Third Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

In 2007 we instituted the annual Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards TM.

Until September 15 you can nominate candidates for the third annual Demons of Adoption Award, after which we will put up a poll to vote for the nominees. Please add a comment to this post with your nominee and a short explanation why this candidate has the dubious honor of winning the award. You can also email your nomination to this address.

Previous editions:

First Annual Demons of Adoption Awards (award went to the National Council for Adoption)
Second Annual Demons of Adoption Awards (award went to the makers of Juno)


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Let's change the face of adoption

In keeping with all that's wrong with Maternity Homes, promoting mothers to relinquish their babies to virtual-strangers, in my opinion, is NOT in the best interest of mother and baby.  Starting September 12, a new program will be featured on WEtv.

WE tv's new original series, Adoption Diaries, explores the process in which privately held open adoptions take place. The series showcases the matching process between couples who, having struggled with infertility, turn to adoption and the brave, expecting mothers whose difficult and selfless decision to place their children for adoption makes it all possible. Each episode features clients of the Independent Adoption Center, a nationwide nonprofit adoption agency specializing in domestic infant adoptions. The IAC has been a trusted advocate of fully open adoptions for over 25 years. To learn more about the Independent Adoption Center, visit their website at WATCH THE SNEAK PEEK

As far as I'm concerned, the message doctors AND media should be sending is this:  Support mothers and families... do NOT sell babies.  [There are enough older children "languishing in-care" who need serious (dedicated) attention.]

My nominee is:  Independent Adoption Center, a nationwide nonprofit adoption agency specializing in domestic infant adoptions.  [I think of it as being the new non-denominational version of Bethany Christian Services. ]


I would like to nominate Adoptions First for their "Birthmother's Package". Nothing like using an all expense paid vacation to L.A to lure women in!

Dr. Ray Guarendi

I'd like to suggest this guy:

I'd never heard of him until I just happened to see a TV interview with him about a week ago. He's evidently well-known and popular, according to his website. The things he was saying about adoption were outrageous. His newest book is titled "Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It."

I don't know if he's the worst out there, and I have not been able to bring myself to read any of his books or listen to his radio program, but I think he at least deserves a (dis)honorable mention.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” . . . Mahatma Gandhi

Which one should it be?

Let me do the obvious and nominate Scott and Karen Banks, for:

  • child trafficking
  • coercive adoption practices
  • abandonment of their adopted children

Or maybe I should nominate the judges that allowed them to walk away with four to five years probation.

Bethany Christian Services

I would be more than happy to nominate Bethany Christian Services - a Christian-based "pregnancy crisis center". Lately they have become more visible in the spotlight thanks to the MTV show, "16 and Pregnant" where they coerce a young mother and father to giving her child up for adoption by saying it's the "right thing to do". What really enraged me about them was this article exposing their practices, shared on the AAAFC forum: Their coercion tactics and pain they cause to fmothers and adoptees is horrendous. Worst of all, our own government is supporting such "pregnancy crisis centers" through our abstainance-only education funding. By voting them as a Demon of Adoption, hopefully we can expose this ass-backwards practice that only causes pain and suffering for adoptees and their fmoms. They are just disgusting, and need to be exposed for the true demons they are.

Third Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

I would like to nominate Deborah Lee Furness. For those who do not know her, you are lucky, but she is Hugh Jackman's wife. She and Hugh are Australian and they travelled to the USA so they could adopt babies and they have achieved this twice. One of the childrens' first mother was told that the adoption would be semi-open and that she would be sent photos and updates on her sons' progress. When Deborah and Hugh decided against this, their child's mother committed suicide.
It is not just her status as an adoptive parent that I object to though. The reason I am nominating her is her campaign to make adoption easier here in Australia so it is more like the American model, when so many people have campaigned successfully to prevent that from happening. Here is her foundation's website:
Frankly, I would not be so offended by what she is doing if she had adopted orphans herself but she didn't, she took advantage of single, financially unstable young women and that is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Captured on film

Jean Strauss

I'm nominating Jean Strauss who along with Assemblywoman Fiona Ma FUCKED US CALIFORNIA ADOPTEES OVER WITH AB 372 THE "BIRTH MOTHER'S PRIVACY ACT". The only thing that saved US bastards was the financial disaster that the State of California is in. Ms. Strauss needs to go back to making movies on adoptee rights and save the real fighting for the people with spines.

Harry and Bertha Holt/founders of child abuse...

