Holt's take on orphans in foreign countries

Earlier I read an adoption-related article that began with the story of an adoptee who wanted to marry an older woman he loved... a woman who happened to be his mother.  In the article titled, Man sought mom's hand in marriage, authored by Telegraph staff writer, Laura Newell,  65 year old adoptee Ray Walker Price shares thoughts about good ol' adoption issues like genetic sexual attraction, and feelings like "something just felt wrong".  Unfortunately, his few lines of text got cut-off by an unrelated essay advertisement promoting Holt international, and the wonderful benefits that go with international adoption.  [For the life of me, I'm still trying to see how a writer can make such a leap... domestic California adoption story turns into Holt International sales-pitch, in the turn of a single sentence?  Well, I'm sure the author had her reasons...]

I will reserve snarky comments mocking the bait-and-switch technique used in adoption marketing/advertising for another time.

Instead, I'd like to draw attention to the use of '163 million orphans around the world'... as only an international adoption agency, like Holt, can do.

[Keep in mind, my understanding of the term orphan goes as follows:  an orphan is a child who has lost both parents... before an adoption plan has been made, not after.]

In the adoption-friendly article that starts with the lurid tease of a sordid love-affair - a relationship that could never be between an adoptee and his bio-mother -  another more socially acceptable adoption story forms.  Why none other than Aaron Klein, (who is HE?)... a brother to an adoptee and two-time satisfied customer of Holt International, joins the page, adding his own personal adoption experience.  Oh, might I add, Klien's adopted sister was purchased through Holt, too.

Yes, move-over Mr. Price, you and your domestic adoption problems are old and not a concerning problem for any young-ish person considering a modern-day adoption.

According to Holt International, there are orphans to save, and fear not ye smart enlightened brethren who took the time to read a history page or two... old-time adoption practices are now new and improved.  Yay!  Let us forget stories of stolen babies and corrupt governments... let us forget the new domestic adoption-craze that's driving down foreign adoption numbers.  Instead, let us all bring our eyes and minds back to the problematic orphan issue.  Oh, how can we ever forget those poor poor young children living in those horrible horrible orphanages... the poor babies non-profits like UNICEF have waged an unethical adoption war against?  Yes, ye with feeling, weeping, bleeding God-fearing and worshiping heart, let us all focus on the many ways child-trade international adoption can benefit soooooo many people.

“International adoptions are a little more difficult, but we are very open with them having a relationship with their biological parents,” Klein said. “I can see how it can be a little nerve racking for some, but we had a good relationship and experience. We will continue to send her (the biological mother of one of his children) information and photos. It’s a beautiful relationship.”

He said while he has had only positive experiences with adoption, the process is different today.

"Adoption has changed over the years in positive and healthy ways,” Klein said. “For many years people would only adopt kids who looked like them and then would keep it all a secret. But over the last few decades it has become a very positive thing and is just another way to add to your family.”

He believes that when adoption is done responsibly, it can benefit the children and parents.

“It’s important that you have an open relationship with your children so there is not this fear and secrecy that adoption used to have,” Klein said. “I think in the next few decades, you will hopefully never hear about these stories like what happened to this gentleman (Price).”

While there is a difference between domestic and international adoptions, he said adoption needs to grow in a positive way to best benefit children.

“It just grips me that there are 163 million orphans around the world and only one in six will be adopted. I would love to see that number grow to two or three out of the six,” Klein said. “At the end of the day, adoption needs to grow.”

[From:  http://folsomtelegraph.com/detail/166677.html ]

Wait...163 million orphans... Mr Klein did not clarify if these are the orphans with BOTH living parents, the orphans with ONE living parent, or the orphans with NO living parents... or maybe, that 163 million number reflects the total sum of all three major orphan-types sold through international adoption agencies. (?)  I don't know...forgive me, I get so confused when pro-international adoption advocates use the word "orphan" with big (yet incorrect) numbers, to help make a very serious point.

