People & Power - Stolen Babies (video)

Stolen and Traded

There's a phrase used by the commentator:  "Stolen and traded for adoption".

Wouldn't a more accurate phrase be:  "Stolen and traded for money"?

For those PAP's wishing to speed the international adoption process, please watch the video, paying particular attention to the story featured at 1:50.

I'm positively speechless.

My heart weeps...

My son from Guatemala is 20 years old.  I met his birth family when I went to Guatemala (he was 2 months old).  She handed him to me and said, "now he is yours."  I know she had misgivings, but the adoption went through.  I can't imagine the pain she felt, giving her beautiful son to me.  The very next year she had a baby girl by the same man (who had other wives and children in the mountains by Quetzaltenango, Guatemala).  She kept her, but finally gave her to her sister; she went to California to work.
When I watched this video, I was sick to my stomach; the pain was so real, and the wrongness was so obvious.  What I see is the USA doing nothing. 
What do others think of the idea of sharing the stolen child who has been placed for several years?  How could there be a way to share?  Shouldn't the real mothers have their children back?  I see it as a risk, adopting someone else's child.  But there has to be a right and a wrong.
If Irma had wanted her son back, while I was in Guatemala to adopt him, I would have given her son back and gone home.  I could not have looked into the eyes of these women and kept the child.  Yes, Irma had some misgivings, but she did not refuse to let him go.  Looking back... I think someone should have asked her, before the adoption, whether she had changed her mind.  I think there was a point when the missionaries told her it was too far along to back out now...
Would it be so wrong of me to say that I believe my son was meant to be mine?  He was not stolen.  It was above reproach except for the bribes that HAD to be paid; which are being paid this very day, to the Embassy that does the passports of every adoption in Guatemala.
 I think Irma, the mother of my son, made a mistake.  This beautiful young child/young man is an exceptional human being.  Yet, Irma had no way on earth to raise him, or his sister.  I see the mothers in the video as having a life which included those babies; which is the opposite of my situation.  I just know that the wrong that is done in adoptions makes the right seem so small.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Family Planning

Your story illustrates the point that there are those wanting to do the right thing, yet due to blind faith and good intentions, many lose sight of the simple fact that the adoption industry thrives on ignorance.... on both (parental) sides. 

There was a point in the video (23:47) where one of the searching mothers says, "Here I will give her love and she will grow with her family, where God sent her."

Where God sent the child, not where man (an adoption agency) decided that child should be.  There is poverty, and there is stealing.  For those with a Christian belief system, all one has to do is take a moment or two and ask:  WWJD in such a situation?  Give help to the poor, or take away the children, and sell them to a complete stranger?  [Do not be mistaken, these non-profit adoption agencies may have many volunteers working tirelessly to help others, (think about this sort of help -- unloading unwanted/excess number children to those who want one), but these so-called non-profit charity organizations ALSO have many people making a lovely salary made possible through each adoption fee.]

It's very tragic... there are indeed abandoned children/orphans with no hope of ever leaving sub-standard care.... and then there are children being stolen/abducted, just because American/foreigners want a family/child for themselves.

We cannot change the past, but certainly we can change the future, can't we?

mandatory material

Having known these cases for some time now, their stories get closer to home, seeing these women on video, hearing them talk. Already a picture says more than a thousand words, but being able to listen to these women talk makes me speechless. This should be mandatory material in adoption preparation classes.

$50,000 a baby

This is a very disturbing video.

Has any one of these mothers found her baby yet? Does any one know? What can be done to help them?

Stolen but not forgotten

To answer you question, YES...the whereabouts of the children have been identified. The kidnapped children were issued Visas to the US.
But NO they have not been returned. The APs are NOT cooperating. The mothers continue their protest for the return of their kidnapped children.

Videos without consequences

Watching this material leaves me speechless, but I find it even more troubling to see how one after the other of these or similar videos are published, only to be forgotten by the broad public and ignored by potential adoptive parents.

Is there ever going to come the day when people realize that things like they are shown is this video are not a nasty and unwanted byproduct, but a consequence of how international adoption works? This is a system run by organisations who run their business to earn salaries and not, as they maintain in their colored brochures and public speeches, to help the poor needy orphans.


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