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Child Protective Services



Title Publication date
New child abuse charge filed against Utah woman who pleaded guilty in foster child’s death 2023 Oct 23
Monmouth couple, DHS sued over abuse 2021 Jun 22
'System failed' 3-year-old Simpsonville girl who died in abuse case, family member says 2021 Jan 26
Stamford mother in race against time to win back custody of son 2014 May 10
Girl's death spark calls for child services oversight 2013 Dec 10
Appeals court upholds adoption of Guatemalan child by SW Missouri couple 2013 Oct 9
Adoptees have homes; their files can't find one 2013 Sep 19
Long-running legal battle over adoption of child returns to appellate court 2013 Sep 1
America's Foster Care System: Test Lab for Big Pharma, Cash Cow for Caretakers? 2013 Aug 7
The Adoption Subsidy: Good Intentions Unfortunate Realities 2013 Jun 7
Family allowed to adopt 3 kids despite sexual assault history in home 2013 May 14
Indian baby under US foster care returns to Kolkata 2013 Feb 27
Foster parent fails to receive screenings; accused in brutal abuse 2013 Feb 23
CPS takes too long to investigate child abuse, report says 2013 Jan 24
Rilya Wilson did not die in vain [opinion] 2012 Dec 7
A decade after little girl vanished, Rilya Wilson’s foster mom faces trial 2012 Nov 24
Report links rash of abuse, state adoption policy flaws 2012 Oct 20
Government Audit Raises Suspicions of Wrongful Adoptions 2012 Oct 5
Adoptions furore continues 2012 Oct 1
British Government Reacts To Child Snatching Allegations 2012 Sep 25
British court lets children return home 2012 Sep 24
Slovaks protest at Britain's 'illegal child snatching’ 2012 Sep 22
Slovakian grandmother wins right to challenge High Court adoption ruling keeping grandsons in the UK 2012 Sep 19
Slovak Government Challenges U.K. Foster-Care Ruling 2012 Sep 19
Scores of Slovak mothers protest in front of British Embassy in Bratislava 2012 Sep 19
Foreign government may take UK to European court over its 'illegal’ child-snatching 2012 Sep 15
Adoptions stir emotions 2012 Sep 10
MP raises Slovak adoption worries 2012 Sep 8
Oklahoma Family Files Lawsuit Against DHS 2012 Apr 30
CPS runaround in baby's case is revealing [opinion] 2011 Sep 14
How did DSHS miss abuse in Pierce Co. firefighter's home? 2011 Aug 12
DCF head outlines changes to safeguard children 2011 Aug 2
CPS fails to report missing child, complicating search for killer 2011 Jun 28
State left girl's dad out of loop 2011 Jun 13
New Records Released in Case of Foster Parent Licensed Despite Abusive Past 2011 Jun 7
Statistics don't tell total child abuse story 2011 May 8
Déjà vu over child deaths in Florida 2011 Mar 26
Bills Could Streamline Adoption Process For Foster Care Children 2011 Mar 25
Adoptive parents decry DHS' long, intrusive process 2011 Mar 13
'A tragic story': Mom tried to kill kids with carbon monoxide, police say 2011 Mar 2
Waterford mom had history of assaulting her children, records show 2011 Mar 2
Suicidal Waterford mom tried to kill her 4 kids with drugged milkshakes, carbon monoxide 2011 Mar 1
Who remembers the ghosts of abused kids? 2011 Feb 26
Macabre child abuse scandal: Girl, 6, in dad’s protective custody 2011 Feb 19
US Supreme Court considers whether jailed Guatemalan immigrant should regain custody of son 2010 Nov 10
State judges pose questions in international adoption case 2010 Nov 9
Supreme Court hears arguments in adoption dispute 2010 Nov 9
Adoption case attracts attention of immigration, advocacy group 2010 Nov 3
Whose Standards? 2010 Nov 1
Shuttered 2010 Nov 1
Missouri Supreme court to consider Jasper County adoption fight 2010 Sep 23
Carthage adoption case may make it to Missouri Supreme Court 2010 Aug 30
Carthage couple battle for their adopted child 2010 Aug 14