The belief that adoption needs to grow is confirmed by Cynthia Shockency, director of Holt International (Sacramento branch office), since 2007, thank you very much.  [Indeed, 2008 brought good returns for Holt International; adoptions and revenues increased, compared to numbers from the previous year.]

“With domestic adoptions, there are a lot of times where the children want to eventually go back to biological families,” Shockency said. “So families that adopt internationally don’t have that happen as much.”

Families that adopt internationally don't have children going back to bio-families "as much".  Great news for the insecure AP afraid to lose a child.  But is this low-rate of return all that surprising?  Not really.  Ever see the records kept by adoption agencies/orphanages?  [For kicks and giggles, watch The Mystery of # 4709 - Who Am I? -- a documentary featuring false and missing adoption records in S.Korea.]

Holt branch director also reminds readers in California, once a child is of age (18), he/she can search for their birth parents through the agency.  The article does not mention if a fee for this special Holt service is required, (or if parents/bio family members are actually found).  Nevertheless, future clients are reminded Holt has been doing business since 1956.

Question:  if there are 163 million orphans in the world, WHY is Holt selling children with one or more living parents/adult family members to foreigners who can afford international adoption fees?  Is it because Holt cares about the well-being of children forced to live in orphanages.... or is it because Holt recognizes a simple truth -- many PAP's would much rather pay more money, and wait a little longer for a young child/infant, especially if it means in the long-run, both AP and adoptee will have little to no contact or interference with any bio-family members in the future? 

Before anyone gives an answer, just take a peek at Holt's photo-listings of available 'orphans' ready for the taking.  Picture how many infertile or desperate to have a small young child would instantly fall in-love with the little face looking back on a screen.  Then picture how such a photo-list can appeal to a pedophile wanting to see more.

I'm sick and tired of the way in which 'orphans' are being advertised on the internet.  The images used to illicit a "I want to help" response are only putting the youngest of children in serious danger.... but tell that to the director of an adoption agency, or a person trapped in the magic spell cast by the very profitable adoption industry.


Interesting news update I stumbled upon today...

According to a recent "unrelated" article:

Yesterday, Tony Perkins, the radically conservative head of the Family Research Council (FRC), held a online event to explore the issue of child sex trafficking in the U.S. According to the Department of Justice, more than 250,000 American youth are at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation, with the average age of entry for female prostitutes in the U.S. around 12 to 14 years old. But instead of attacking the roots of this terrible problem, Perkins took the opportunity to push his narrow agenda.

Titling his event “Sex Trafficking in America: from The Boulevard to Planned Parenthood,” Perkins predictably blamed the breakup of the traditional family, pornography, and “the post-modern view of morality”:

PERKINS: What’s fueling this epidemic? A number of factors contribute to the increase in sex trafficking. The breakup of the family is a major contributor. The best protection against being lured into sex trafficking for a young girl is a father in the home who is married to the child’s mother. The explosion of obscenity and pornographic material on the internet and an apparent indifference from federal law enforcement officials — all facilitated by the post-modern view of morality that essentially says there is not right or wrong. My friends, what you will see in here today is wrong.

[From:  Family Research Council Blames Unmarried Fathers, Post Modernism For Child Sex Trafficking, March 16, 2011 ]

Ah yes, the pedophiles.... the wonderful wonderful pedophiles found all around the globe...

Why, one would almost think pedophilia is a type of warped religion on it's own secret mission.

I love when strong religious-folk pontificate the virtues of "family values", especially when they use carefully select text from the New Testament [ See:  "Good News for Modern Man"].

Adoption kinda adds a new sordid twist to the post-modern view of the world.  Looks to me, not so much "good news" can be reported if you're adopted by a so-called Christian man, who practices pedophilia behind a wife's back.

So, that being what it is... imagine, how "the break-up of the family is a major contributor" reads when one looks at  the unsavory acts seen in child trafficking situations!  Indeed, what sort of moral compass does the sexually active "legal dad" have when he's having sex with the young girl/boy not biologically related to him?  Would marriage - without divorce - make this private acts done in more nations I care to count, make these acts against a child/mother alright?

