Third Annual Demons of Adoption Awards

Each year Pound Pup Legacy presents the Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption AwardsTM

Until October 30 you will have the opportunity to vote for the recipient of this year's award.

The nominees are:

The orginal nominations can be found here.

See also: Official press release.

Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2009?
Adoptions First
11% (24 votes)
Athanasios Kollias
3% (7 votes)
6% (12 votes)
Bethany Christian Services
17% (36 votes)
Deborra Lee-Furness
9% (20 votes)
Harry and Bertha Holt
5% (11 votes)
Independent Adoption Center
5% (11 votes)
Joint Council on International Children's Services
1% (3 votes)
LDS Family Services
11% (24 votes)
Scott and Karen Banks
13% (28 votes)
The Dutch Ministry of Justice
14% (30 votes)
The Malawi Government
3% (6 votes)
Total votes: 212

A very tough vote

When reading the final nominees, I find myself in speechless awe.  It's amazing to me... reading and seeing just how bad and wrong the adoption industry has grown over the years.  Amazing. 


Deserving Demons

Ennie Meanies Minnie Moe, a whopping 12 naughty, disgusting individuals and adoption organizations that keep child trafficking a flow!

The basis of most is a religious quote, something like " God would want you to give this child a real home, Honey".
And we can sell this child as a commodity, for MONEY!

Corruption, coercion, cash, the three C's
and lets not forget the profits of adoption fees!

Teens, children and infants not weaned from the breast,
all stole and given to families in the West!

Adoption, a concept where no one really wins,
My God says that it is the biggest SIN.

We all have heard of them, the Holts, Bethany Christian Services, LDS, and Scott and Karen Banks,
turns out that stealing children was the very least of their pranks.

Poundpup, grouped them together well, as I contemplate my vote, I am overwhelmed by a horrible smell.

Each and everyone deserving of this award, my vote, only one is all I am afford.

Never was the "child" it's future, it's life,
Nor the Mother, her future or her life,
ever the pitch,
it has always been take from the poor and give to the rich.

I condemn them all, give them all the DEMON award and make them hang it up on their walls.

I really liked the poem!

For myself, I take adoption-issues VERY seriously.  I always did.  Many used to mock me and tell me I was stupid for holding on to something that should have been let-go decades ago.  Many used to tell me, (or say behind my back), I was crazy.

I may be crazy... and if I am, it's because my Afamily made me that way.  [I must give credit where credit is due.]

As I recover from my own personal wounds, I read and educate myself about the many horrible things being done to children in the name of help, hope and charity.  Much of what has happened centuries ago, continues today.  [For those who want to know more, please read:  "I would never have brought home a child who had a mom" ]

There needs to be a voice that tells those who celebrate adoption, "PLEASE.... WAIT!"

There is so much people either don't know, or choose to ignore.

This denial of the whole story behind adoption practices MUST stop.

That being my very strong core belief, if there are those who wish to continue their fight to reform adoption laws, as they currently exist, these "fighters for justice" need to know all the historical facts before they make old matters much bigger and far far worse.


Devils, Demons, adoption hounds are DIRT


The mind of a woman, with child


"No mother in her right mind gives her child away."

I know lots of women who were so moved and motivated by fear, they would do the unthinkable just to make sure their babies were safe.  Give the child to a complete stranger?  Yes, for some, life is so bad and dangerous, "sending away" is the only option a mother has.  I think in a moment of panic, this "giving away" is often seen as being "temporary", not ever thinking it will really become permanent.  [Remember Moses in the baby-basket?]  So the question must be asked, what are people thinking when they feel pressured and stressed?

As I have been slowly adding various links and pieces related to The History of Child Placement, I was really surprised to see just how many single-mothers went looking for assistance through an orphanage/children's home.  Unfortunately, poverty and being pregnant and unmarried were/are two HUGE unforgivable sins, so it's not surprising to learn the treatment given to these young mothers seeking assistance was often cold, at best.  [So much for charity without it costing anything.]  In some cases the mother forced to leave her child never came back... in other cases her return may have been too late.  These are risks and chances parents are still being forced to make (every single day) when there is no money and there is no good supportive family giving what a family-member needs.  [I personally believe good parenting is not a "given"... it has to be taught, by someone who learned from mistakes!]

Who in her right mind gives her child away?  Who is willing to judge, if there are so many wrongs surrounding a given situation?  Let's consider victims or rape, incest, male wanton need... is it always "right" to place a man's seed in one who is young and fertile?  No.  No one can tell me all men make wise, sane, well-planned decisions.  As a result, LOTS of women in this world are scared to death because they find themselves in a situation that was not "planned".  [Who is their right mind PLANS for disaster, catastrophe or any situation that presents "no way out"?]  It happens because mistakes happen, and people are human.  However, it's my very strong belief, not all mistakes are the same, especially if that "mistake" results in pregnancy.  [Natural Consequences, as I understand it, dictates "there will always be a price to pay, for a deed done or not done".  The question remains... at who's expense?]