Foster care frought with private abuses, public excuses 2010 Apr 18
Mo. court sides with immigrant in adoption appeal 2010 Jan 25
Agencies seek more parents for adoptions 2010 Jan 9
Paterson mom of slain child violated N.J. adoption rules, report says 2009 Dec 24
Kentucky officials knew that many of the children who died from abuse might be at risk 2009 Dec 13
Foster children who were starved file $32 million suit against Oregon 2009 Dec 8
Couple say adopted son beyond their help 2009 Dec 6
Couple accuse social services of 'kidnapping' daughter 2009 Nov 27
Foster parent accused of sex abuse: 'You can't know the things people hide' 2009 Nov 18
Adoptions plagued by racial bias 2009 Oct 25
Is privatization good for foster kids? 2009 Oct 12
Adoption system is UK's shameful secret 2009 Oct 10
Fatal Care: Deadly mistakes doom children 2009 Oct 4
State studies abuse, safety of children in foster care 2009 Sep 21
It takes more than money to protect our children 2009 Sep 19
Abuse in children's foster care: State officials call for outside review 2009 Sep 2
Arkansas DHS & foster care system abusing and neglecting children of Albert & Miriam Krantz 2009 Aug 31
'Secret agenda to score adoptions' 2009 Aug 22
UK 'abandons trafficked children' 2009 Aug 14
IL Joins States Requiring Cross-Reporting of Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty 2009 Aug 14
'In the best interest of the child' 2009 Aug 9
Advocates question whether foster kids should be placed close to home 2009 Aug 9
Do child protection workers deserve immunity when they misrepresent or fabricate evidence? 2009 Aug 5
B.C.'s child watchdog says injured baby should never have been in care: advocate 2009 Jul 29
Children's groups hail protection plan 2009 Jul 29
Funds to be cut from bodies that fail to report child abuse 2009 Jul 28
Children of the Recession: Economy Sending Children Into Foster Care 2009 Jul 27
Mom accused of offering same baby for different adoptions 2009 Jul 15
I want to come home mummy 2009 Jul 10
Child snatched in RSPCA raid must be given up for adoption, rules judge 2009 Jul 9
Plan to fast-track social workers 2009 Jul 9
Litigation not legislation is the fastest way to reform Child Protective Services & Family Court 2009 Jun 30
Audit says CPS slow to probe abuse 2009 Jun 29
Four children a week into care 2009 Jun 26
Toddler's legacy is review of Missouri's foster care system 2009 Jun 24
'Social workers took away my twins after I'd joked that birth spoilt my body' 2009 Jun 20
'Social workers took away my twins after I'd joked that birth spoilt my body' 2009 Jun 20
Governor vetoes child-abuse bill 2009 Jun 19
Immigrant fights to keep baby girl 2009 Jun 15
Drug rules to protect kids were ignored, DCF says 2009 Jun 9
UK couple who fled here fight to keep baby 2009 Jun 7
British baby siezed in Ireland after parents flee social workers over custody row 2009 Jun 6
How dare they say I'm too dumb to be a mum: Defiant mother speaks out after courts rule she's 'too stupid' to care for her child 2009 Jun 5
Children in foster care taking psychotropic drugs higher than originally thought. 2009 Jun 5
The best mothers don't have to be clever 2009 Jun 1
Mother fights claims she is 'too stupid' to bring up child 2009 Jun 1
Court takes child of ‘stupid’ mother 2009 May 31
'They stole my little girl,' says mother judged too stupid to care for her baby 2009 May 31
Former C.P.S. Supervisor Pleads Guilty To Making False Report Of Abuse 2009 May 22
Parents of dead baby sue state, DCF 2009 May 20
Rochester mother wrongfully accused of child abuse fights back 2009 May 8
DYA Assistant Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges 2009 May 6
Oklahoma DHS plaintiffs swell to 11,000 2009 May 6
Baby was put in care even though mother ‘posed no risk’ 2009 May 1
