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Catholic Church



Title Publication date
Catholic Church put up 30,000 children for adoption without mothers' consent 2023 Dec 14
In hope of helping others, delegate reveals abuse as child 2015 Apr 6
Thousands of Irish women may sue over illegal adoptions to America and elsewhere 2013 Jun 2
Ireland sent girls, women to Catholic workhouses until 1996, report finds 2013 Feb 5
Spain’s Baby-Snatching Scandal Focuses on Nun’s Alleged Role 2012 Apr 11
Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest 2012 Jan 11
Families fight to find children stolen as infants in Spain 2011 Dec 16
300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal 2011 Oct 16
Catholic Church says sorry to mothers 2011 Jul 27
Spain Confronts Decades of Pain Over Lost Babies 2011 Jul 6
NY gay-marriage talks hinge on religious rights 2011 Jun 22
The Legacy of Church-run Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland 2010 Jul 21
UN: Vatican child rights report 13 years overdue 2010 Jul 15
Dutch Catholic church orders child sex abuse inquiry 2010 Mar 10
Dutch Catholic Church faces child sex abuse scandal 2010 Feb 26
Police's 25 failings in children's home sex inquiry 2010 Jan 28
Roman Catholic church stalls on £8m child abuse claims 2009 Nov 15
US diocese files for bankruptcy ahead of abuse case 2009 Oct 20
Church Loses Fight Over Sealed Papers 2009 Oct 6
Spotlight on catalogue of cruelty 2009 Oct 6
Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican 2009 Sep 28
Catholic church accused of covering up child abuse 2009 Sep 23
Priest demands freeze on recruiting clergy 2009 Aug 24
Archbishop told abuse victim to 'go to hell': report 2009 Aug 11
Roots of a warped view of sexuality 2009 Jun 20
Legacy of abuses by the church 2009 May 31
Diocese Accused Of Mishandling Sex Abuse Case 2009 May 26
Child abuse victims seek justice 2009 May 20
Catholic Church turned a blind eye as thousands of children were sexually abused by priests in Ireland, says official report 2009 May 20
Civil suit charts history of church abuse in county 2009 May 17
Ireland abuse inquiry report due 2009 May 17
Adoption and fostering by gay couples to become easier in Scotland 2009 Apr 22
Abuse survivors: Markey bill our chance at justice 2009 Apr 21
Last days of adoption? 2009 Apr 12
New York Child Sexual Abuse Law Could Allow More Adult Victims to File Lawsuits 2009 Mar 12
Church ‘regrets’ abuse of boys 2009 Mar 8
Irish bishop in child sex abuse row steps aside 2009 Mar 7
Families Search for Truth of Spain’s ‘Lost Children’ 2009 Feb 28
People will be shocked by sex abuse report, says archbishop 2009 Jan 5
Boy was raped, lawsuit says; It alleges he was victimized by another boy in foster care. 2008 Aug 13
Ex-Milford priest convicted again of sex assault 2008 May 13
Modern Psychology and Priest Sex Abuse 2008 Apr 21
Boys Town bishop accused of molestation 2007 Sep 30
Catholic Charity? 2007 Jul 15
Catholics detail Irish sex abuses 2007 May 2
A story of adoption 2005 Dec 21
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
The Magdalene Laundry 2003 Aug 3
Abuse spotlight on Australian nuns 2002 Aug 28
The Lost Children 2002 Feb 3
Australian church apologies to child migrants 2001 Mar 22
World: Americas Church defiant over Quebec orphans 1999 Sep 15
Canadian Prelate Quits In Clerics' Sex Scandal 1990 Jul 20
The Catholic church sold my child 1952 Jul 5
Report reveals "causes" of Catholic sex abuse - Blame it on the Rolling Stones!
How many "Hail Mary's" will this cost me?