Adapting to Mother's Day, After Adoption

This sunny spring Sunday marks my 17th Mother's Day.
I had the pleasure/displeasure of experiencing more than 40 MD's in my life, thus far.  Almost all (but 15) had to be shared with "other women"...mothers who were not from my blood-line.
Mother's Day, in my mind, is very much like my own birthday.  I am forced to celebrate a life I don't really know.  I am forced to celebrate a role, a persona, a phantom wish/memory I never got to keep for more than a day or two.
In my present-situation, Mother's Day is flanked by two significant birth dates.  Three out of four of my children were born mere weeks apart.  My oldest was born late April; my youngest were born early May.  Spring tends to be a very busy season for me.
This weekend also happens to mark my twins 10th anniversary of life.
I have a confession.
I didn't want twins.
Never did.  In fact, I always feared having twins, for reasons I cannot explain.  [The fear just lingered inside of me, ever since I got married.]
I remember the summer of 1999 like it was a few days ago.  I remember that August I announced to my doctor, "I  want one more baby'.  I announced this once I received the clean bill of health, after I had a lumpectomy.  11 o'clock, left breast.  [Location means a lot, when discussing "lumps".]
I was in my early thirties when my world turned upside down for the Nth time.  After that surgery, and after the required follow-up visits, I felt lost... empty.... ungrounded.  I was  without any anchor in this world, all because I was adopted, and I knew nothing about my own genetics, DNA, and health risks, like breast/ovarian cancer.  I had no one to go to, to look at, to turn to.... I was the orphan, fearing an early death-sentence.  I wasn't ready.  I was only in my early 30's, with two babies.  I wasn't ready to say good-bye to life and health, yet.
Years prior, I had worked on an oncology unit.  I had worked on a floor with new AIDS patients (circa early 1990's).  I though I saw the worst.  I learned I was wrong.
There is nothing worse than being the youngest patient waiting for the rushed mammography/ultra-sound.  Wait... there is.  The worst is being the young pretty mom, with two healthy babies, and no other adult, in the waiting room at the oncology outpatient center.  I still feel that sickness inside when all eyes would turn on me, when the nurse would announce my name and say, "The doctor is ready to see you now."
After I got my clean bill of health in early August, 1999, I asked my surgeon if it was possible to get pregnant and breastfeed again.  She said, "Statistically speaking, it's unlikely you will get pregnant right away, but pregnancy itself poses no risk to your health".  She also assured me, IF I did get pregnant, the baby would be safe, too.
The baby.
New life.
Safety has always been a huge issue for me.  Physical safety, for me and my babies has always been a very difficult trauma-based issue for me.  I think much of that has to do with the fact that my childhood was not what most assumed it was.  Most people do not link child abuse with adopted family as quickly and as easily as I do.... and most people do not want to discuss my childhood with me.  It's too uncomfortable, for others.
I don't like Mother's Day.  I don't like the many sad reality-based reminders MD brings to me.  For instance, I regret forcing the "one last pregnancy" issue with my spouse.  He warned me finances would be tight if we did as I wanted.  He warned me I was acting on emotion and desperation.  He warned me he never wanted more than one child with me, in the first place.  [He reminded me our marriage was based on necessity.... tradition... expectation... not love.]
How was I to know God would see to it I got pregnant after one attempt with the man I agreed to marry?  How was I to know twins ran in my blood-line?  How was I to know a twin pregnancy would be so damaging to a family and marriage?  I had no sister or mom-figure to warn me.  I had no one... I had me, and my phantom dad-in-heaven... God.
<falling, hard>
<black and blank>
And yet... years later.... MD is one of those days where I take the time to look at these little faces, at various stages of development, and I see parts of me in and on them.  They ARE miracles, and they ARE amazing to watch and study.   They are extensions of me, and the start of the family tree I never got to have, thanks to many adoption blessings.
Years ago, a friend told me, "We are cursed with our blessings", and I believe this is true.  While adoption issues have almost killed me and my desire to live, my need to understand motherhood has given me a reason to live, and as a result, made me whole (in sad broken ways). 
In my case, becoming a mom has made me a better, more loving, understanding, compassionate person.... and having twins has taught me what I wish and want for myself has nothing to do with what's best for me, as a human being capable of learning, and transforming.  Evolution is such a crazy freaky thing.... especially if one is lost and forced to adapt to the adoption-option imposed upon you, the child with no anchor.
This Mother's Day Weekend will be spent celebrating my twins' 10 Anniversary of life on earth, and my own version of Mother's Day.  [In my house/family, I am the only "woman of the house" , so it's my job to provide the meals we eat.   This is the role I accepted back when I was 23.  MD rule is I get to choose what I prepare, because it's what I want, for myself.  If other's don't like what I prepare for Mom, that's too bad, because Mom is not serving special meals for anyone else.]  While I am known for my pissing and moaning, and a weepy moment or two, I consider myself much luckier than other mothers on this earth.
<sad, deep cleansing breath>
This Mother's Day, I want others to remember women like Norma Cruz, and the women she represents, through Fundación Sobrevivientes (Survivor's Foundation)
These women have lost their babies through kidnapping, greedy anxious/impatient adopters who use adoption as a means to 'fix' an on-going case of infertility, fraudulent paper-work, and illegal adoptions.
Watch Raquel Par's story, as it is presented in video, thanks to the media outlet, People & Power.  Please watch the video, Stolen Babies, and watch it through the eyes of the first-mother.  (I dare mothers not to weep and feel a sympathy pain.)
Norma had this to say, on behalf of mothers who have, for FIVE years have protested, done hunger strikes and have petitioned their government to do something  about their loss (as today, American Amother's celebrate their Mother's Day).  The following statement came  two days after my first-born's birthday.  [I mention this reference-point because I want other mothers to imagine being the mom who lost her baby, so soon after birth/delivery]