Suit Contends City Failed to Prevent Adoption Fraud 2009 Apr 29
After Losing Freedom, Some Immigrants Face Loss of Custody of Their Children 2009 Apr 22
Inspirational women of the year: Alison's son was snatched away after she was wrongly branded a child abuser 2009 Apr 16
Social workers said because I was a soldier, I was more likely to be violent to my own children 2009 Apr 4
Texas Senate approves hiring more CPS caseworkers 2009 Apr 2
Georgia May Be First State to Pass Embryo Adoption Legislation 2009 Mar 31
Report uncovers child trafficking 2009 Mar 18
The continuing foster care fiasco 2009 Mar 16
Child protection facing criticism 2009 Mar 12
Girl's Cries For Help 'Fell on Deaf Ears' 2009 Mar 9
Boy hurt in foster care to be taken off life support 2009 Mar 7
Council was warned 'children would die' 2009 Mar 4
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
At a glance: Possible CPS measures in Legislature 2009 Feb 26
Child neglect 'going unreported' 2009 Feb 25
DHS audit finds children are removed too often 2009 Feb 25
Charities are ready to help swamped DOCS 2009 Feb 25
State shouldn't be so quick to separate families 2009 Feb 23
Hospitals fail to do routine checks on injured children despite Baby P 2009 Feb 19
Report: Michigan relies too much on foster care 2009 Feb 18
Initiative tackles child abuse, domestic violence 2009 Feb 16
The ethics of keeping a child from its parents 2009 Feb 16
'We're classed as child abusers' 2009 Feb 16
Social workers who snatched four-day-old baby put her up for adoption over unproven abuse claim 2009 Feb 14
Foster-care scam grows by $155G 2009 Feb 11
DCF settles federal abuse suit 2009 Feb 2
Florida Department of Children & Families records on Celebrate Children International 2009 Jan 29
Bias alleged in state foster care 2009 Jan 20
Lawsuit over foster care liable to be long, costly 2009 Jan 16
U.S. urges Russia to sign adoption treaty 2009 Jan 11
Child Deaths Led to Excessive Foster Care Placements, Critics Say 2009 Jan 8
State 'not ready' for child sex reporting 2009 Jan 2
Child abuse investigations: fibbing and fudging are wrong 2009
DSS Dirty Tricks 2009
How often do children’s reports of abuse turn out to be false? 2008 Dec 28
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children 2008 Dec 28
Protecting abused children 2008 Dec 26
Damages win for Tim and Gina Williams - falsely suspected of abusing their children 2008 Dec 23
Many abused kids die while on govt. watch 2008 Dec 22
Mother flees abroad with her son to escape social workers 2008 Dec 20
DSHS settles case of boy's death; lawyer asks how state lost track 2008 Dec 17
Plea may not cost Oklahoma DHS worker’s job 2008 Dec 9
Investigators: Grandparents passed over in favor of foster care 2008 Dec 9
Child abuse on the rise in Scotland 2008 Nov 23
Sheriff: Evil kin starved boy, 4 2008 Nov 20
When should a child go into care? 2008 Nov 18
Obama Insurance Mandate For Parents Exciting Faith Based Adoption Agencies 2008 Nov 12
Two B.C. foster children seized from squalor 2008 Nov 3
Adoptive Mom Previously Charged With Child Abuse 2008 Oct 27
Reforms coming to state foster care system 2008 Oct 7
Foster-care chief suddenly retires, citing frustration 2008 Oct 7
Baby in Foster Care Dies After Being Left in Hot Van in Jackson Co. 2008 Sep 4
Boy was raped, lawsuit says; It alleges he was victimized by another boy in foster care. 2008 Aug 13
Parents beware: CPS/DSS trafficking children for profit 2008 Jul 29
This is Child Protection? 2008 Jul 24
Audit: State let hundreds of criminals provide child care 2008 Jul 22
4 charged with NYC child welfare thefts 2008 Jul 16
Child "Protection" 2008 Jun 22
Another shocking child death in NYC, more calls for reform 2008 Jun 15
Oppn 'horrified' at Indigenous foster care breakdown 2008 May 28
