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Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

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Born in 1968, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, my infant-adoption plan was done through a no longer existing private adoption agency, Sister Mary Eugene Foundation.  I was relinquished immediately after birth, put in-care, and was brought to the USA at 10 months of age. 

My American adoptive parents had one biologic son, three years before my arrival.  All three of them have remained very close, while I have been estranged after confessing episodes of sexual abuse took place against me between the ages of nine and twelve.   

At the age of 20, I graduated nursing school and worked as a Registered Nurse in a large private teaching hospital. I worked primarily with respiratory/renal patients, and those diagnosed with AIDS. 

At the age of 23 I got married.  At the age of 25, I gave birth to my first child. 

For 17 years I was a full-time stay-at-home-mom to my four biologic children.  I have 2 girls and 2 boys, two of which are twins. I have since returned to work as a professional nurse. 

In my free-time, I voluntarily spend many hours a day/week offering emotional support to various birth mothers, adoptees, and adoptive mothers who call or write to me and tell me they are experiencing many problems with their own unresolved adoption issues.  Some simply do not know how to cope, and ask me about my own personal experience, and how I perceive certain things.  This volunteer work is done on a 1:1 basis, and in-private, at the request of those who have chosen to contact me.   This volunteer-adoption-outreach began in 1998, when I first joined Adoption.Con, and earned the reputation of being a very angry adoptee.  While I got many PM's and email requests, after a year, I was banned from that website -- a site that promoted itself as a forum for all members of the adoption triad in-need of answers, encouragement, and support.  

Animal within

I am the Lone Female Wolf. Smaller in relation to the Alpha Male, but treacherous in Her own rite. I wear a gray-silver shimmering coat of deep thick plush fur. It is water-repellent and multi-purpose. It protects me from the burning sun; and keeps me warm during the icy cold. It is matted from blood clotted wounds, but those burly knots are only known to me. They are close to my skin; not seen by other wolves. [I cannot allow any of them to sniff my scent of weakness.]

I have blood thirsty teeth, and skin raking claws, but I choose not to use them, unless provoked. I walk with a Purpose and Attitude that is for Appearances purposes, only. I lead my pack, in a most deliberate and egotistical manner, but that is only to camouflage my true, deep-seeded fear. I am terrified of heights, confrontation, and Surprise, but I hide it well, behind my gnarling expression. My gait is slow and stalking-like, but that is only because my bones have been broken, and have not been allowed to set & heal. I do not DARE allow the Enemy know my Weakness, so I tread with fierce determination.

I prefer to remain in my den... where I know each shadow, and my only fear is the Phantom I allow to invade my Sleep. I keep a wakeful watch, night and day, just for that purpose: I want to avoid The Phantom. My cubs, they are cute and playful... and I love them, as much as an animal can. I provide for them, as I shelter them with my body and cunning wit. But I am not Warm & Fuzzy; my provisions are instinctive, not Maternal. I simply serve a purpose. I do what I do to Survive, and because it's what is expected of me.

If I had my choice, I would lay alone on the flat rock, that extends past the jagged cliff. It is warm from the sun, and it is removed from all other animals. It is the one quiet, peaceful place in this world, where I could finally rest my weary broken bones, and blood-stained thick coat of fur, and sleep. Blissful sleep... the kind that brings with it sweet dreams of a cute little cub, romping in a field of grass and flowers. [Oblivious to the predators standing still, with rifles aimed, ready to kill the sweet innocent female wolf, with a beautiful thick coat of silver-gray.]

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