I would like to nominate,  Posthumous,  Harry and Bertha Holt, founders of Holt International adoption agency for the Adoption Award of 2009.  In the category of "Placing Special Needs Children," within the "Waiting Child Program."

"In 1955, a special act of Congress allowed Bertha and Harry Holt, an evangelical couple from rural Oregon, to adopt eight Korean War orphans."  This couple was the first to have laws changed in order to steal "orphans" from Korea and bring them to the United States.  Thus setting in action the years of "legal stealing" of many children.  Without the Holts actions maybe this forum would not exist.  Maybe hundreds of thousands of overseas adoptions would not have taken place. 

But the MAIN topic I'm submitting is the Holt agency's continued placement of "special needs children" who are truly not adoptable, into the homes of already huge families all over the world.  Holt's statement : "For over 50 years Holt International has made extra efforts for children with special needs. “Every child is a precious gift of God,” said Holt President Emeritus David Kim, a statement that underscores our commitment to helping these children to have families of their own."

"You decidein Holt’s Waiting Child Program you control more of the decisions relating to your adoption: the age, gender, and medical conditions of the child you wish to parent"

"Easier requirementsmost countries allow a wider range of adoptive parents to qualify for the adoption of a waiting child."

"Faster, less expensive processour program and most country programs are committed to expediting the adoptions of children with special needs. Also, Holt reduces fees for children with moderate to major special needs, and some grants are available."

"Deep satisfaction, great rewards—

you don’t have to be an extraordinary parent, but you will find joy in smaller accomplishments. You will give yourself in a greater way, and your family will gain a deeper appreciation for the true priorities in life."

In years past, they only told you the good stuff,  while suckering you into a fast, cheap and easy approval process, and THEN there might be more information, but usually not until the child is home do you realize the child was probably non-adoptable in the first place; especially you lean that the sending country has lied and covered up the truth.

The following statement tells of how children were FIRST subjected to careless placements:
"They relied on proxy adoptions and overlooked the minimum standards and investigatory practices endorsed by social workers. They honored adopters' specifications for age and sex, gave priority to couples with one or no children, and asked only that applicants be “saved persons” who could pay the cost of children’s airfare from Korea. They paid close attention to race-matching for children whose fathers were African-American, but otherwise ignored it entirely. They were happy to accept couples who had been rejected, for a variety of reasons, by conventional adoption agencies."




More information about the Holt Organization can be found here:

LDS Family Services and The Hess's

I would like to nominate LDS Family Services for continuing to steal children from their parents.  I would also like to nominate in particular Travis and Sabra Hess for continuing to fight Shawn McDonald on his right to parent his own son.

I also want to nominate Lutheran Social Services of Illinois for their manipulation of the legislative process in getting more funds channeled to them for foster care in Illinois.  They already get $70,000,000 per year for their ineptitude of the treatment of children in foster care.  It is time that legislators in all fifty states hold these adoption agencies accountable for their actions.  By accountable, I mean a financial audit of the monies that these agencies receive from the state CPS and federal government.  They are using these funds to manipulate the legislative process both on a state level as well as a federal level. 

More on the subject

While PPL has it's own gathered collection of information,, and Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  there are many voices that still need to be heard.  [Last night, for instance, I watched a progam called Secret Lives of Women, featuring the stories of three women (and "forgotten" young men) who escaped from the infamous Polygamous cult.]

I so strongly believe much can be learned from these personal experiences.

Scott and Karen Banks Focus on Children

With out hesitation, not only do I endorse Niels nomination of Scott and Karen Banks, for the third annual Demons of Adoption agencies, but I second it.

We all watched with horror as this corrupt adoption agency story unfolded.
Deceit, lies and money were the constant denominator.
Children were "treated as mere commodities"
Federal laws were broken, including "smuggling of children" aiding and abetting, money laundering.
The Focus on Children adoption agency owners faced for over two years a record 135 count indictment.
Children were coerced away from their biological parents, and from their native land. In exchange for rice, fish and refrigerators.
A child died in the FOC "nanny house".
All along Scott and Karen Banks said that they were innocent.
Low and behold the destruction of family stories began to unravel and were told, "on both sides of the ocean".
Mike Nyberg, sent his stolen child back to it's real family.
Ms. Sawyer planned for a "Samoan Family Reunion" just as long as she could retain the stolen child!
The exposure of the Banks deviant behavior to their own "adopted" children is exposed in the media because of a civil trial in Logan, Utah over one of the Banks OWN CLIENTS adopted child.
An adopted child of the Banks had CP and was neglected and placed in a "government facility" at the taxpayers expense.
Two of the Banks adopted children were conveniently sent "away" to Samoa to be raised by someone else, sans legal papers. They have never "stepped off the island since being dumped". And they were treated better by the Samoan family!
Then the Banks plea bargain to lesser federal charges. They use the child in the civil case as a pawn. Yes, according to the Bank's attorney "she was used as part of the plea bargain" (what kind of dumb idiot admits that in front of a public crowd including a Salt Lake Tribune reporter?) A child was used as a pawn for them to escape a prison sentence, which we all know that they deserved.