“Es importante que las niñas sepan que sus mamás no las vendieron, no las abandonaron. Sus mamás han estado luchando año tras año. Tres humildes mujeres están enfrentando a todo un sistema que lo que hace es proteger el mercado de seres humanos en el mundo. Los niños y niñas guatemaltecos no están a la venta. No se venden. Pueden ser familias pobres, pero el ser pobres no les quita el derecho de tener a sus hijos con ellos. El sistema de justicia guatemalteco y las autoridades en general tienen que sumar esfuerzos para esclarecer todos estos hechos. Lamentablemente esto se sigue dando, por eso nosotras hemos planteado que hasta que no se esclarezca estos hechos no se le dé salida a un niño más.”

[ROUGH TRANSLATION] “It’s important that the girls know that their mothers did not sell them, they were not abandoned. Their mothers have been struggling year after year. Three humble women are facing a whole system that acts to protect an international market of human beings. The boys and girls of Guatemala are not for sale. They are not sold. They may be poor families, but being poor does not take away the right to have their children with them. The Guatemalan justice system and the authorities generally have to join efforts to clarify all of the facts. Regrettably, this is still going on, so we argue that until there is a investigation of these facts not one child more should leave.”

[From:  Finding Fernanda: "Searching Mothers Demonstrate in Front of Guatemala’s National Palace", April 2011 ]

To those who insist of keeping the children they purchased through ICA services... if you know a mother is looking for her child, and you know you have the child that mother is looking for, please do the right thing, speak-up, and bring that child home.  Return the child with the promise, "I love you, and I will never leave you, permanantly."  [You will always be around if/when the loved child wants contact].

Returning an adopted child may not be the easiest thing to do, but as all good mothers know, being a good mom means making painful sacrifices, for the sake of the child who wants little more than the touch and feel... the smell... of Mom, as God had intended her to be.

This may not be the adoption-plan any one person expects (or buys into), but sometimes God Works in mysterious ways, making the greatest blessings a horrible curse, and the worst of all curses the most beautifully profound blessing of all.


Mothers Day for some....

