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Adoption Works


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Adoption: not always the easiest choice, sometimes the best choice.

If you are experiencing a crisis pregnancy, adoption may be the most unselfish choice, and the best choice for you and your child. Many birth mothers carefully think through all the options and ultimately choose adoption. There are a number of varying circumstances that surround a birthparent's decision. Whether from a financial, emotional or spiritual influence, there are people ready and waiting to assist with your needs.

Regardless of your individual situation, AdoptionWorks can provide a full range of adoption services, including counseling and support during pregnancy and after placement. Licensed by the state of Texas to place children, ChristianWorks for Children, through its AdoptionWorks ministry, is dedicated, first and foremost, to the well being of the child. We seek to place every child whose birthparents choose an adoption plan, including those with special needs.

At AdoptionWorks, we want you to come to a decision without feeling pressured. We believe that if you choose adoption, you and the adoptive parents you select should have the opportunity to know each other and stay connected.


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Adoption Works: Violation report May 2007 2007 May 16
Adoption Works: Violation report May 2006 2006 May 16


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