Who in her right mind gives her child away?  Knowing how many fathers abandon their women and children, one has to ask, which came first, the chicken or the egg? So all of this makes me wonder the legal aspects of adoption, as the legal practice currently exists.  Who is scaring and threatening so many mothers into thinking the best thing to do is to give a way their own babies, and walk away?  Oh, that's right!  Many want others to believe it's God's Will to divide and separate.  [Sorry, but isn't it a wee bit scary knowing there are those who are brainwashing young mothers into believing the most loving thing she can do is give her child away, "in the name of Jesus Christ"?!?!?]  My God, what are people really thinking?  [So much for separation of church and state.]

In a non religious context, I remember being pregnant.  I remember hormones (and emotions) being all over the place!  I remember feeling as though I was losing my sanity as fast as I was losing the ability to see my own two feet.  One minute I was laughing, the next second I was crying... one minute I loved my husband and home, next minute I wanted to set both on fire.  Such is the emotional roller-coaster of fear, stress, and pregnancy.  I remember each time after I gave birth, the emotional roller-coaster got worse.  Lucky for us both, I read all the books telling me how normal this was, and thank goodness I was as tough as an ox, thinking, "this too shall pass".  I'm inclined to believe, only the desperate, the misinformed, or the (temporarily?) insane make major life-decisions, (with long-term consequences), while under the influence of drugs or profound stress.

So here's a question:  what sort of person asks (or works to convince) an emotional labile pregnant/postpartum woman (not at her mental-best) to sign a contract agreement... a contract that says, "This is permanent, it cannot be reversed"?!?

What sort of person makes a living on that very practice?

Slime and Sleeze Scott and Karen Banks

The choice was simple for me.

First I googled Adoption Slime
and Scott and Karen Banks name popped up first.

There was no rhythm or reason just simplicity. Slime, sleeze all the same in my book.

"Hasn't the industry grown? Yes, child peddling in a poor country seems to be the rage right now. Just don't forget,
it is only till they turn 18.


Well, there sure are a lot of demons in the adoption world. And oddly enough, demon somehow doesn't even seem nearly a strong enough word. I voted for Scott & Karen Banks. They really are doing what governments have been doing all along. Most adoptions are a lot like that. They were not concerned with the rights of anyone involved, and often took children whose parents did not want to surrender them.
What horrible people. They couldn't find actual orphans somewhere in the world? They had to lie to people. These people were really gullible. I guess it's just lucky that they sold the kids for adoption rather than for prositution or other purposes - or maybe we'll find out otherwise later on. Gasp.

How could I not...

How could I not vote for Bertha and Harry Holt?   The famous family who spent all their own money to start this whole mess of International Adoption; ignoring laws and common sense; making new laws to suit their own warped ?needs? in serving God?  The ones who neglected their own biological children to bring 8 more into the family?  The ones who made slaves out of their own children in order to exist with 16 children in the home?  It wasn't Harry and Bertha who made this ?work? it was their own children who sacrificed for the Holt dream.
Because of Harry and Bertha Holt, I was "taken" by the ideal of having the perfect family.  There are SO MANY adoptive families who wanted to be like Harry and Bertha Holt: never realizing that the Holt family had MONEY and HELP to raise those kids.  And WE stand on our own once the child/children are placed.  ALL ALONE with the realization that a LOT OF US have been lied to:  the normal healthy child may be healthy, but the special-needs children come home with at least several pieces of baggage that were not known before the placement. 
LIARS and FRAUDS!  Holt adoption agency has lied to most of the adoptive parents it has dealt with down through the years, since the early 1950's.  They have cheated both biological and adoptive families out of: years of their lives, money, and their dignity.  If it wasn't so easy to adopt a special-needs child, there would be less heartache for both the child and the families.
YEP!  Bertha and Harry get my vote.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Piggy Banks of FOC, get my vote

Anyone slightly educated in Polynesian populations, and their wonderful social structure would tell you that on an small island like Samoa, there are no orphans. As a matter of fact, children are cherished and raised in a village setting, and the extended family including grandparents play a huge role in raising Samoan children.

