exposing the dark side of adoption
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2012 Oct 5
In several independent cases, children were forcibly removed from their families, placed in foster care and put up for adoption. The families in question were Slovaks living in the United Kingdom.
2009 Jun 6
Couple had two children removed because of what later appeared to have been an accident, yet because children had previously removed children it gave them the right to take every subsequently born child. When the couple were expecting again, they fled to Ireland, where social services seized the child.

Mr. and Mrs. N

2009 Feb 1

An English couple had their twin babies taken by social workers after the mother had joked that their caesarean birth had ruined her body. Hospital staff also had concerns the twins were not given enough milk or being changed often enough.
2008 Nov 8
The 2-day-old daughter of Cirila Baltazar Cruz was removed because the mother was not able to speak English.

Leo Ratte

2008 Apr 5

7-year-old boy incidentally received an alcohol spiked lemonade from his father, Christopher Ratte, while at a base ball game. Leo was removed and his father was banished from the family home, until a case worker concluded the father had made an innocent mistake.

Emily Burgess

2008 Mar 3

Woman from the Great Yarmouth area of England afraid of having her child removed fled to Ireland. She delivered a healthy baby boy, which was immediately taken by the Wexford Gardaí.
2007 Aug 1

Couple lost custody to their child for almost a year, because of a blood clot in the brain. As a military man Matthew Dean was considered a danger to his children. The couple eventually won in court and got their son back.
2007 May 22

While being incarcerated after an immigration round up Encarnación Bail Romero lost custody of her son Carlos, who was subsequent;y adopted by a Missouri couple.
2007 Apr 1
Jenny was five years old when she was removed from her parents house, allegedly because her father mistreated dogs he was breeding.

Rachel Pullen

2006 Apr 1

In 2007, officials claimed Rachel Pullen lacked the intelligence to cope with the complex medical needs of her dauhter child, who was born prematurely.  As a result her daughter child was removed by Nottingham Social Services at birth. Rachel Pullen is fighting the decision in the European Court of Human rights.