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Family Hope 2007 - 2008


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International Family Services (IFS) Organizes Family Hope 2007 - 2008
Family Hope 2007-2008

Making a Forever Difference in the Lives of Older Orphan Children

undefinedOver 100 orphans, ages 5-10 from countries outside the United States, will have the opportunity to visit and live with American families for three weeks during the summer, winter and spring of 2007 - 2008. They will be treated to the cultural experience of their young lives, and along the way most will meet families who will adopt them.

The goal of Family Hope is to bring older children who are available for adoption to the U.S. and expose them to American culture and wholesome families. Through this unique program there is a high probability that the children will be adopted by either the hosting family, or another family who has the opportunity of meeting and spending time with the child.

Many would-be parents feel uncomfortable adopting older children because of the perception that they are more difficult to assimilate into families than younger children. Through Family Hope families and children have the opportunity of getting to know each other before lifetime commitments are finalized.

The Family Hope program makes it possible for orphanage children to travel to the United States, live with families and attend a local day camp. Families interested in adoption, but concerned about adopting an older child, host, get to know, and fall in love with a child.

undefinedDuring 2000 through 2006 IFS families hosted over 800 children in summer and fall visitation programs in Texas, Oregon, California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Washington and Arizona. Most found forever families.

Throughout the years IFS has had considerable success finding homes for older children. IFS continues our substantial involvement in placing older children through traditional international adoption as well as through the Family Hope program. (IFS completes over 200 adoptions a year through traditional international adoption programs and Family Hope.)

International Family Services is looking for families that are interested in advocating for a child with the intent to adopt them, or families who are interested in helping a child find a permanent home by serving as an advocate family.

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