The judge in this case was less than honorable, never once did he think of the long term impact that the Banks "unethical" business practices would have on the future of these children for the rest of their long lives. The grief that they will suffer and all of the psychological issues that they will encounter. He astutely took in to consideration all the Banks LDS minions who wrote letters with their left hands and held "their Samoan" child in their right.

This judge failed the children, the true victims, who were not allowed to speak at the hearing. We all know, had there been a trial, the Banks would have been enjoying all the luxuries of a prison cell till eternity!
Corrupt adoption agency owners who are now convicted criminals and on probation.

Lest we forget that members of the one true church (LDS) live by far less ethical standards than the rest of the U.S.A. All following in the footsteps and corrupt leadership of the biggest liar of all.

I'd like to nominate M & M

The Malawi government should be nominated for allowing Madonna to thumb her nose to rules and authority.

More on M&M

Information relating to this duo can be found here,



Amy, lets not forget Cody O'Dea's family and his fight all the way to the Supreme Court. And for all the biological fathers who have lost their children to this cultish organization. This organization and the Utah unjust court system, that seems to think that a Mormon home is better than an non-mormon home.

I would like to nominate.....

Nancy Thomas

  She's a total nutcase. We all remember her saying in her book that it's better for a young female to get off on a horse saddle rather then have sex with a boy her own age.  WOW


" The very survival mechanics RAD Adult's use to survive slowly kill them" M.S.


Although Nancy Thomas and many of her fellow attachment parenting and attachment therapy aficionados do make a living out of the miseries of many adoptees, they do not qualify for the Demons of Adoption Awards. The award is meant for persons and organizations in the field of child placement and adoption promotion.

"Does not qualify"

<snickering giggle>.... I think there are many (waaaaay too many to list) so-called "professionals" who should NOT be employed by any ethical practice, group, or service that promotes child safety and future well-being.  Unfortunately, as the Demons of Adoption Award nominations suggest, not all adoption programs are in a child's or parent's best interest.  Those services/parent agencies (companies) that are hurting others need to be recognized and, with any luck, be removed from the adoption industry.  Permanantly. 

In regards to NT and her ilk,... here's a horror-of-a-thought -- what if AT's started their own adoption agencies?!?!


hey Mike

happy to see you are not selling their stuff.... I thought maybe you were one of the RAD cult out to sell their product and services....

but Niels, what about the agencies that make RAD therapy a requirment for placement for adoption or all the groups including public foster care that say attachment disorder is the only issue and all the kids have RAD if they are in foster care?

RAD Cult? Me? Heck no!

Dear Anon,

  Thank you! Yea I am not one of those people pushing for attachment therapy, holding therapy or anything like that. If anything, I am one of the most outspoken "Civvy" RAD survivors out there. I don't buy into any of those cult like behaviors. I am simply a survivor of the disorder.

   There are many times where it's hard not to take a side. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one promoting awareness of the disorder and it's effects without pushing all of these stupid and idiot therapy routines to survivors. To stand alone, however I am finding is the best policy. :-) It's hard, but it's the only way.

  Thank you for the comment!

   Much Love!
" The very survival mechanics RAD Adult's use to survive slowly kill them" M.S.

No doubt what this year's UK nomination should be

Well no doubt what this year's UK nomination should be

Barnardo's UK and its ill informed CEO Martin Narey who thinks the solution to family breakdown is to take the kids away and have them adopted. Yet another thing about Barnardos that has not changed since I was in its care over 50 years ago. Perhaps we should pack them all on boats and send them off to Canada and Australia to work entirely unsupervised Barnardo's on farms another practice that was very popular with Barnardos in the past. Going backwards seems to be the in thing Mr Narey and Barnardo's


More on Barnardo's can be found here:

More on adoption targets can be found here:

I'll be blunt -- the more I read about the man (Narey) and his position, the more he freightens me.

