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Ronald Federici



Organization Relation type Date from Date to
Families for Russian And Ukranian Adoption (FRUA) Board member
Care for Children International, Inc. Founder of
Russian and Ukrainian Private Adoption Project Owner


Title Publication date
Russian Boy’s Death Still a Mystery, Despite Medical Findings 2013 Mar 4
I-Team investigates international adoption facilitator 2012 Nov 20
Russian Government Faces off with Eureka Adoption Ranch 2012 Aug 2
Ronald Federici rant 2011 Jan 1
Parents: Adopted Son Who Died Harmed Himself 2010 Oct 20
Disorder led boy to cause own death, Cravers say 2010 Oct 20
Ronald Federici Loses 3 Lawsuits: Victory for academic freedom and internet free speech 2010 Jun 18
AB v Federici - Order 2010 Feb 25
Project DoD v Federici - Order 2010 Feb 11
Project DoD v Federici - Judgement 2010 Feb 11
Court of appeals STATE v. SALVETTI 2010 Jan 19
State of NC Vs Paul Salvetti - State Brief 2009 Jun 30
State of NC Vs Paul Salvetti Appellant Brief 2009 May 12
Guantanamo - Federici 2009 Jan 22
Parents get prison for starving boy 2008 Oct 7
Case reveals course of troubled child 2008 Mar 30
Trustee v Federici - response 2008 Jan 28
The siblings they left behind 2007 Sep 4
Federal bankruptcy filing 2007 Jun 6
The Exorcists: The fine line between saving children and torturing them. 2007 Mar 7
Mother Admits Killing Daughter 2006 Mar 2
Safe Haven or House of Horror? 2006 Feb 13
USA Today Helps Expose AT Underground Trafficking of Unwanted Children 2006 Jan 20
Underground network moves children from home to home 2006 Jan 18
Adoptee deaths rare, experts say 12 Russian cases troubling, puzzling 2004 May 21
2003 Angels in Adoption 2003 Sep 30
When Love Isn't Enough 2002 Sep 29
The short life of Viktor Alexander Matthey 2001 Oct 28
From: Dr. Ronald Federici (panellist) 2000 Jun 26
Adoptive Parents Win Battle for Russian Girls 1998 Feb 24
East Bloc adoptions fuel quiet debate 1997 Dec 22
Broken Dreams; In some foreign adoptions, hope fades to hard reality 1997 Jan 2
YouTube Treatment Federici
Federici v Pignotti et al: Official Dismissal Order