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Child trafficking cases

Title Date
Philippines - misc trafficking cases 1989 Jan 1


Title Publication date
66 Bulgarian Children Trafficked in 2012, Greece Hot Destination 2013 Oct 28
Change in Korean Adoption Law Followed by More Abandoned Babies 2013 Oct 7
Searching For My Daughter, A Human Trafficking Tale 2013 Sep 3
Couple Looking To Adopt Takes Out Ad Space On NJ Turnpike 2013 Aug 19
Would-be parents turn to social media to adopt 2013 Jun 17
Police uncover second 'baby factory' in a week 2013 May 16
Lifetime To Do ‘Human Trafficking’ Sequel Starring Kirstie Alley & Jennifer Finnigan 2013 Apr 11
US senator hopeful Vietnam adoptions will restart soon following ban over baby-selling 2013 Feb 21
Report: Baby trade in Philippine hospitals 2013 Jan 9
Chinese family planning official caught trafficking in children 2013 Jan 4
Online adoption: Avoiding a web of lies 2012 Dec 19
South Korea "Baby box" pastor says new law brings more babies 2012 Oct 7
Malta raises alarm over Filipino trade in unborn babies 2012 Mar 28
Adoption law revision draws fire 2012 Mar 18
'Our babies were abducted' on the delivery table: North Vancouver woman 2012 Mar 16
Baby trafficking probe 2012 Feb 7
Mexico authorities unravel child trafficking ring 2012 Jan 23
The Baby Market 2012 Jan 20
Families hold out hope for the return of stolen babies 2011 Aug 6
How child trafficking network operates in South East 2011 Jul 30
Stolen baby found in Guatemalan adoption system 2011 Jul 24
Spain Confronts Decades of Pain Over Lost Babies 2011 Jul 6
Spain probes 849 cases of alleged baby trafficking 2011 Jun 18
Babies just another commodity 2011 Jun 18
Children trapped between supply and demand 2011 Jun 16
Ambassador post blocked as US adoptive families fight for release of Vietnamese orphans 2011 Jun 15
Adoption 'donations' encourage crime 2011 Jun 10
The woman who sold children 2011 Jun 9
Chinese Children Born Outside One-Child Policy Trafficked Abroad 2011 Jun 1
People looking overseas for babies 2011 May 29
N.J. birth moms divided on bill that would open up adoption records 2011 May 15
Foreign countries adopt 142 Lagos orphans 2011 May 13
China’s one-child policy boosts child confiscation for overseas adoption 2011 May 12
Med college flouted adoption rules: Govt 2011 Apr 30
Babies are not the only children worth adopting 2011 Apr 25
Hundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption' 2011 Jan 27
Abducted Baby Reunited With Parents 23 Years Later 2011 Jan 20
Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis 2010 Sep 12
Hospitals, health centers alerted of baby abduction 2010 Jan 12
Guatemala: a baby factory no longer? 2009 Dec 23
Two arrested in Vietnam for baby trafficking: report 2009 Nov 9
Alleged child trafficking ring smashed in China 2009 Oct 25
To Breed or Not to Breed? 2009 Oct 18
Three Bulgarians arrested in Greece for selling newborn for 13 000 euro 2009 Oct 7
Adoption scandal sheds light on orphanages' struggle 2009 Jul 14
Bringing Up Baby in the Big House 2009 May 14
Iraqi babies for sale: people trafficking crisis grows as gangs exploit poor families and corrupt system 2009 Apr 6
Bogus baby boom: Women who collect lifelike dolls 2008 Oct 1
Do you really need to buy your infant that patterned 'burp cloth' or Baby Einstein DVD? 2008 Jun 7
Modern-Day Child Trafficking 2007 Jul 18
Adoption vs. Abortion Myths Debunked 2004 Apr 19
Nigeria 'baby farm' girls rescued by Abia state police 2001 Jun 1
Children are happy gifts
Infant Adoption: The Perfect Crime
The Madonna-Horde Syndrome Strikes AGAIN!