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Tedi Bear Adoptions

2002 Jan 1


Person Relation type Date from Date to
Deidre Dudley Adoption coordinator 1999 Jan 01 2002 Jan 01
Lisa March Attorney for
Donny Hedstrom Board member 1998 Jul 01
Tedi Hedstrom Board member 1998 Jul 01
Tedi Hedstrom CEO
Havana D. Martin Employed by 1997 Jan 01
Lori Croll Employed by 1998 Jan 01 1999 Dec 31
Patty McLaughlin Employed by
Susan Secor Manning Employed by 2000 Jan 01
Tami Martin Employed by 1997 Jan 01
Cynthia (Cindy) Harding Facilitator for 1999 Jan 01
Gulbanu Altynbaev Facilitator for 2000 Jan 01
Donny Hedstrom Owner
Susan Secor Manning Registrant of 1999 Sep 07 2005 Apr 02

Relations to other organizations

Organization Relation Type Organization Country Date from Date to
Tedi Bear Adoptions Cooperates with A New Arrival 2002 Sep 01
Tedi Bear Adoptions Facilitates A New Arrival
Project Faith Facilitates Tedi Bear Adoptions
AMREX Facilitates Tedi Bear Adoptions
International Mission of Hope - Vietnam (IMHV) Facilitates Tedi Bear Adoptions Vietnam
terrymeeuwsen.com Lists Tedi Bear Adoptions
Adoption Blessings Worldwide Part of Tedi Bear Adoptions 2008 Jun 01
Tedi Bear Adoptions Renamed into Adoption Blessings Worldwide
Closed down in 2002 following adoption scandal Vietnam.


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Ponte Vedra Beach