Very powerful post Kerry. Thank you for you honesty. Thank you also to bring awareness of first mothers plight and the feelings of adoptees about the day and on adoption.

In reading the links provided, they mothers are not first mothers, they are the MOTHERS of kidnapped children who were sold into adoption. That is quite different, isn't it?

Kerry can you help me understand how the children when stolen from their mothers were NOT newborns, but ages 2 and up? And they were sold into international adoption by their kidnappers? How can the world allow this to happen?

Stolen, then sold

Oooooh, I sure do love it when people ask me questions and then ask how I figure things can happen in Adoptionland!!!

<rubbing hands together, as a quick warm-up>

Illegal adoptions in Adoptionand work in a variety of ways... so let's get that out, early.  There are newborns sold through hospitals, midwives, doctors, baby brokers... all needing amended (false) documentation, and adoption lawyers to make the illegal activity somehow "legal".  But there are other ways to obtain a young healthy child through adoption services.

[In other words, those Guat-moms are NOT the only parents victimized by the ever-growing, insatiable adoption industrial machine... the machine that keeps calling/demanding for more.]

From what I understand, an orphanage's most movable inventory is any child under the age of five. 

Let's put this in context, using a country other than Guatemala as the sending example.

The thieves often strike at dusk, when children are playing outside and their parents are distracted by exhaustion.

Deng Huidong lost her 9-month-old son in the blink of an eye as a man yanked him from the grip of his 7-year-old sister near the doorway of their home. The car did not even stop as a pair of arms reached out the window and grabbed the boy.

Sun Zuo, a gregarious 3 1/2-year-old, was lured off by a stick of sliced mango and a toy car, an abduction that was captured by police surveillance cameras.

Peng Gaofeng was busy with customers when a man snatched his 4-year-old son from the plaza in front of his shop as throngs of factory workers enjoyed a spring evening. "I turned away for a minute, and when I called out for him he was gone," Peng said.

These and thousands of other children stolen from the teeming industrial hubs of China's Pearl River Delta have never been recovered by their parents or by the police. But anecdotal evidence suggests the children do not travel far.

Although some are sold to buyers in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, most of the boys are purchased domestically by families desperate for a male heir, parents of abducted children and some law enforcement officials who have investigated the matter say.

The demand is especially strong in rural areas of south China, where a tradition of favoring boys over girls and the country's strict family planning policies have turned the sale of stolen children into a thriving business.

Su Qingcai, a tea farmer from the mountainous coast of Fujian province, explained why he spent $3,500 last year on a 5-year-old boy.

"A girl is just not as good as a son," said Su, 38, who has a 14-year-old daughter but whose biological son died at 3 months. "It doesn't matter how much money you have. If you don't have a son, you are not as good as other people who have one."

[From: A desperation for sons ... even someone else's CHINA: Age-old gender biases feed, March 2009 ]

"Desperate for a male heir".  Good God, can the sick/warped mind-set behind an adoption-story be made any more clear?  And still, American AP's do not see how the demand to fast-track foreign adoption plans can be a real problem for those countries new to ICA.  [Ethiopia, anyone?]

In India, a similar, but different poaching approach is used to procure for those paying PAP's "desperate" to have and adopt.

the father of a minor boy who was illegally dispatched to the orphanage by the police after he was found loitering alone. The kid was subsequently adopted by relatives of a member of Parliament, Navin Jindal. They lost the case before a guardianship court over the boy's custody to his father Sharma. The boy had gone missing while playing in front of his relatives house in Uttam Nagar in 2004. According to the family, he lost his way while returning home and was found by the police.

In his petition in the HC, Sharma through his lawyer D D Singhla has alleged that his son was illegally sent to the orphanage. A truck driver by profession, Sharma has also sought compensation from the government and the police for keeping his child away from him for the last four years. He also wants a CBI probe into the alleged nexus between the police and orphanages in Delhi.

