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Adopt for the Love of a Child (Adopt TLC)

2002 Apr 2

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Texas DFPS Licensed Adopt for the Love of a Child (Adopt TLC)
A New Arrival Sponsor of Adopt for the Love of a Child (Adopt TLC) 2003 Jan 01 2003 Dec 31
Their website states:

AdoptTLC is a licensed, non-profit child-placing agency created to serve children in need of permanent families. AdoptTLC is committed to finding safe, secure, loving, and stable adoptive homes while solely acting in the best interest of the children. The agency is dedicated to providing supportive services for all members of the adoption triad including pre-adoption preparation, anticipatory guidance, training, post adoption education, support, and advocacy for both international and domestic placements.


23110 Ford Rd. Ste. A