Guatemala - Heidy or Heidi Saraí Batz (aka Kimberly), daughter of Raquel Par case

Raquel Par while traveling with her 1 year old daughter, was drugged, and woke to find her daughter missing. The girl is believed adopted by US family in late 2006, possibly as Kimberly Ocheltree..

Heidy was 1 year old when she was stolen. Par visited every police station she could to file a report. In summer 2006, with pressure from the Sobrevivientes Foundation, police found the kidnapper.

In late 2007, Sobrevivientes investigators and a team from the Guatemalan national police department found a passport and adoption documents, issued by the Migration Department, to a girl Heidy's age, under a different name. Investigators recognized the girl in the passport photo. It was Heidy, now known as Kimberly.

There is now a reward of 40,000Q, for information about Heidy Sarai Batz

Date: 2006-04-06
Number of children: 1


Bolivar Avenue,Villa Hermosa neighborhood, Guatemala City, Guatemala
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