House of Commons Hansard Debate 2008 May 19
Adoption agencies under fire 2008 May 6
Adoption agencies under fire 2008 May 6
Lethal Lapses: 50 botched cases, 53 dead children 2008 May 4
Constitutional Danger in the State Taking of Children from Parents 2008 May 2
State of Michigan Seizes Boy after Father Gives Him Mike's Hard Lemonade, Unaware it Contains Alcohol 2008 Apr 30
Dad's simple mistake leads to serious consequences when son is taken away 2008 Apr 28
Ann Arbor dad's simple mistake leads to serious consequences when son is taken away 2008 Apr 28
Hard lemonade, hard price 2008 Apr 28
Prevention Pays: The Costs of Not Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect 2008 Apr 10
1 in 50 infants suffers abuse, government finds 2008 Apr 7
Couple in bid to get children back from social services 2008 Apr 2
Couple falsely accused of child abuse go to court to try to get their family back 2008 Mar 29
Newborn baby taken from its mum by Gardaí 2008 Mar 19
Newborn baby is taken off mum after she flees to Ireland 2008 Mar 11
The 'forgotten victims' torn from their homes 2008 Mar 9
Mother-to-be flees UK for Ireland in adoption row 2008 Mar 3
Heavily pregnant woman is missing 2008 Mar 3
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2008 Feb 19
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Dec 18
DeLeon children file multi-million dollar lawsuit 2007 Dec 10
Lawsuit says state failed foster children 2007 Dec 7
The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services 2007 Nov 16
Mum's fight to get her baby back 2007 Oct 27
Battle to get Laura home 2007 Oct 26
John Hemming's petition on behalf of Rachel Pullen 2007 Oct 23
Are over-zealous social services acting on orders to meet adoption quotas? 2007 Oct 14
Are over-zealous social services acting on orders to meet adoption quotas? 2007 Oct 14
Couple falsely accused of child abuse win first round in bid to get their family back 2007 Oct 6
Couple falsely accused of child abuse win first round in bid to get their family back 2007 Oct 6
Landmark human rights battle by mum of six backed by campaigning MP 2007 Sep 17
Straw rethinks councils' cash for adoption targets 2007 Sep 15
"My baby will be taken from me the moment it's born" 2007 Sep 6
A Critical Look At The Child Welfare System 2007 Aug 31
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Aug 9
Courts won't reveal rulings in adoption cases 2007 Aug 6
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Aug 6
Teen ranch evades law [FOC operated 2.5 yrs in Utah without a license] 2007 Jul 16
Be sure of facts before families are torn apart 2007 Jul 3
Missing children 2007 Jul 2
Transcript: Missing Children 2007 Jul 2
Parents win right to keep fourth child - but vow to fight for the other three 2007 Jul 1
Who is to blame for the Webster saga? 2007 Jun 30
Couple who fled UK may keep baby 2007 Jun 29
Organized Crime Operating in the Child Protection System 2007 Jun 29
Nearly 30 babies taken into care each year 2007 Jun 29
Norfolk couple can keep son for good 2007 Jun 26
Couple likely to keep young son 2007 Jun 26
Foster-care in a state of disrepair 2007 Jun 26
Norfolk couple can keep baby 2007 Jun 26
Utah adoption probe widens 2007 Jun 11
Who is responsible and accountable for each child hurt by the hands of a stranger? 2007 May 12
Multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by three foster children 2007 Apr 28
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Apr 16
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2007 Mar 27
The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family 2007 Mar 21
Families share adoption woes 2007 Mar 13
The Gladney Maternity Home 2007 Feb 13
Advocates for Abused Children 2007 Feb 2
The dark-side of state negligence and it's disturbing consequences 2006 Dec 1