According to Sharma's petition, his son was handed over to the Bal Vihar Orphanage in Palam by the police even when he had lodged a complaint with the police. He further alleged that as per report of the department of women and child welfare, produced in July 2008, the orphanage did not even have a licence to run an adoption agency, yet they handed over his son to one Anil and Vandana Jindal.

Instead of informing him that Prateek had been found, police decided to dispatch the kid to the orphanage, the father alleges in the petition, accusing the police of being hand-in-glove with the orphanage in running an adoption racket. The guardianship court that re-united the boy with his family took serious objection to the entire manner in which the minor was given away for adoption and faulted the police theory. It also asked the cops to improve policing.

[From:  City's orphanage under high court scanner, March 2011 ]

Still, in other parts of the world, we can see the role of the orphanage director, and how the director assists the "sending supplier".  In Haiti, you have this blatant blunder:

"Stop reunifying children with their families!"

These were the words that greeted me when I arrived at work one morning a few months ago, from the director of a Port-au-Prince orphanage, furious at me for doing my job: tracing the relatives of children separated from their families.

"You are destroying my business," he screamed.

We suspected that the orphanage director, who runs one of an estimated 600-plus orphanages in Haiti, was making a profit by using children to garner donations and fees from dubious adoptions.

[From:  For-Profit Orphanages Keep Haitian Families Apart, March 2011]

And back to modern-day India, (home of cheap outsourced surrogacy), we can see how the smart business-savvy orphanage director directs traffic in a growing thriving city... chock-full of new jobs and opportunities for the desperate and the poor.

The chargesheet says that Bhasin had started treating the Preet Mandir trust as a "money-spinning organisation" after realising that there was tremendous potential to make money in inter-country adoption.

Bhasin, it says, procured children by violating rules and regulations.

Preet Mandir also ran the rehabilitation centre Sai Dham at Kanhe phata in Mulshi taluka to help poor women in distress. The object behind opening the institute was to counsel unwed mothers and impart training to distressed women in various fields.

The chargesheet says the centre had admitted unwed mothers, but had not given them counseling, nor had it provided training to distressed women. It was revealed that 69 surrender deeds were executed to keep the children of unwed women at Preet Mandir on Dr Coyaji road and at Kalyaninagar. The centre was used to procure children and the CBI has held Bhasin responsible for running the centre in an unethical manner by violating Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) guidelines.

On June 26, 2002, the department of women and child development in Pune had handed over the management of the government's Shishu Sadan in Aurangabad to Preet Mandir. According to the chargesheet, between June 2002 and June 2006, a total of 402 children were admitted at Shishu Sadan through different child welfare committees (CWCs). Of these, 232 children were transferred to different institutes and 199 children were transferred to Preet Mandir, Pune, as per the orders of the CWCs.

Of the 199 children, 65 children were given for inter-country adoption, 11 for NRI adoption and 51 for in-country adoption. The Shishu Sadan was given a licence for adoption, but no adoption had taken place till June 2006. The CBI has said that the Shishu Sadan was used to procure children for Preet Mandir, which had a licence for inter-country adoption.

The CBI has discovered that distressed parents had temporarily entrusted the custody of their children to Preet Mandir due to compelling/financial circumstances including incarceration of the parents. Preet Mandir made parents sign permanent relinquishment deeds of the children fraudulently, without their knowledge. The parents genuinely thought that their children would be in the safe custody of Preet Mandir and they would be able to get them back after their situations improved.

According to the chargesheet, the CBI found that 39 children were directly transferred to Preet Mandir from Navrange Balak Ashram in Pandharpur in 2009 after bypassing the CWC. There is a mandatory provision that only those children who cannot be sent for in-country adoption can be given for inter-country adoption. In order to show that the child had been rejected by Indian parents, Bhasin had fraudulently obtained rejection slips and non-acceptance slips from the parents and then forged these rejection slips with a motive to use them to send children for inter-country adoption.

