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Western Asia



Title Publication date
Lies, love and deception: inside the cut-throat world of international adoption 2022 Dec 6
No moves for peer probe into gynaecologist in illegal adoption case 2013 Nov 13
Baby at centre of adoption row under care of welfare 2013 Nov 11
Baby held after illegal adoption 2013 Nov 9
Israeli serial sex abuser adopts Indian girl through surrogate mother 2013 Jun 7
Armenia Considers Changing Adoption Procedures Amid Allegations Of Corruption 2011 Sep 25
Angelina Jolie set to adopt an Arab child 2009 Nov 12
Duchess of York may face police quiz over undercover TV documentary highlighting 'plight' of Turkish orphans 2009 Sep 16
CENTRAL ASIA: In search of new child protection strategies 2009 May 14
Bombs, blood and babies 2009 May 10
Making a child your own 2009 May 9
Traffickers smuggle 20 kids into Suffolk 2009 Apr 21
Portugal placed on Iraqi child trafficking route 2009 Apr 18
Crisis In Trafficking Iraqi Children Grows 2009 Apr 6
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
The nation's first embryo adoption bill passed Georgia Senate 2009 Apr 1
Law allows foreigners to adopt Turk children 2009 Mar 16
Retour Amsterdam-Libanon 2009 Mar 10
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
Mazuz: Adoption doesn't constitute conversion 2009 Feb 2
Georgian government approves plan to reform children's services 2009 Jan 13
The Duchess of York has defended her undercover trip to Turkey insisting it did not undermine the Queen or drag the Royal Family 2008 Nov 6
High Court rules that parental age no impediment to adoption 2008 Mar 26
Adoption Stories from Israel, The Girls From Brazil 2008 Feb 23
Priority on adoption reform 2008
Illegal adoption case costs taxpayer £35,000 2007 Dec 6
Civil code amendments to facilitate international adoption 2007 Nov 9
One year after adoption from Lebanon, child is thriving 2007 Jul 22
Milena’s mentor stays on the case 2007 Feb 2
Not a hero ... just a dad 2006 May 4
Re: ben geadopteerd en kom uit libanon 2006 Jan 3
Straf voor illegale adoptie uit Turkije 2005 Jun 22
Court rules on heartbreaking baby battle 2005 Apr 21
Babies-for-sale trade faces a global crackdown 2004 Nov 21
An evolving culture of adoption in Lebanon? 2004 Sep 8
4.000 de dolari, pretul vanzarii unei fetite de 5 ani, incasati chiar de tatal ei 2004 Aug 21
Courtcase - payment to birth parents 2004 Aug 20
Corruption promotes child trafficking from Azerbaijan - TV 2004 Feb 19
En marge du scandale des adoptions, des roumains évincés dans leur démarche d'adoption . 2004 Jan 1
White and Jewish 2003 Nov 11
A Baby for $22,920 2003 May 6
A Case Study 2003
Op zoek in de wereld van 'wij weten het ook niet' 2002 Aug 19
Cyprus - The baby cheats: some couples wanting to adopt by-pass the system 1998 Oct 31
Income children 1997 Apr 15
Israelis Hear About Bribery In Latin America Adoptions 1988 Jul 18
Brazil Baby Farm 1986 Aug 4
Law allows foreigners to adopt Turk children
Thousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants
Civil code amendments to facilitate international adoption


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