby in Andhra Pradesh 2013 May 1
Calls for probe into forced adoptions 2013 Mar 23
A meet on illegal child adoptions 2013 Mar 12
Indian mum demands return of stolen daughter 2013 Feb 23
Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds 2013 Feb 20
Zoe's Ark: Charity or child trafficking? 2013 Feb 14
7 women arrested for selling babies 2013 Feb 12
French charity workers jailed over Chad child adoption scandal 2013 Feb 12
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
[Opinion] Adoption must be legal, and serve the interests of children 2013 Jan 23
Evanston couple battling 2 countries over adoption 2013 Jan 13
Adoption a child’s play 2012 Nov 5
Nigeria: Umuahia Residents Express Concern Over Illegal Adoption of Babies 2012 Nov 2
The Challenges of International Adoption 2012 Oct 15
Korean-Australian woman finds she was falsely adopted 2012 Sep 18
'Wasn't just one or two children': Ex-Argentine dictators jailed for baby thefts 2012 Jul 6
Babies in Trafficking Case Returned to Mothers 2012 Jun 5
Adoption from Africa: Concern over 'dramatic rise' 2012 May 29
Passport won’t bear adopted parent’s name, if adoption not legal: HC 2012 Apr 2
Child trafficking is rife in Nepal - legitimate orphanages suffer 2012 Mar 3
Mexico authorities unravel child trafficking ring 2012 Jan 23
How Ethiopia's Adoption Industry Dupes Families and Bullies Activists 2011 Dec 21
BREAKING NEWS: Asociación Primavera lawyer and director found guilty of human trafficking in Karen Abigail case 2011 Oct 28
Illegal adoption racket busted, 19 kids rescued 2011 Oct 22
Breaking: Guatemalan Court Revokes Passport for Child Adopted to US Under Name “Karen Abigail” 2011 Aug 3
US caught up in legal battle over Guatemalan child 2011 Aug 1
Stolen baby found in Guatemalan adoption system 2011 Jul 24
The woman who sold children 2011 Jun 9
Baby broker appears in court 2011 Jun 1
Adoptee From Black Market Ring Finds Family 2011 May 24
SC glare on child adoption flaws 2011 Apr 22
CICIG Requests Public Explanation From Senator Landrieu Regarding Illegal Adoption Comments in Guatemala 2011 Apr 20
R400 to buy a baby 2011 Apr 3
Spanish mother reunited with daughter she was told had died at birth 2011 Feb 20
Nepal: Corruption and Fraudulent Documents Set Hurdles for Adoption 2011 Feb 10
Abducted Versus Adopted: For 1.5 Million of U.S. Adoptees, What's the Difference? 2011 Feb 9
Hundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption' 2011 Jan 27
Spain seeks truth on baby-trafficking claims 2011 Jan 27
MEPs debate Romanian adoptions 2011 Jan 19
Uttar Pradesh child adoptions under court scanner 2011 Jan 9
Stricter norms for domestic, international adoption 2010 Dec 30
Serious adoption issues came to the fore in Pune 2010 Dec 28
'In affairs, girls become pregnant. They are hidden for 5-6 months for this work' 2010 Oct 30
Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis 2010 Sep 12
Queen-pin of adoption ring 2010 Jun 23
VHP accuses Christian organisations of child trafficking 2010 Jun 13
HIV child traded off through illegal adoption in Pune 2010 Jun 4
Adoption racket? Karnataka hospitals 'selling' babies 2010 May 17
Guatemala adoptions to begin again 2010 May 14
Woman linked with illegal adoptions is deported from the U.S. 2010 Apr 22
Cambodia to resume adoptions by end of 2011 2010 Mar 30
Chinese Child Traffickers Detained 2010 Mar 28
Egypt to try U.S. couple, Egyptians over adoption 2010 Feb 17
Gabriel Johnson's Family Fears Missing Baby Was Sold in Underground Adoption 2010 Feb 10
Illegally adopted Filipino babies traced 2010 Feb 1
Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti 2010 Jan 30
Kyrgyzstan launches 194 proceedings on illegal child adoption 2009 Nov 18
Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 2009 Sep 12
'Illegal' babies sold 2009 Jul 4
Man charged in illegal adoption appears in court 2009 Jun 23
Separated siblings put pieces back together after 52 years 2009 May 13
A. Erkebaev’s daughter figures in criminal case on illegal transporting of orphans 2009 Mar 16
Woman Charged With Buying Baby 2009 Feb 21
Hearing about charges of illegal adoption 2009 Jan 14
Adoption Issues in the US 2008 Dec 5
Parents Demand for Their Illegally Adopted Children 2008 Sep 9
Doctor detained for illegal adoption 2008 Jul 27
Nine children rescued from nursery illegal in Guatemala 2008 May 7
Maybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news 2008 May 3
Adoption agency in child kidnap probe 2008 Jan 9
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007 Dec 19
'Evil' adoption scandal 2006 Jul 8
Nigeria 'baby farm' girls rescued by Abia state police 2001 Jun 1
The Children of Guatemala 2000 Oct 28
Casa Alianza Presentation to the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child 2000 Sep 22
Illegal Adoption Frustrated 1999 Feb 18
Brazil cracking down on illegal baby trade 1986 Sep 13
The Baby Peddlers
Couple, woman booked for illegal adoption of seven-day old child
NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Adoption Practices
Argentine Dictators Go On Trial For Baby Thefts
Govt bans inter-country adoption of street children
Puzzle over adoption of Tazanian children by foreigners
Using DNA to Help Fight Child Trafficking
Illegal Adoption now legalised by Dutch Ministry ?
Illegal adoptions: investigation into Hamburg-based organization