So if your told that repeatedly, by someone, why would you stay and set up shop.
Why would you employ natives and others to coerce mothers at market places.
Why would you offer foodstuffs to a pregnant mother in exchange for her baby.
Why would create a nanny house, and house children with families, and have the parents visit them and hold them there until a new set of Utah Mormons are found, like a holding house.
And why would the condition of the nanny house be so deplorable for the children.
Why would you repeatedly go back to families and ask for their children.
Why when one child that was taken from it's family. dies of malnutrition in your Focus on Children nanny house would you continue to bribe parents with refrigerators, and rice and canned fish.
Why after the tot dies in your own nanny house would you go back to the grieving mother and ask for another child.
Why does bartering foodstuffs become your true FOCUS, and not the safety of the children in your nanny house.
Why in the hell do you create a business on an island, that involves coercion, neglect, power, control and money and children.

No mother in her right mind gives a child away, that is true, because, the majority of mothers in this world who have done that have been not in their right mind when some fucked up religious fanatic or nurse or doctor or un supporting boyfriend, or un supporting husband, or un supporting GOVERNMENT, or un supporting parents, family, or un supporting social worker, or unsupportive social services in their country, or unsupportive legislature, or unsupportive SOCIAL MORES, stick their noses in that mothers face. One can say it boils down to the social structure of the country.
Why do people create their own authority over someone else, including someone else's child.
Why do people PREY on mothers when they are at their most vulnerable, emotional, and unstable time.
Western Samoa, is a prime example, there were no orphans, until some greedy bastards from a Mormon Cult decide to force their religious beliefs on others.

Scott and Karen Banks deserved to be in a federal prison for their crimes against families. For tearing apart existing families and "creating" new ones. But Utah politics is deep in dodo, and the Mo's have their protective shield. Any other State and they would have been incarcerated for a very very long time, just look at other child traffickers. The Banks pled guilty, so they are convicted criminals.

The adopted children that the Banks have adopted and abandoned, automatically entitle them to the Demon award. Because these children will suffer emotionally the rest of their lives.

A deep rooted problem with this bloody concept of adoption is that humans think, and think and think and wonder. And no one wonders more than an adopted child or a mother who gave her child up.

Scott and Karen Banks played Russian roulette with the Samoan children, they lack a conscience and are the most deserving of this award.

Annual Demons of Adoption Awards

I wanted to vote for all of the demons listed but chose Adoptions First for it's slick and sleasy web site.


I completely agree... it's very sleazy to lure young pregnant girls into the trappings of great temporary care... knowing the girls are expected to leave their newborn babies behind, once the paid fantasy-trip is over.

What's more amazing to me is people are buying into the belief that this is best for mother and child!

Hook, line, and sinker.

BTW... how much is a healthy, non-abused, white baby going for (price-wise) these days?

how white do you want it?

Do you want street price or agency price?

Do you want the birth mother (as is supposedly the prefered term when it comes to baby selling), to have experienced living in an upscale appartment in one of the major cities, or would you rather have her lived in the dormatories overseeing a kidney shaped pool?

Does religious upbringing of the birth mother (as is supposedly the prefered term when it comes to baby selling) have to be weighed in, and what about descent? Straight lineage all the way back to the Mayflower will cost you, but it may be worth the price.

I guess when saying white, you don't mean albino.

The new feel-good drug of choice

"How white do you want it?"  [How good and pure are you looking?]

Uh... I'm feeling confused... are we talking cocaine or children?  [I'm suddenly aware just how many similarities there are when choosing your desired "fix".  For those with money and taste, quality and purity does count!]

Oh, the things people will do just to feel good, for a while...

Ain't it a shame the good feeling doesn't always last.


Coke-adoption..?? Hummmm

Coke-adoption..?? Hummmm good point I never thought of it that way.

"Ain't it a shame the good feeling doesn't always last."

Well when it runs out you can always get more.. Look at Madonna and Anglina.

Considering Madonna is one of the biggest coke heads around it just goes to show they will give a child to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Hell they will even sell you  a few...if you can afford it. I have no confirmation if Angelina Jolie Lee is a coke head or not....

from the horse's mouth

I've done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD everything. I hate heroin because I've been fascinated with it
Angelina Jolie



I gotta say, it was hard to

I gotta say, it was hard to choose who was the most disgusting child trafficking pigs, but adoption first seems like the more likely candidate for me as it should read like this:

  • Access to our 24/7 bullshit and lies network to subdue any questions or concerns you may have about selling your child for a free trip.
  • Roundtrip to Stinky smelly broke ass L.A  from anywhere in the US (They probably use their air miles points they make from the profit of selling other peoples stolen children).
  • Airport pickup and transfer to your new home (Until you kill yourself from the guilt of giving your child away for a free trip to L.A (paid for the duration of your pregnancy after that piss off we got your kid and that is all we wanted.)
  • Sightseeing trip of Los Angeles to help take your mind off of selling your child for a free trip to L.A
  • Financial assistance with living expenses, maternity clothing. And then once we got your kid, piss off. If you want it back get a lawyer... and even then we got more money then you or you would not have sold your kid to us for a free cheap ass trip that you can also win off the back of a cereal box.
  • Paid Medical expenses untill we have the kid then your on your own. (But we will make you feel special to get what we want.
  • Paid Legal and Counseling fees (Unless it's against us for coning you into selling your child for a free trip to L.A
  • Help with pressuring you to creating your own sales plan.