The CBI has discovered that Preet Mandir used to maintain a credit account of their guests, including J K Mittal, former chairman of CARA, to facilitate their stay at Hotel Aurora Towers in Pune Camp. The chargesheet reads that Bhasin used to spend lavishly as he used to generate money illegally by extorting money from prospective parents on the pretext of collecting donations for Preet Mandir. Government of India and Supreme Court guidelines clearly prevent voluntary agencies from receiving donations for inter-country adoptions. The chargesheet has highlighted various instances of how Bhasin had collected money from prospective foreign couples.

[From:  Bhasin used kids to make money: CBI  March, 2011 ]

Call me simple, but one would have to be a fool not to see how the links connect, and relate to corrupt illegal adoptions around the world, servicing those eager to heed the call to save an orphan, and adopt.

A Mothers Day Plea

The three girls mentioned in this news were not newborns born in a hospital, but kidnapped children over the age of one month up to age 2. They were kidnapped from their mothers, their mothers in Guatemala did NOT relinquish them. The kidnappers sold them into adoption, the attorneys obtained false documentation, false birth certificates, false DNA tests, though it was a NEGATIVE match, that could have been a hint, right there that something was not right! What was done? The children's true identity was changed, this is what is called "laundering" children. Names changed and false documentation was made, their case was then sent to a judge who deemed them as "abandoned children" even though someone posing as the mothers FAILED a DNA test!!!! With the case of Anyeli Lisbeth Hernandez Rodriquez (her actual real name)/aka Dulce Maria Cifuentes Gonnon (first laundered name)/aka Karen Abigail Lopez Garcia (second laundered name)/adopted by the Missouri couple, Actual DOB: October 1, 2004, keep in mind, this child was referred and the PAP KNEW that the child FAILED the DNA test!!! But went attorney shopping instead when their original attorney dropped the case due to the NEGATIVE DNA result!!! The well known attorney Susana Luarca (who recently got arrested for child trafficking, see the PPL archives, a string of MANY cases)...was the attorney that picked up the case, who then filed the case in the court of Escuintla Guatemala and the Judge issued that the child was "abandoned" and then a new identity was given to the child. All the while, her family issued a missing child report the day she was kidnapped!!! Then there is the case of Heidy Sarai Batz Par (her actual real name)/aka Kimberly Azucena (laundered name)/adopted by single mom in Iowa, actually passed the DNA test which was FALSIFIED. The child was 11 months old when she was stolen. Then there is the case of Arlene Escarleth Lopez (her actual real name)/aka Cindy Garcia (laundered name)/adopted by a couple in Illinois. The child was one month old when she was stolen. The APs have been contacted of this fiasco, the APs have been made aware of this. The APs are not responding. The mothers have identified via the photos in the case files that indeed those are THEIR children who are were adopted by American APs and living currently in the US. Again let me repeat for anyone who missed it, these children were NEVER relinquished into adoption, they were kidnapped from their mothers. Those ARE their children!!!! Even sadder, the few BRAVE APs in the adoption community who spoke of this were bashed by other APs. WHY? Who in their right mind would bash anyone who is sharing NEWS about kidnapped children? Who would bash ANY mother searching for their kidnapped children? On this post Mothers Day...let us remember the mothers who for FIVE years have been protesting and doing hunger strikes for the return of their kidnapped children. Take a look at these kidnapped children, if you know of their whereabouts, contact your local authority. Let us all, AP, PAP, First Mothers, Adoptees and any person with a soul on this planet band together and bring justice to these women!!!

The AP Response

Is there more from the Aparent-camp in these cases?

I know in other somewhat similar cases, the AP's have assumed the position that it is the child's best interest to stay in the new Acountry.  [As if re-locating one more time would be the worst of all traumas, or living in America in an Ahome with a possessive Amother is all that great.]  Very very rares is it the Aparent agrees -- the best thing to do is return the child wrongfully obtained.... and not so surprisingly to me, it's the man of the relationship who decides and tries to convince the bonded wife what the right correct moral thing to do really is.  [See:  A Dad's Adoption Nightmare ]

Personally, I could not imagine being a woman so selfish... so horrible as to refuse contact with the mom who were victimized by a kidnapping. 

