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Title Publication date
US couple accused of neglect over son's death were visited by NZ police for 'welfare check' 2023 Feb 24
US woman accused of killing son was children's minister at Auckland church 2022 Jul 20
Couple who fled to Auckland after being accused of killing son return to US 2022 Jul 17
Secrets of South Korea’s house of horrors hidden in Australia 2021 Dec 10
Couple accused of killing their son, 7, flee US for New Zealand 2017 Feb 2
American couple accused of killing son worship in New Zealand 2017 Feb 2
Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market 2014 Sep 8
Given up for adoption 2013 Jun 7
Fears adoption could spark new Stolen Generation 2013 May 14
Indian mum demands return of stolen daughter 2013 Feb 23
Children's identities were erased 2012 Dec 20
Secrets and lies in the histories of overseas babies 2012 Nov 26
Abuse victims from orphanages and foster care to seek compensation through Royal Commission 2012 Nov 16
Adoption policy forced Wollongong mother to give up child at 2 years old 2012 Sep 22
NSW apologises for forced adoptions 2012 Sep 20
Vic to say sorry for forced adoptions 2012 Aug 16
Government ends Ethiopian adoption program 2012 Jun 28
Elder slams NT forced adoption plan 2012 May 20
Weatherill pledges forced adoptions apology 2012 Mar 29
Apology 'owed' for forced adoptions 2012 Mar 1
Wooden spoon discipline a threat to adoption by couple 2011 Dec 26
Lesbian Foster Parents Publish Photos of Boy Dressed as Girl, Child Agency Under Fire 2011 Sep 13
Adoption case raises fears over trafficking 2011 Aug 30
Catholic Church says sorry to mothers 2011 Jul 27
Big jump in adoption fees 2011 Jun 28
People looking overseas for babies 2011 May 29
Child agency's background checks under cloud 2010 Dec 14
Pain of adoption still raw, for mothers and children 2010 Oct 18
Families in the dark as adoption chief quits 2010 Jul 8
Birth of a booming baby industry 2010 Jun 26
My hospital stole my baby 2010 Apr 16
Ethiopian adoption went awry 2010 Mar 22
Australians caught in Ethiopian adoption nightmare 2010 Mar 16
Response from the (Australian) Attorney-General's Department to questions from ABC News Online 2010 Mar 16
Ethiopia adoption ban lifted 2010 Mar 5
`Forgeries and lies' in Australian adoptions of Ethiopian children 2010 Mar 3
Britain's child migrants lost their childhoods to years of hard labour 2010 Feb 24
Future of the Ethiopia–Australian Intercountry Adoption Program 2010 Feb
Bad parents to lose kids for 18 years under new Government plan 2010 Jan 2
Australia suspends adoptions from Ethiopia 2009 Dec 28
Overseas adoptions halted 2009 Dec 27
Buried Secrets 2009 Nov 25
Ordeal of Australia's child migrants 2009 Nov 15
Britain, Australia saying sorry to child migrants 2009 Nov 15
Silence on Case of Stolen Children 2009 Nov 6
Anger grows over adoption scam 2009 Nov 4
New adoption laws support family contact 2009 Oct 13
Farm of fear 2009 Oct 2
UK to 'apologise' to 'Orphans of Empire’ 2009 Sep 30
Australian state apologises for child abuse 2009 Sep 19
Australia's forgotten children 2009 Sep 12
Bindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children 2009 Sep 6
Charity welcomes migrant apology 2009 Sep 2
Australia to apologise for child abuse under state care 2009 Aug 30
Call to give birth parents contact rights under law 2009 Aug 21
Archbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report 2009 Aug 11
Bid to help the other stolen generation 2009 Aug 10
A happy guinea pig for open adoption 2009 Aug 8
Queensland Government defends tents for foster kids 2009 Jun 6
Fake Australian priest 'abused Indian orphans' 2009 May 25
DYA Assistant Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges 2009 May 6
Victims of scam will visit Western Samoa in summer 2009 Apr 6
Jan Pryor: A positive spin on parenting 2009 Apr 3
Announcing our first Online Auction (establish the first intercountry adoption agency) 2009 Apr 1
Does it matter where babies come from? 2009 Mar 10
Adoption fraud sentence ‘just’ 2009 Mar 8
SA abuse victims push for compensation 2009 Mar 7
Following up on adoption scam, 'Good Morning America' will chronicle FdL family's trip to Western Somoa 2009 Mar 5
Govt reveals ACT couples caught up in adoption scams 2009 Mar 3
Adoption scam hits home 2009 Mar 2
Adoption scam hits home 2009 Mar 2
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
Patti Sawyer’s family is in jeopardy. 2009 Feb 26
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time 2009 Feb 25
Charities are ready to help swamped DOCS 2009 Feb 25
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time 2009 Feb 25
Moms make most of chance to reconnect 2009 Feb 24
Samoan adoption scandal fuels call for reform 2009 Feb 16
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
Initiative tackles child abuse, domestic violence 2009 Feb 16
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Samoans shocked by lenient adoption scam penalties 2009 Feb
Child Migration: An Overview and Timeline 2009 Jan 29