10News Looks Into Orphanage Abuse Allegations 2006 Nov 29
Parents 'incapable of child abuse' 2006 Nov 13
Parents battle for child custody 2006 Nov 8
Baby's parents under a microscope 2006 Nov 8
Baby Brandon is home as parents fight on 2006 Nov 7
We felt we could not trust anyone 2006 Nov 6
Websters reveal life under scrutiny 2006 Nov 6
Couple take baby home 2006 Nov 4
Couple who beat court secrecy can take baby home 2006 Nov 4
How the battle for baby Brandon unfolded 2006 Nov 4
Couple win baby battle 2006 Nov 4
Couple hope to keep baby 2006 Nov 4
Couple in adoption row allowed to take baby son home 2006 Nov 3
Delight for 'child abuse' couple as judge rules they can take son home for the first time 2006 Nov 3
Blow struck for open justice at High Court 2006 Nov 3
Couple get to take son home - for now 2006 Nov 3
Baby Brandon set to come home 2006 Nov 3
Couple allowed to take baby home 2006 Nov 3
Missing mum hands herself in at JPH 2006 Aug 17
Appeal for missing pregnant woman 2006 Aug 16
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Aug 10
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Jun 11
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Apr 14
Texas Best Residential Youth Facility 2006 Apr 7
Freedom of Speech - Should Adoption and Foster Care be Excluded? 2004 Oct 4
Birth mom wants to see DYFS teen 2003 Nov 11
The day they took Scott 2002
National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect 2001 Apr 6
$935,000 awarded to woman, son 2000 Oct 13
Notice of Press Conference Thursday, October 12, 2000 (mentions Mary Jane Nason Cornyn) 2000 Oct 12
A story so sad it's kinda scary 1999 Aug 9
SC sends a letter to Mai Ly Latrace/Project Faith to stop operating an adoption agency without a license 1999 Feb 5
Knock on the door… and a child's world fell apart 1998 Mar 20
Rape-case therapist gives up license 1996 Mar 20
Wade case stirs calls for more accountability in child-abuse probes 1995 May 15
State may suspend license of therapist 1995 Apr 21
Sexual assault trial ordered for Carder 1994 Sep 15
Convict charged in Wade rape case 1994 Feb 18
Suspect switch poses dilemma in child-rape case 1992 Dec 31
Bungled child abuse cases 1992 Nov 25
Sex, lies and county government: Abuse case shows it all 1992 Jul 19
Grand jury: classic flaws in rape case 1992 Jun 27
Family's ordeal continues after father wrongly accused of rape 1992 Mar 8
Easter House v Thomas Felder : 910 F.2d 1387 1990 Aug 14
Easter House v Thomas Felder : 879 F.2d 1458 1989 Aug 4
Easter House v Thomas Felder : 852 F.2d 901 1988 Jul 8
Child protection law and the FLDS: There's a better way
Lawsuit alleges Singing River, DHS conspired to 'steal' Mexican woman's baby
Experts worry child deaths will lead to `panic'
Is the state guilty of child kidnap?
Maine Improving child welfare services
Deciding if a Mother Is Fit
Baby taken from 'unfit parents'
Foster children in polygamist enclave raising concerns
Adoption World Inc. Licence
Counties kept in dark about alleged abuses at foster-care agency
President Obama says he wants our stories
Crisis in Texas Foster Care
CPS: Protecting Children or Destroying Families?
A Critical Look At The Foster Care System: How Great the Need?
Foster care too often fails to keep kids safe
The tragic story of a 5-year-old girl, taken from a mother who never abused her
Guilty until proven innocent: Parents accused of child abuse by DCFS fight to clear their names
Judges condemn "foul play" on adoptions
Over-monitoring governments
Child Protective Services in Colorado
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children
Eleven Ways to do Child Welfare Right
Give us back our children
Fears over 'unjust adoption rise'
Keep up the clamor to fix Arizona's broken system


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