First Annual Demons of Adoption Awards

On october 4th the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute will hold their annual Angels in Adoption gala, where several people will be honored with the Angels in Adoption Reward.

To raise a voice against adoption propaganda and this self congratulatory practice, we are proud to introduce the first edition of the annual Demons of Adoption Awards.

The winner of this year's Demons of Adoption Award will have the sole priveledge to have the above banner on their website.

This years nominees are:

By voting You can help decide who will receive this award.

Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2007
34% (45 votes)
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
7% (9 votes)
Council on Accreditation
8% (10 votes)
National Council for Adoption
37% (49 votes)
National Safe Haven Alliance
11% (14 votes)
NYC Administration for Children's Services
5% (6 votes)
Total votes: 133


My vote was adoption.con, given  their international audience.  Boo! goes to the sheer number they try to draw into their own bank accounts.  (Talk about having your own "Special Interest Group"!)  No wonder they have so many banned members on their site!  (Myself included)


Those organizations are so

Those organizations are so big all they do is worry about and try and make money sure they help people adopt but thats it. My friend was looking to adopt and was in a bad time in his marriage he kept asking me how do I save my marriage and i had no answer other then use another adoption agency talk with your wife and relax that things would come into place.

Mariage savers

It really makes me sick thinking that a child can save a marriage, let alone the adoption of a child. For me personally, I was a marriage saver and it hasn't done me any good. I ended up becoming a sort of surrogate husband to my adoptive mother, even though I tried to avoid that and felt responsible keeping their marriage together, to the point I had a really hard time leaving my parents to start a life of my own.

When I eventually left my parents, my adoptive father got cancer, which for the remainder of his life functioned as a marriage saver. So in the end I was replaceable.

The WORST reason possible

What in the world is going on in an adult's mind when a child is seen, or used, as the glue that will keep a damaged or dysfunctional marriage together?

I know my role was more therapist and companion than daughter.  There's no "happy childhood" in that role, no matter how you want to slice it.

Saving a marriage is not at all the same as saving a child. 

I shudder to think how many adoptees have been used as tools or props, simply because we were marketed as "available".


well, well, well, big brothers and sisters in arms!

Deeds and services go hand and hand, do they not?

Congress and institutes?

Helping hands?

Don't make me GAG!

F- ALL YOU, you scum-bags involved in a game of messing with the politics of child-placement!!

If there is a lobby, and money, you better believe there is some one preaching a story that someone else is buying with someone else's baby.  Why aren't people helping where help is needed most?  Is that too much to ask for, or is it just too dirty and messy of a job and the frigging government knows it???

Enough bench time for them, I say.

Get their sorry asses out of the offices, and into the streets where THEY BELONG.

[I can say that here, right???]

i'll bite, because i'm curious

how many of these organizations have religious connections / church interests?

certainly there is much pull and influence from those parties, as well, yes?

Religious connection

Yes there most certainly is a religious connection here. The CEO and President of the NCFA, Thomas Atwood, is a former staff member of Pat Robertson. He is member of the board of directors of both the Council on Accreditation and the National Safe Haven Alliance, the latter being located at the same address as the NCFA.

All demons in hell

Thanks to some of our voters, not only are we raising awareness to the blatant self promotion of an industry dedicated to baby trading, but we can now see them banned to hell, look here.


("and beachnut's got 'em")

wasn't that a slogan for a chewing gum advertisement a long time ago?)

It's a dubious honor...

Do you think the winner should be honored somehow with a picture and a post?  If so, can we submit our own photos, and have the winner be posted a letter and picture with it sent November 1st, the first day of Adoption Awareness day?

Let those fat cows of adoption advocacy have their banquet and pat each other on their piggy-backs of jobs well-done selling mothers babies to the highest bidders.

We need time to gather our troops,  and send the right message that mothers and fathers have the right to raise their own babies, right?!

I think we're over-due...

Perhaps this next year should be dedicated to those adoptees and foster children who were abused by their keepers. 

We can call it a Year of Enlightenment.

I think this will take many helping hands, and lots of help... but given the numbers of international surivors of child abuse and adoptees alike, that shouldn't be TOO difficult, should it?

