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Abuse cases

Title Date
Children adopted by Sylvia Jovanna Vasquez 2006 Jan 5


Title Publication date
Child Abduction in China Feeds The Adoption Industry 2013 Oct 10
Man at center of 1964 kidnap mixup finds clues to his identity 2013 Aug 8
13 on trial for child trafficking in Algeria 2013 May 27
Indian mum demands return of stolen daughter 2013 Feb 23
Overseas adoption racket: How children are sneaked out by the hundreds 2013 Feb 20
French charity workers jailed over Chad child adoption scandal 2013 Feb 12
Report: Baby trade in Philippine hospitals 2013 Jan 9
In China, parents desperately search for missing kids 2012 Oct 1
Korean-Australian woman finds she was falsely adopted 2012 Sep 18
Cops nab hospital nurse, 4 others for child trafficking 2012 Aug 23
African Organization Wants Adoptions Of Native Children Scaled Back 2012 Jun 3
Chinese police break up child trafficking ring 2012 Jun 2
The SIXTH Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Heidy Sarai Batz Par (actual name) 2012
For Adoptive Parents, Questions Without Answers 2011 Sep 16
Breaking: Guatemalan Court Revokes Passport for Child Adopted to US Under Name “Karen Abigail” 2011 Aug 3
Guatemalan judge orders US couple to return adopted young girl to her birth mother 2011 Aug 3
US caught up in legal battle over Guatemalan child 2011 Aug 1
Stolen baby found in Guatemalan adoption system 2011 Jul 24
Spain Confronts Decades of Pain Over Lost Babies 2011 Jul 6
Chinese Children Born Outside One-Child Policy Trafficked Abroad 2011 Jun 1
On GuatAdopt’s “On Susana, CICIG, and the Senator” 2011 May 19
China probes child trafficking, adoption link 2011 May 10
U.S. Still Suspects Fraud In Nepalese Orphanages 2011 May 10
BREAKING NEWS: Adoption Attorney Susana Luarca in Custody 2011 Apr 19
PTSD – A Debilitating Mental Condition 2011 Apr 4
Guatemala: The FIFTH Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Heidy Batz Par 2011 Apr 4
Abducted Versus Adopted: For 1.5 Million of U.S. Adoptees, What's the Difference? 2011 Feb 9
Abducted Baby Reunited With Parents 23 Years Later 2011 Jan 20
Nepal nightmare 2010 Sep 24
Girl found 6 years after family kidnapping 2010 Jul 15
In search of roots, Dutch woman smells a 'racket' 2010 Jun 17
VHP accuses Christian organisations of child trafficking 2010 Jun 13
A Chennai slum dweller's fight for her Dutch son 2010 May 28
As Profitable as the Drug Trade 2010 May 21
The horrifying story of Vanessa Pearce 2010 Mar 21
Gabriel Johnson's Family Fears Missing Baby Was Sold in Underground Adoption 2010 Feb 10
Nepal 'should suspend' adoptions 2010 Feb 4
Haitian children kidnapped and sold, aid workers fear 2010 Jan 30
Abducted children rescued in Guanxi 2010 Jan 13
Hospitals, health centers alerted of baby abduction 2010 Jan 12
The search for China's stolen children 2009 Dec 25
Guatemala pushes for DNA tests of kids adopted in U.S. 2009 Dec 8
Trafficking reports raise heart-wrenching questions for adoptive parents 2009 Nov 11
HC rejects plea to probe adoption agency 2009 Nov 5
Chinese officials try to find parents of 60 lost children 2009 Oct 29
Kidnapping Suspect's Boyfriend Talks About Arrest 2009 Oct 5
Lid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation 2009 Sep 26
China’s adoption system worries Canadian mom 2009 Sep 25
Guatemalan Army Admits to Trafficking Kids for Adoption 2009 Sep 21
Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 2009 Sep 12
Child snatched in RSPCA raid must be given up for adoption, rules judge 2009 Jul 9
Man charged in illegal adoption appears in court 2009 Jun 23
Man believes he’s tot taken from family in 1955 2009 Jun 18
The Orphan Trade 2009 May 8
China sets up DNA database for child trafficking 2009 May 1
Thousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel 2009 Apr 19
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
A desperation for sons ... even someone else's CHINA: Age-old gender biases feed 2009 Apr 5
Delhi notebook - agony of missing children 2009 Mar 13
Vietnamese adoptions thrown into doubt 2009 Mar 7
Dad fights for son taken to Brazil 2009 Mar 4
Almost 7,000 criminals 'applied to be teachers' last year 2009 Feb 23
Adoption scandal has prompted only minor changes 2009 Feb 14
Child Migration: An Overview and Timeline 2009 Jan 29
Judge orders probe into Franco-era missing children 2009 Jan 10
The problem with saving the world's 'orphans' 2008 Dec 11
Pauper Emigration under the New Poor law 2008 Sep 24
Small commodities 2008 Sep 22
'Stolen babies' adoption racket 2008 Aug 24
Human Trafficking A Problem Even Here At Home 2008 Jul 27
Kidnapped Boy Freed After Sixteen Years 2008 Mar 27
Adoption agency in child kidnap probe 2008 Jan 9
Mystery-Free Adoption 2007 Jul 29
Adoption or Abduction? 2007 Jan 18
Nazi past haunts 'Aryan' children 2005 Jun 13
Roe v. Wade role just a page in rocky life story 2003 Jan 28
Stolen child 'OK to stay in Queensland' 1998 Nov 11
Allison Quets' Case Brings Attention to Adoption Corruption
For longtime captives, a complex road home
Orphan Wants Adoptive Parents Jailed
Economy of Child Trade
Child trafficking and laundering
Using DNA to Help Fight Child Trafficking