<shaking head>

Adoptees sexually abused by their Adoptive parents, have been trying to say there's something wrong with those looking to "take home" the child found at an orphanage, but choking emotion tends to get in the way of clear speech.   With a little study, any person can learn both pedophiles and PAP's are given special "liberties", thanks to their very generous "donation fees" given to certain "reputable" business men associated with group-homes, or charities.

Unfortunately, not every sexually abused/exploited adoptee came from a foreign orphanage. 

God Bless Americans, with very specific political/social agendas.  [I, myself, like to see what happens, as stories unfold.... sometimes the outcome is not-so surprising.]

AH YES, and the SW who knew...

Kerry said, "[I, myself, like to see what happens, as stories unfold.... sometimes the outcome is not-so surprising.]"

I believe a lot of PAP are so naive they will believe ANYTHING a SW tells them, as long as they "GET THE BABY!"  And what will become of that baby when a SW is only out to place MORE children because she/he has a personal quota to fill, in order for her/him to feel good about themselves?

Take into consideration the following scenario:  PAP's adopt child number one, two, and three... they begin to feel "blessed" because everything is running smoothly, and the babies are still babies.  So when they begin to "feel" like they owe "GOD," THE AGENCY," and the "WORLD" for these blessings, they begin to let their guard down, and adopt a "child"  with some different needs.  OH YES!  WE can do this!  We can DO ANYTHING!  And the SW is so pleased to see this outpouring of LOVE that she/he instantly approves the established adoptive home to adopt the child with some "different needs."

Fast forward to puberty for this last child; after the child has been incorporated into the home despite the red flags EVERYONE has ignored... Imagine the shock when  that child is caught molesting his siblings.

In walks the SW who had telexed Korea from the beginning to let them know that THIS FAMILY could handle THIS CHILD because they.... whatever...  The FIRST telex FROM Korea had been down played, and the warnings in it covered up by the SAME SW who ignored what was about to happen.  What was her/his reply to the adoptive home when they sought help???  She/he states:  "I wondered how he/she "held it together" this long before SOMETHING happened."
Not only do SW's ignore red flags from the PAP's, but they TOTALLY ignore the red flags that say a certain child should not be placed in a home with other children.

WHERE is the training for the PAP's?  WHERE is the training of the SW, that tells her/him to STOP working on NUMBERS, and start working on preparing EVERYONE involved in adoptions for what MIGHT happen?  WHERE are the CATEGORIES that state a certain home HAS enough children; that a child is NOT going to be safe amidst a family of 14 special needs children; that a child who is KNOWN to have been sexually abused in a former placement (parental, foster, disrupted adoptive, etc.) should be placed as an ONLY CHILD???

"With a little study, any person can learn both pedophiles and PAP's are given special "liberties", thanks to their very generous "donation fees" given to certain "reputable" business men associated with group-homes, or charities."

EVERY PAP is given special "LIBERTIES"  as they WILLINGLY donate "GIFTS" to: Orphanages, Orphanage Directors, Overseas Foster Parents, on down the line... EVERYONE gets a piece of the money-pie that is DEMANDED if you "WANT  YOUR BABY!"

My husband turned out to be a Pedophile...  I KNOW what I'm talking about!  And after dragging myself up by my boot straps and taking a good look at what happened, I can see past the dark fog that covered his abuse of my daughter... IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  My daughter HAS healed; she HAS stood up and gone ahead with her life... you  would be blessed if you knew her.

" Looks to me, not so much "good news" can be reported if you're adopted by a so-called Christian man, who practices pedophilia behind a wife's back."

AND I THANK  YOU KERRY, BECAUSE I WAS ONE WHO WAS FOOLED AND DIDN'T KNOW!  Married to a man for YEARS who claimed to be a Christian, but "practiced pedophilia behind my back!"  And IF that SW would have demanded a thorough psychological evaluation she/he just might have seen the red flags and saved us all from the evils of pedophilia. 