DoA awards

i was looking at the lettering of that "Demons of Adoption".

two thoughts came to mind: "dead on arrival"


"do Away with it" as the final option.

bloody brilliant!

may the brothers and sisters we have lost in death gather behind us,

let strength of words and power bring greater kindness

and support our mission to raise awareness

so child placement is no longer greed-filled and left so abusive and careless

The National Council for Adoption is DoA

The National Council for Adoption is DoA 

By Jessica DelBalzo 


Every October, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute presents various adoption supporters with the "Angels in Adoption" award. These prestigious awards are received by organizations and individuals whose commitment to family desecration has been proven time and again. Confident that they have had a hand in destroying the lives of more parents and children than their colleagues, recipients are proud to proclaim themselves "angels in adoption."

This year, Pound Pup Legacy decided it was time for a change. Just in time for November, America’s National Adoption Awareness Month, PPL is ready to announce the unfortunate winner of its first annual Demons of Adoption Award. Nominees include:

  • for being a big business with international forums that ban members who vocalize any negative views about adoption.
  • The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, for acting as though individuals and organizations that threaten family preservation are deserving of support and praise.
  • The Council on Accreditation, for the dubious conflict of interest caused by including pro-adoption lobbyists on its board.
  • The National Safe Haven Alliance , for advocating infant abandonment and ignoring the real problems that contribute to infanticide and abandonment.
  • The NYC Administration for Children‘s Services, for not checking up on Judith Leekin. ,

All of these contenders put up an admirable fight, but they were unable to beat out the infamous lobbying arm of the United States adoption industry, the National Council for Adoption. True to its name, the NCFA is an unabashedly pro-adoption organization. Formerly managed by the infamously anti-open-records Bill Pierce, this vulgar group is now manned by Tom Atwood. He may have a new name and a new face, but he presents the same anti-family points of view as his predatory predecessor.

Among the DoA-worthy sins committed by the National Council for Adoption are:

  • The conception and implementation of the Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program.  IAATP is a government-funded course which instructs pregnancy professionals in the art of adoption coercion. The goal? To procure even more infants to meet the demands of prospective adopters.
  • The promotion of irresponsible and hurtful adoption terminology unfittingly named Positive Adoption Language. PAL includes such disparaging qualifiers as "birth" and "biological" in reference to parents who have or are considering surrendering a child for adoption, as well as the very deceptive term "adoption plan" to describe a mother’s surrender.
  • The legislative support of Safe Haven Laws. These laws dangerously allow anonymous infant abandonment, leaving children without their medical records, family history, and most importantly, family members. They fail to adequately protect parents, grandparents, and other relatives who may wish to raise the abandoned child. Additionally, Safe Haven Laws have shown themselves to be ineffective in preventing unsafe abandonment and addressing the psychological and social issues that contribute to abandonment.
  • The presentation of open records as a violation of parental privacy rights. Despite exiled mothers of the Baby Scoop Era railing against the NCFA’s claims that they were promised confidentiality and do not want to reunite with their adult children, the NCFA continues to uses these mothers in its campaign to keep adoption records sealed.  

In short, the NCFA is this years Demons of Adoption Award recipient because of the measures it has taken to increase the number of adopted infants, promote adoption among marginalized pregnant women, and continue the abuse of families separated by past adoptions. The bottom line is that the National Council for Adoption wants nothing more than to help its supporters line their pockets with money accrued through predatory adoption practices. With the presentation of this, the very first DoA Award, Pound Pup Legacy is pleased to announce the tarnishing of the NCFA’s already bent and broken halo. Remember, lurking within every "adoption angel" is a demon just waiting to be exposed.

Are there any current awards for 2012? I nominate I am not yet banned but my posts disappear. When I support a natural family member who is having problems and being denied contact- the post is gone. When I write that an adoptive caregiver should embrace contact with the natural familythe moderator replies immediately after my post offering the adopter support for his or her evil intentions. Those evil intentions are of course called "feelings". I get a kick out of annoying them frequently. I also found they have a tracking cookie so they can and do track the other blogs and sites you visit.

I have read that that site is owned by a Mormon man in Utah. The state that seems to take pride in destroying family preservation.

Pound Pup Legacy