Parenting program decreases child abuse, foster placements 2009 Jan 28
Adoption scam defendants cut no-jail-time deal 2009 Jan 7
Defendants in Samoan adoption scandal to plead guilty Tuesday 2009 Jan 5
Defendants in Samoan adoption scandal to plead guilty Tuesday 2009 Jan 5
State 'not ready' for child sex reporting 2009 Jan 2
Focus on Children Adoption agency and The Banks 2009 Jan
USDOJ Sentencing Memo 2009 Jan 1
Focus on Children Federal Document 2009
Chicago team hired to study foster children 2008 Dec 26
Adoption case defendants expected to plead guilty 2008 Dec 10
Former judge fails to meet children in preparing care report 2008 Nov 21
No winners in Samoan adoption scandal 2008 Nov 18
Doctor detained over pedophilia suspicion 2008 Nov 15
Department admits it's in the dark on foster homes 2008 Nov 11
Utah couple won't give up proof of kids' identities 2008 Nov 10
No winners in Samoan adoption scandal 2008 Oct 18
Queensland could allow surrogacy 2008 Oct 9
Officials investigate bizarre adoption ad 2008 Oct 5
Pauper Emigration under the New Poor law 2008 Sep 24
Foster care group stripped of funds 2008 Sep 8
Current India to Australia Program 2008 Sep 1
'Maybe now, we will get justice' 2008 Aug 30
'Stolen babies' adoption racket 2008 Aug 24
Heartbreak for parents in Indian child scam 2008 Aug 24
Adoption racket kids 'may be returned' 2008 Aug 23
Australia investigates child trafficking 2008 Aug 23
Kidnapped children adopted by Australians 2008 Aug 23
Call to fight trafficking of unborn 2008 Aug 4
Oppn 'horrified' at Indigenous foster care breakdown 2008 May 28
Children 'safer with biological parent' 2008 May 7
A Comparison Between Youth Suicide And Adoption Youth Suicide 2008 Apr 11
Celebrity campaign to reform adoption laws 2008 Mar 24
Samoan adoption: Utah man may change plea to guilty 2008 Mar 21
NZ lawyer suspended for illegal adoption 2008 Mar 18
Couple involved in adoption scandal win guardianship of girl 2008 Feb 15
Deborra-lee Furness' adoption success 2008 Feb 3
Police ground children in Dili 2007 Nov 10
Woman fails to take 23 kids from Timor 2007 Nov 9
Tangled adoption suit heads to trial 2007 Oct 30
Coercion, Lies And Illegal Adoptions — Marshall Islands 2007 Oct 6
Child Well-Being in America and Abroad 2007 Aug 29
"The Stolen Generation" 2007 Jul 13
Out of Samoa: How adoption laws work 2007 Jun 14
"The Forgotten Children" 2007 May 21
Samoan leader discusses adoption 2007 Mar 14
Embassy grilled on adoption scandal 2007 Mar 11
Feds uncover adoption scheme that targeted Samoan children 2007 Feb 3
AFIS Newsletter 2007 2007
Interim Report on Ethiopian-Australian Bilateral Intercountry Adoption Program 2005 Nov 1
Letter from Terry Bourke regarding Samoan Adoptions and the Death of Heta 2005 Oct 11
INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; A South Pacific Perspective 2005 Sep 1
[duplicate to delete] A Brief Outline of Customary Child Adoption Practices in Samoa [duplicate to delete] 2005 Sep 1
Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005 Jun 27
Samoa bans overseas adoption agencies 2005 Jun 27
[duplicate to delete] Death prompts Samoan adoption change 2005 Jun 27
Scott Banks emails regarding birthparent affidavits 2005 Apr 15
Babies Betrayed 2004 Mar 7
Marshall baby market blocked 2004 Jan 26
Letter from Dr. Robert Skillman to Dan Wakefield 2004
A birth mother alleges coercion 2003 Nov 3
Playing on mothers' hopes - Lure: Surrounded by poverty, many Marshallese women grasp at recruiters' promises... 2003 Nov 2
Samoa sets up commission to investigate overseas adoptions. 2003 Jun 3
Jen Piedra public response to Danalee Thornock 2003 Apr
If I Give You My Child, Aren’t We Family? [Roby & Matsumura] 2002 Jun 1
Bitter legacy of separation 2002 May 17
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
Australian church apologies to child migrants 2001 Mar 22
ADOPTION AND AGENCY: American Adoptions of Marshallese Children [Walsh] 1999 Oct 22
Stolen child 'OK to stay in Queensland' 1998 Nov 11
Releasing the Past - Adoption Practices 1950 - 1998 1998 Aug 27
Emotional health of Indonesian adoptees living in Australian families 1996 Aug
Trevorrow v State of South Australia: a summary 1957 Dec 25
Alford - Church admits abuse at St Augustine's orphanage 1938 Sep 23
International adoption can be risky endeavor with shadowy agencies, heartbreak
Adoption Employee Allowed to Leave
Preview: The Lost Children
Two couples fight for right to claim child as their own
Unborn baby trafficking 'on the rise'
Points of Emphasis to be used when talking to birth parents
Silent Violence: Australia's White Stolen Children
Quite exceptional depravity – Brothers
Sex abuse at two Christian Brothers orphanages in Victoria -- St Augustine's and St Vincent's
Steps for Processing Adoption
The politics of ‘orphans’ and the dirty tactics of the adoption lobby
Do You Understand Checklist
NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Adoption Practices
PM - Experts reject addicts' kids adoption debate
University apologises for experiments on children


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