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abuse case
The assumption behind child-placement is that the safety and living conditions of a child improve. These cases demonstrate that this assumption is often invalid.
child trafficking case
There is often a fine line between adoption and child trafficking. In many cases this line is being crossed.
coerced adoption case
Adoption is assumed to be the result of a choice made by the parents of the child. These cases demonstrate women are pressured to give up their children.
deportation case
Adoptions before 1997, didn't automatically lead to naturalization. As result, people adopted from outside the outside US that ran into problems with the justice system face deportation to their country of birth.
disrupted placement case
Although the adoptive family is called the "forever family" by the adoption industry, adoptions can end in disruption. These cases demonstrate that the "forever family" is sometimes only temporary
father's rights violation case
Adoption requires the consent of both biological parents. These cases demonstrate that the rights of fathers in adoption cases are being violated.
wrongful medication case
Children in foster care can have serious mental health issues. Too often these children are given large doses of psychotropic medications, just to keep them quiet.
wrongful removal case
The removal of children from their family's should always be a last resort. These cases demonstrate that Child Protective Services sometimes remove children for all the wrong reasons
abuse case
2018 Feb 17

Four children adopted by Benito and Carol Gutierrez where locked inside a room for a minimum of 12 hours at a time. The were being denied food and water and access to the bath room.

abuse case
2018 Feb 12

Three children adopted by Donald and Sharon Windey were physically and sexually abused by their adoptive parents. The biological son of the adoptive parents was also involved in the abuse.

abuse case
2018 Jan 30

A 10-year old girl and an 11-year old boy from Ghana, adopted by Kenny and Kelly Fry were starved by their adoptive parents. They also punished the two children with physical exercise, including squats and push-ups and locked them up in their bedrooms where they were forced to sleep on a small plastic mat with a blanket.

The Frys they were sentenced to two months of probation, 100 hours of community service and a fine of $12,500. Kenny Fry is the younger brother of Iowa State Rep. Joel Fry.

abuse case

12-year-old boy adopted by Jonathan James Hay and Debra Ann Hay was handcuffed to a bed in a locked bedroom or cuffed by his hands and feet to a milk crate in a bathtub. The Hays' also put tape over the boy's mouth, taped socks to his hands to prevent him from trying to pick the locks and often fed him only oats and collard greens. The Hays were sentenced to 13 years in prison.

abuse case
2017 Nov

Michael Rivera was found dead in his crib. Two months later his younger sibling was also found dead. Both children were adopted by Anthony Rivera and his wife. A medical examiner labeled both deaths as homicides from blunt force trauma. Anthony Rivera was scheduled to go on trial February 2023, but a judge disqualified the prosecutors working on the case due to a potential conflict of interest.

abuse case
2017 Oct 7

3-year-old girl adopted from India by Wesley and Sini Mathews was found dead in a culvert in Richardson, Texas. She was reported missing by her adoptive father Wesley Mathews on October 7, 2017. Her body was found October 22, 2017, under a road in a culvert near her home. Mathews admitted to the disposing of her body on the same day the body was found.

abuse case
2017 Oct 4

14-year-old girl adopted from Ukraine by Alan and Aimee Friz was imprisoned, starved and sexually abused by her adoptive parents. Both adoptive parents pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent after which they both received a suspended sentence of two years probation.

abuse case
2017 Oct

At the time 7-year-old girl adopted by Byron and Gwendalyn Buthman was deprived of food by her adoptive parenst, forced to sleep in a laundry room. She went into cardiac arrest due to being forced to stand outside in nothing but a diaper in cold temperatures. They received four years of probation and 300 hours of community service and were allowed to keep 4 other adopted children in their care.

abuse case
2017 Jul 27

Nine children adopted by John Elmer Bell and Joyce Marie Bell were physicially abused by their adoptive parents. They were given two years probabtion.

Sabrina Ray

abuse case
2017 May 12

16-year-old girl adopted by Marc Ray and his wife, Misty Jo Bousman-Ray was tortured and starved to death. She was also sexually abused by her adoptive father.