According to information posted in The Daily Mail, Narey:

Martin Narey is one of the great and good of the children's rights establishment - a figure with an impeccable liberal record.

He quit as head of the prison service partly in unhappiness over the number of young people in jail and believes that children are too often 'demonised'.

Narey, 54, was born in Yorkshire and took a degree at the then Sheffield Polytechnic before joining the NHS as a manager.

He then switched to the prison service after seeing a documentary about Strangeways.

His rapid rise through the civil service took him from prison governorships to a post among Home Office high-flyers and then to prison service headquarters. By 2004 he was chief of the newly named National Offender Management Service, committed to a 'decency agenda'.

But he quit the following year to go to Barnardo's, the former children's homes charity which now runs projects with deprived children and maintains a series of campaigns on children's issues.

He said at the time: 'We all too often demonise children and seem to have convinced ourselves that they are out of control and responsible for a vast amount of crime.'

Read more:

While Narey may believe it's wrong to demonise children, is it right to demonise parents who, according to his proposed plan, will be denied and deprived help and support, just so more infant adoptions can take place?  [I think about the Baby P case, and how so much of that abuse could have been prevented, had Children's Services helped the teen when she needed it most.  See:  What made Baby P's mother Tracey Connelly so wicked? ]

I'd like to believe Ed Balls seems to have a better grip on the real problems facing children, parents, and Child Protective Services. 

Also across the pond

I'd like to make a second nomination, the Dutch Ministry of Justice for preventing research into corrupt adoption practices in China, because of business relations with that country.

Around the world

I'm very pleased to see nominees reflecting a hard cold (universal) fact:  corruption in adoption is not just an American problem.

I'd like to add another

I'd like to bring the Joint Council on International Children's Services back on the voting-block.  After reading a recent piece, [custody dispute garners international notice ] featuring the "concerns" of DiFilipo, (president of the Joint Council)  I see just how little has changed in the minds of those working on behalf of a PAP's interest.

It's all about money... not child safety.  Difilipo seems to support the temporary movement of foreign children to America because such trial-basis "exchange" programs "help" the adoption process.  A process that costs tens of thousands of dollars and provides salaries for many.  ["In exchange for your money, we can get you a child, and all will be happy."]

DiFilipo would rather see small companies remain in business because they advocate adoption, (and cater to the desires of  paying PAP's), than keep a child's future well-being in-mind. 

"This is just an unbelievably rare situation. We were concerned for the children. It's abhorrent," said Tom DiFilipo, president of the Joint Council on International Children's Services, a long-running Alexandria, Va.-based advocacy group whose membership includes adoption and service groups.

DiFilipo said it was too soon to say what complications would arise from Vander Maten's attempt to prevent 13-year-old Katja, 11-year-old Dasha and 9-year-old Tanya from returning to Ukraine with other members of their summer exchange program. But he was sure it would affect programs that rely on good will among foreign bureaucracies and orphanages to smooth the way for U.S. couples to adopt.

"This has far-reaching implications. Not just for this group. Not just in the Ukraine," DiFilipo said.

Earlier this week, Vincent Rosini, president of Frontier Horizon, the organization that brought Katja, Dasha and Tanya to the United States, said the conflict already had soured his relations with Ukrainian officials.

Vander Maten called that a positive development.

"For Vince Rosini to sit there and say this is going to destroy my whole program, my response is I hope it does," Vander Maten said. "Because I think his program is totally wrong."

It would do the JC to read about the history of child placement and recognize how profiting from a person's "services" and "special interests" can be very very damaging to children.

Hint:  Child Migration and Orphan Trains

If there is a hell, I hope that is where president DiFilipo and CEO Narey will one day meet. 


Now that inter-country adoption numbers have fallen down over the last two years and 2009 is probably going to be even worse (for business), the Joint Council has started a surge to counter this downward trend.

Using almost the same strategy used by the Focus on the Family backed Christian Alliance for Orphans and their mirror organizations Hope for orphans and Cry of the Orphan, the Joint Council has now started Be the Answer, using the fabricated figure of 132 million orphans to further the agenda of their members. Afterall the Joint Council is not a relief organization, but a memberships organization promoting the interests of adoption agencies.

For those with a less-sensitive stomach --

We have a section devoted to the many working associations related to the advocacy-group known as the JCICS.


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