In foster "?care?" for 3 years, my daughter could have ended up being one who was coerced into "sex trafficking;"  BUT SHE DIDN'T !  She is home and safe.  How many are NOT home and safe after suffering sexual abuse in the so-called Christian Adoptive Home???  HOW MANY women have the guts to turn their own husbands in and SEE them arrested and put in prison for 17 1/2 years?  Adoption is NOT "OF GOD!"  It is, IMO, a pawn of the devil.  Don't think I do not love my adopted children!  When I called the police and turned him in, I lay down the rest of what I thought was my life, in order to protect ALL my children.  I went through HELL to get to where I am now.  But my children are safe... and he will NEVER have the chance to molest another child.


The Rest of the Story...

The Rest of the Story:
Imagine my emotions upon coming here and reading my own words from 5 years ago. There is more to the story.
Of the seven children I adopted from overseas, there remains my two daughter at home with me. Two girls who made it past the horrors of a totally dysfunctional adoptive home, to become two amazing young women. But what of the five boys that were adopted into this home?
IMHO, as the adoptive mother of seven children (mostly babies), there remains such a lack of knowledge of the needs of children that to me, adoption should not even be an option. The genes of one family should never be mixed with the genes of another family just for the sake of "saving" an innocent child. Those children deserve to have the millions of dollars spent on adoption, finding an ounce of their own gene pool to preserve the family.
Kerry, I've thought, many times over the thousands of words we have shared over the years; how we found each other and how we lost each other. Coming here and reading your words; I would have known you anywhere. Seeing the words I wrote in pain and agony, years ago; knowing they were words of truth; seeing how they have stood the test of time... I'm still the same person who feels the same way, only with a lot more experience with the "rest of the story."
They are 28, 27, 26, 25, 21, and 2 are 17. The impact of adoption: losing their identity; being different; living out their destiny within their own gene-pool (within) yet in another family of strange genes, proves there is NEED to remain within one's own family in order to survive.
The oldest (28) became another pedophile who lived a secret life within the adoptive home. The second (27) struggles because of the tendencies that were inherited from his biological family. The third left the home at age 13 because of his danger to the others. The daughter who was defiled by the AF for years returned 7 years ago and has become part of the family that survives (mother, sister and her); a blessing to all who know her and yet she still reacts every single day to the triggers from the past abuse. Child 5 was spastic quadriplegic, mentally retarded; the family was once again lied to by Holt. He lives in a nice apartment with two other residents; has a life and survives even though he suffered much at the hands of an adoptive brother within the adoptive home. The sixth child is now in a group home. The bipolar didn't really show up until he was 10 years old. I spent 7 years trying to understand and help; there are some things a parent just can't do. When his AF left, he had been here 3 years; he was daddy's boy for real. He has never gotten over the loss. The youngest girl has the spirit of belonging; a character of loving forgiveness, and it the one who shows no damage (yet).
Do I feel such loss and damage by putting blame on anyone but myself? People make decisions; they pay the obvious consequences for every choice made.
The girls and I rattle around in this huge house. We are a family.

Family Research Council

In our post The Religious Right and adoption, we already paid some attention to the Family Research Council (FRC) and the various relationships they have with other Religious Right organizations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels FRC as a hate group, which they further detail  in an accompanying intelligence file.

The basic tactic of FRC is the use of junk science to promote their agenda, which is predominantly anti-gay, but more broadly speaking, is essentially promoting legislation that supports an authoritarian, paternalistic view of the nuclear family.

The vision of FRC remains very close to that of Focus on the Family (FOTF), of which it is an off-shoot. Next to James Dobson (founder of FOTF and FRC), both James D. Daly (president of FOTF) and Elsa Prince Broekhuizen, serve both on the board of directers of FOTF and FRC.