I mean that is all I seen when I read that.

I guess when you have no shame, no morals, ethics standards.... and so on. this could seem pretty attractive.
You get to go to L.A and feel like someone gives a shit about you. Till your "product" is sold to the best con-artist.

To me this is the most obvious child trafficking reward system one could ask for. But I guess when your rich and disgusting you don't care about what is right and wrong... You just want a kid who cares how you get it....

Now excuse me while I go vomit this rechid crap that developed in my stomach while I read the choices... of who is a bigger shit bag.
Thanks for giving me the chance to vote.

Furness gets my fury

Australia has been FAMILY PRESERVATION first for many MANY Years now, Deborrah Lee Furness with her high profile because of her famous husband uses her celeb status to further her own agenda. That of adoption.
I have written many pieces on my blog about Deborrah Lee Furness campaign to increase adoptions by having the laws eased here in Australia and had a great deal of interest and some not so nice comments.

Furness and her supporters established and run Orphan Angels. This is a group that advocates adoption, and is set up to harrasss our government into making adoption quicker and to try and mae adoption positive in Australia. Australia is about family preservation and WE Like it that way.

Furness believes that adoption should only be (wait for it) 9 months long - the same time as gestation !
Even with the long processes in place now children are still being placed in terrible situations so how the hell does she propose that 9 month is applicable to fully vet prospective adoptive parents ?

I say give the demon vote to Deborra Lee Furness. we sure has heck don't want her in Australia !

Final call to vote

Next week the voting for this year's Demons of Adoption Awards will stop and we will announce the person or organization having the dubious honour to be the recipient.

You have one more week to cast your vote.

Switched at birth with a stillborn!

I have suspected from day one, Friday March 13, 1998, my son was switched at birth with another lady's stillborn. The doctor told me the baby died The Bethany service was there and told me, my son was in purgatory. I couldn't believe what they said to me. I wanted an autopsy but I was denied my right. I was forced to just bury Cody without even knowing why he died. I believe the father gave him for adoption.
2001,After years of abuse and a controlled environment by the FOB, I finally escaped barely with my life. I made it out alive but some of my friends didn't.
When I got home with my family in Florida, we all decided we couldn't live with suspecting that my son was switched at birth. We had to know whether or not he was My child, Cody.
2004, I hired a pathologist, Michael E. Berkland to do a private autopsy and DNA test to prove maternity. Next, my whole world was turned into a living nightmare. I was jumped by strange people in my own driveway. and my house was robbed and broken into several times. Also, I was getting phone calls from a staff member of A CPC home that I was in, She was posing as a friends mother. whom which was killed after running away from the abusive and controlling CPC home in 1997. She was only sixteen and six months pregnant. Her mothers boss helped her run from that house. He too was killed.
The harassment, intimidation, and criminalized tactics dont stop there. Its gone on for years, even today! Found yet another link to this mystery the other day.
There's so much to this horrific time in my life, it would make your head spin. I have a load of paperwork to back up everything I am saying, Not to mention witnesses.
I will not stop searching for my son. EVER! I found him in 2001 and told two people and one is dead. I received my last threat from the FOB, Father of the baby. He wanted to kill me. I have the police report telling the officer to take his gun. when he came back to kill me, I was hiding in the bushes taking pictures.

This video is about the infamous, former Medical Examiner, Michael E Berkland. Ironically, at ( 3-13) minutes into the clip, I tell a small part of my story.

I was so involved in getting Berklands license suspended then revoked. I dont know why he had a clear and active profile when I hired him in 2004. That was the furthest from the truth. Inturn, I informed FDOH that they needed to Google him and find out the truth and change his profile immediately. I formed a complaint and went to States Attorney and told them my situation with Berkland in 2004. Unfortunately. they already knew about his record.
I personally went to the MEC, Medical Examiners Commission meetings all over Florida. I couldn't believe what I was hearing or seeing. I was appalled. I was the only so called case against him, present at the meetings. I asked how all the other cases were going to find out about him and I was told, "they aren't!" They suspended his license and fined him a few thousand dollars, over several years.
finally, Berkland was revoked. But not before my best friend was found dead in my front yard in 2007.

Ask Questions! Demand answers! There is no reason for this to keep going on. I am american woman, whom has rights. I will not stand for this injustice! I will bring this baby market down!

Please feel free to email me at with questions, comments or concerns.

Sincerely yours

Pound Pup Legacy