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adoption fraud



Title Publication date
Four Employees of Adoption Services Provider Charged with Conspiracy 2014 Feb 11
Child trafficking: Lagos rescues 25 children 2013 Aug 23
Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption 2013 Feb 11
Adoption options plummet as Russia closes its doors 2013 Jan 10
Executives to stand trial on eight charges in Imagine Adoption fraud case 2012 Aug 23
Baby trafficking probe 2012 Feb 7
Child Trafficking Bust in Mexico 2012 Jan 15
Exposing Corruption in International Adoption 2011 Nov 29
Foreign adoptions by Americans plunge again 2011 Nov 11
Guatemala sentences 2 in US adoption case 2011 Oct 25
Adoption Fraud in Guatemala 2011 Sep 29
Nepal comes to terms with foreign adoptions tragedy 2011 Sep 28
Breaking: Guatemalan Court Revokes Passport for Child Adopted to US Under Name “Karen Abigail” 2011 Aug 3
Guatemalan judge orders US couple to return adopted young girl to her birth mother 2011 Aug 3
“The Lost Children of Guatemala,” from Le Temps 2011 Jul 29
Ambassador post blocked as US adoptive families fight for release of Vietnamese orphans 2011 Jun 15
Baby broker appears in court 2011 Jun 1
U.S. Still Suspects Fraud In Nepalese Orphanages 2011 May 10
Ontario adoption agency, with clients in Alberta, charged with fraud 2011 Apr 8
R400 to buy a baby 2011 Apr 3
Ethnic minority parents lose children to adoption scam 2011 Jan 7
Adoption racket unearthed in Delhi; four arrested 2010 Dec 20
Adopting new standards on adoption 2010 Sep 10
Minnesota couple caught up in apparent adoption fraud 2009 Dec 19
Anger grows over adoption scam 2009 Nov 4
Plea Agreement Offered in Bizarre Adoption Scam 2009 Sep 14
Mother finds own baby's photo on Craigslist adoption scam 2009 Aug 3
Slain father of 17 served probation for adoption fraud 2009 Jul 17
Adoption scam hits home 2009 Mar 2
Committee passes adoption legislation 2009 Feb 17
Liberia, Moldova Halt International Adoptions 2009 Jan 30
Defendants in Samoan adoption scandal to plead guilty Tuesday 2009 Jan 5
USDOJ Sentencing Memo 2009 Jan 1
Lawsuit accuses adoption agency of racketeering, fraud 2008 Dec 28
Woman Who Ran Adoption Agency Found Guilty Of Theft 2008 Dec 12
Jury Selection Under Way In Adoption Fraud Case 2008 Dec 12
Adoption Agency Owner Trial Goes To Jury 2008 Dec 10
Lawyer: Adoption Exec Is Scapegoat For Clients 2008 Dec 4
Officials investigate bizarre adoption ad 2008 Oct 5
Didn't look like kid-rob fiends 2008 Jul 16
Chinese Adoption Scams 2008 Jun 5
Woman Could Stand Trial In Adoption Fraud Case 2008 May 25
Beware of Adoption Scams 2008 May 5
Maybe the media will make the mother of all adoption scams much bigger news 2008 May 3
Former Adoption Agency Owner Arrested 2008 Mar 28
Adoption scam 2007 Sep 10
Guatemalan police rescue 46 children from adoption scam 2007 Aug 13
Area women exposes baby scam 2007 Feb 22
Adoption fraud 2006 Jul 5
Attorney disbarred after forging judge's signature on adoption order 2006 Feb 6
"Adoption Is Not a Solution for Poor Children"
Adoption terror
Emerging Liability of Agencies in Wrongful Adoptions
International adoption can be risky endeavor with shadowy agencies, heartbreak
Lawyer pleads to adoption deception
Another adoption agency in hot water