It's amoral and cruel, to deny a mother her child, and I can't imagine any sane person thinking otherwise.

Newsflash to the Amoms in these situations -- many adoptees, on some level, already wonder if/fear they were kidnapped.... and feel as though their desperate/needy Aparents are nothing more than main-characters in a Stockholm Syndrome play.  [Read:  Adoption - where Stockholm syndrome is condoned ]

Years from now those adopted kids are going to peruse the Internet.  All the child will have to see information on the internet about them.  I know if it were me, my AMother would make an enemy-for-life if I learned she knew, but kept her mouth shut while my real mom was trying to find me. In fact, me being her worst enemy would be the very least of her problems.

Coming or going?

Kerry- I just read your recommended link, "A Dad's Adoption Nightmare" (
How can anyone justify this tug of war with a child? How can adopting a stolen child from Samoa, then returning her to her parents back in Samoa, then bringing her back to a foster situation back to the US, then returning her back to her family is good?
What affects does that have on a child who doesn't know if they are coming or going?


How can adopting a stolen child from Samoa, then returning her to her parents back in Samoa, then bringing her back to a foster situation back to the US, then returning her back to her family is good?

In a nut shell, it's NOT good.  It's much like dragging a child through an ugly divorce/custody battle,only the parents are living in two countries.  It's sick, it's demented, and it proves the adults are thinking of their own warped desires and not thinking about who is getting hurt, the most (the child).

Whether adopters want to acknowledge this or not, being forced to move away from familiarity is a traumatic experience, especially when you are a child.  The adopted child is forced to lose many many things before anything positive is gained (and kept).

Force this adopted child to live with a possessive, insecure, ill-prepared mother figure who refuses to put her adopted child's needs first.  See what happens 15 years later. [Natural consequence can suuuuure be a bitch!]

I think in cases where the AP KNOWS the parents are searching for their kidnapped child, those AP's are morally obligated to not only seek DNA confirmation, but get over their own sense of fear and loss, and find a way to bring the child back home to his/her parents, so all parties can find a way to adopt a new relationship with the child and extended family.  By no means am I suggesting such a task is easy.... but if we were really talking about a child's best interest, the Americans in this case must look outside their own TV Land box and see life with less gadgets and wall-to-wall carpeting ain't such a bad thing.

I would have killed for less toys and carpet for my real family.... provided my real family did love and miss me. [See how kidnapped adoption cases are so horrible and complicated?  We're not talking about heinous child abusers, or negligent abandoning moms.... we're talking about parents who had their babies STOLEN from them....for Americans... who want children.]

under the age of five

From what I understand, an orphanage's most movable inventory is any child under the age of five.

Today I finally found the data to back up your statement, which indeed is very much true.

According to data from the State Department provided to the Hague Conference on Private International Law, the US adopted 89,702 from foreign countries in the years 2005-2009. Of those children, 73,747 were under the age of five.

The break down per age group looks as follows:

< 1 37.11%
1 – 4 45.11%
5 – 9 10.57%
> 10 7.22%

Another fact infered from that data is that 61% of the children adopted were female.

An over abundance of healthy...orphans?

Niels- Were the children very healthy or malnourished? Did the children arrive with rotted teeth, sores on their skins, spots on their skins due to lack of vitamins, blotted stomachs, puffy cheeks, orange hair due to Zinc deficiencies, and other signs of Malnutrition levels?

Seems that children are under the age of one were adopted more than those that were older lingering in an orphanage.

Just curious.

Stats...age of arrival vs. age of referral

One thing to add about the stats that Niels posted is that the statistics show the age of the child WHEN they received the US Visa.
It does not show the age of the child when referred, so thus the child was even younger when placed for adoption.

age of availability, and other key factors

[The stats] It does not show the age of the child when referred, so thus the child was even younger when placed for adoption.

The child may have been younger when abducted/kidnapped, and then put in-care so he/she could be made available through an adoption lawyer/agency.