Focus on the Family is interesting with respect to adoption, given their support for crisis pregnancy centers (CPC), especially when it comes to providing ultra-sound machines. According to their IRS 990 forms, FOTF provided grants to 38 different CPC's for the purchase of ultra sound machines or training of its use, with a total amount of $734,383, in 2008 alone. These machines don't have any purpose in the provision of health care services, but are entirely used to confront women seeking an abortion with imagery of the fetus.

The tactics of CPC's and their link with adoption agencies like Bethany Christian Services is described in the article  Shotgun Adoption.

Elsa Prince Broekhuizen is an important figure in this Religious Right web of adoption service providers and the anti-abortion movement. Until his death in 1995, she was married to Edgar D. Prince, an industrialist from Holland, Michigan, who made a fortune in the automobile manufacturing industry.

Edgar Prince was one of the founders of FRC and also served on the board of the Council for National Policy (CNP).  CNP, founded by Tim LaHaye, is a virtual who is who of the religious right, whose members include people like: Edwin Meese III (Attorney General of the United States 1985-1988), John Ashcroft (Attorney General of the United States 2001-2005), Richard DeVos (founder of Amway), Paul M Weyrich (Founder of The Heritage Foundation ), Don Nickles (Senator of Oklahoma and board member of Equality for Adopted Children), and Tony Perkins the current CEO of FRC.

Elsa Prince Broekhuizen also served as president of CNP, a position she still holds at the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation. Through that foundation she made large donations to FOTF, FRC and Bethany Christian Services.

Elsa and Edgar Prince's children, Erik D. Prince (former owner of Xe Services LLC, formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide), and Elisabeth "Betsy" DeVos, also serve on the board of the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation.

Betsy DeVos is also vice-president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, another contributor to FOTF, FRC and Bethany Christian Services. President of the foundation is Betsy's husband, Richard M DeVos Jr., son of Amway founder Richard DeVoss.

Richard DeVoss, through the  Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, is by far the largest contributor of Bethany Christian Services, having donated almost $5 million since 2000. The foundation also donated considerable amounts of money to FOTF and various other Religious Right organizations.

Another link between FRC and the adoption industry is found in the donations of the William E. Simon Foundation, the foundation of former United States Secretary of the Treasury (1974-1977), William E. Simon. Over the years donations were made to FRC, but also to National Council for Adoption (NCFA), Gladney Center for Adoption, The Gladney Fund, Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children.

The cause of FRC, spreading disinformation (befitting its newspeak name) about family and procreation related issues, serves the adoption industry very well.

In fact, the entire agenda of the Religious Right serves the adoption industry really well.

  • Private, religious education, leads to the eradication of sex education, causing more unwanted pregnancies, which is doubleplusgood for the supply of adoptable infants.
  • A ban on abortion would create a huge incentive to relinquish children for adoption.
  • Unfettered free markets create a large poor and uneducated under class in society, again leading to more unwanted pregnancies and with that a larger supply of adoptable infants.

Fortunately, Tony Perkins is so caught up in his own homophobia and his defense of the arch-conservative views on family life, he is not really any good to the adoption industry. His latest diatribe about child sex trafficking is so completely ridiculous, I wonder if there is anyone taking him serious with this.

Let's give one simple counter example. The case of the girl adopted by David Karl and Jennifer Danser, where a girl is adopted by a married couple from Bloomington Indiana. The father in the home, who is married to the child’s mother (albeit the child's adoptive mother), lures the girl into his child pornography ring, where he sexually exploits her.

Of course in the black and white world, Tony Perkins lives in, such facts are uncomfortable. It is easier to classify the world in doubleplusgood for the nuclear authoritarian paternalistic family, and doubleplusungood for every other form in which people live together. Pesky little details as married people, sexually abusing their own (or other people's) children, simply doesn't fit in this narrow minded scheme of thought.

Ironically every time I see Tony Perkins name, I have to think of  Norman Bates in Psycho, maybe after all there is a God.

Ray Walker Price

I have more info on Ray Walker Price if you are interested. I am a DNA-indicated 3rd cousin of his and helped to find his unknown paternal line. I met him twice including once Dec. 2015 a few weeks before he passed away.

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