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Plea Agreement Offered in Bizarre Adoption Scam


By Melissa Langbehn

September 14, 2009 / waow.com

There may be a deal reached in a bizarre adoption case out of Portage County. Prosecutors say they have offered Jason Dolski a plea agreement.

Dolski and his attorney will now talk over terms of that deal, which have not been released to the media. Portage County Assistant District Attorney, Veronica Isherwood met with Dolski's attorney Monday. Isherwood says Dolski is being held in the Clark County Jail due to jail overcrowding in Portage County.  He returns to Portage County  Court September 28th. At that time, we may learn whether he accepts the plea bargain.

Prosecutors contend Dolski and his wife conned a woman into giving them her child and then filed false paperwork.

In May, police were looking into illegal drug activity at the couples' Stevens Point home  when questions came up about how the Dolski's got a 14-month-old child.  That lead to charges being filed against Jason and Bobbi Jo Dolski. The child is in protective custody.

2009 Sep 14