One might be a wee-bit shocked to learn what's done to ensure healthy children are available for those buyers carrying large sums of cash in a foreign land.

[Just wanted to add that small detail.... kinda makes a difference in terms of health-condition of said saved/rescued "orphan".]

Children are laundered younger

Children are laundered younger as seen on the link provided in one of the posts above,
It states that the child was really 3 and a half but referred as a 2 and a half year old. Also various PPL threads and articles tell of Ethiopia children being referred as much younger than they really are.

Some break downs

Unfortunately the statistics didn't make a break down according to the needs of the children, though it's fair to say that many didn't have rotted teeth, because so many of the children were actually too young to even have teeth.

Today I dug a little deeper into the adoption statistics of the USA for the years 2005-2009, and made a break down of age of adoption per sending country. To keep the break down statistically significant, only sending countries that in one of the years 2005-2009 sent more than 100 children are presented.

Let's look at infants first: 

Sending country % children age < 1
Korea, South 88.75%
Guatemala 68.01%
Vietnam 63.49%
Taiwan 59.46%
Kazakhstan 41.38%
China (& Hong Kong SAR) 34.99%
Colombia 34.70%
Ethiopia 34.54%
Mexico 16.75%
India 9.85%
Liberia 8.97%
Nigeria 8.89%
Russia 8.43%
Philippines 6.20%
Ghana 4.92%
Haiti 2.10%
Poland 1.57%
Ukraine 0.03%

Interestingly enough, the bigger and the more established the program, the more infants are being placed. South Korea, Guatemala and Vietnam are among the oldest programs and the rank at the top of the list.

When we look at the age group under the age of five, it becomes even more apparent that inter-country adoption mostly involves infants and toddlers:

Sending country % children age < 5
Korea, South 99.23%
Guatemala 95.81%
Vietnam 94.84%
China (& Hong Kong SAR) 94.41%
Taiwan 86.30%
Kazakhstan 83.00%
India 76.30%
Russia 75.52%
Ethiopia 71.30%
Nigeria 63.56%
Colombia 56.94%
Haiti 50.14%
Liberia 48.88%
Philippines 48.82%
Mexico 48.11%
Poland 42.32%
Ghana 38.03%
Ukraine 35.81%

This table demonstrates that only a few sending countries, make an effort to find international placement for children that are hard to place domestically, while the really large and established programs like South Korea, Guatemala, Vietnam and China almost exclusively place young children.

The situation becomes even clearer when we look at children over the age of 10. About half of the sending countries are hardly involved in the placement of older children, while the few countries that place a significant number of older children, have relatively small adoption programs. 

Sending country % children age > 10
Mexico 31.60%
Philippines 31.08%
Ukraine 30.66%
Ghana 30.49%
Haiti 22.03%
Nigeria 20.44%
Colombia 19.95%
Liberia 19.55%
Poland 18.31%
Ethiopia 9.88%
Russia 8.88%
India 7.44%
Kazakhstan 5.90%
Taiwan 2.70%
Vietnam 1.35%
Guatemala 1.15%
China (& Hong Kong SAR) 1.11%
Korea, South 0.25%

Finally, one other break down that could be made, based on the statistics the USA provided, is that of gender-ratio. It is no surprise that China has the most extreme score, with 0.14 boy for every girl placed for adoption internationally. This is mostly subscribed to China's one-child-policy, but as the table shows, most countries place more girls than they place boys, only not to the extreme found in China. The only really notable exception is South Korea where almost 1.6 boys for every girl is placed for adoption internationally.

Sending country
Ratio: M/F
China (& Hong Kong SAR) 0.14
India 0.46
Ghana 0.72
Vietnam 0.75
Liberia 0.76
Haiti 0.77
Colombia 0.79
Kazakhstan 0.87
Guatemala 0.89
Ethiopia 0.91
Ukraine 0.92
Taiwan 0.94
Mexico 0.95
Philippines 1.02
Nigeria 1.06
Poland 1.09
Russia 1.11
Korea, South 1.59

Pound Pup Legacy