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No moves for peer probe into gynaecologist in illegal adoption case


No moves for peer probe into gynaecologist in illegal adoption case

THE head of the gynaecological association Marios Liasides said on Tuesday they were not investigating one of their peers over alleged misconduct in an illegal adoption case, but did advise their members to be “careful” in their actions.

A Larnaca gynaecologist, 48, is under police investigation for allegedly advising a woman against having an abortion, recommending instead an adoption.

The Bulgarian national recently gave birth and her newborn boy is now under the care of the welfare office as the biological parents, both Bulgarians, and the prospective adoptive parents, from Famagusta, are also being investigated.

A court heard on Saturday during a remand hearing that the boy’s mother agreed to take €10,000 to give her child up for adoption and was allegedly told by the doctor he would be assuming the cost of the pregnancy.

Liasides told public broadcaster CyBC they could not express an opinion on whether or not their colleague acted within his profession’s ethics mandate while the case was ongoing. But he said doctors may advise patients against abortion, but should not weigh in on the matter of adoption.

“[Gynaecologists] should be even more careful,” he said.

It took months after a Larnaca court sentenced a gynaecologist to 26 years for rape and indecent assault last year before the medical association moved to strike from the register.

Abortion is illegal in Cyprus barring cases of rape, dangerous pregnancies, severe disability in the unborn child or a reason to believe the mother could not see through the pregnancy. In practice, almost all gynaecologists will perform abortions.

2013 Nov 13