More lies...

This an update to my previous posts  The lies  behind my adoption and My past legally erased

So, before starting, here is a summary of these posts.

I was 9 years old (korean age) when I lost my father; I knew my full ID informations then.

St. Paul’s orphanage kept no record of me (Holt was in charge of me from the beginning of my stay there).

Holt’s records:

  •  Abandonned
  • Parents unknown

In 1989, during a Holt’ Family Tour, Holt gave to me the same “complete” records that my adoptive parents already had.

Since I knew I was in another orphanage before St. Paul, I asked them to give me the name of my first orphanage hoping that the latter took note of the informations I gave them. In 1977 and 1989, both Holt and St. Paul have refused to answer me.

In 2001, a nun of St. Paul finally gave me the name of my first orphanage (which helped me to find my family 27 years after separation).

The orphanage records:

  • New home: complete address in Seoul
  • Former house: in Suwon
  • Name of my father: Kim Cheong Chin

There was a slight mistake here. My hometown was Seoul, and my new home was in Suwon.

What I actually told everyone then:

  • I lost my father after visiting my sister at her new work where she lives now.
  • I don’t know yet my new address, but bring me to my old former in Seoul.
  • My married elder sister lives near my former home
  • Also, from there, I know how to go back to my new home, since I often traveled alone between them

Recently, after following the story of the girl #4708 who had to fight to obtain a paper, I was curious to see if Holt held another paper with more informations about me.

I received another paper entitled “Family background informations”.
As you can read in the following, Holt not only erased my past ,  they also invented a story.

Note the places (in orders) where I went through according to Holt:

  • boarding house (left by my father)
  • Lost Children’s Center
  • St.Paul’s Orphanage (where I was taken in charge by Holt the following day according to another paper)

Compare to the actual facts:

  • from police station to another police station
  • Lost Children’s Center
  • An orphnage (where I found the most complete informations in 2001)
  • St.Paul’s Orphanage

Also note that the dates of placements are correct, which means that Holt got those dates from my first orphanage.

To erase my past completely and to make sure that I would never find my family, they omitted to mention that orphanage.



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Ironically the term "missing/broken link" is not lost on me, given my own search-through-adoption-documents.

I was able to get very small pieces of information, like my original name, and type of care given to me, through papers I found (not given freely by my Amother).  [See:  piece by broken piece, with added scanned copies. ]

When I finally had the courage to do more in-depth research (spelled:  find my first-family), I learned the adoption agency my AP's used had not only shut-down decades previously, but supposedly, almost all records kept by them had been destroyed in a fire.  How true any of that information is anyone's guess.  All I know is some people worked very hard to keep certain facts to themselves (and away from parents/adoptees)... making many family/adoption facts little more than secrets taken to the grave.

I really can't say which is worse -- knowing the adoption agency used by your AP's was shut-down because of "questionable" practices, or knowing the adoption agency used by your AP's is not only questionable, but still in heavy operation.

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your eyes and face haunt me...

Ever since I first saw your pictures here at PPL, your eyes and face have haunted me.  Whose little girl is this?  Where did she come from?  What happened to her to put that look of fear on her face?
Since I've known PTSD personally; plus deep, dark depression, I can't help but see the losses you've endured, written on your face.  WHY did no one help you?  Why take a 9 year old who has a home and family?  Did NO ONE listen to you?
Here we big Americans sit in our nice homes, waiting for another country to fill our orders for children to fill the bigger houses we had to have.  Build them bigger and then fill them with stuff.  When there is no more stuff to buy then buy more people to fill the rooms.  I'm just as bad as the next one.
May I ask you if you were considered a "normal, healthy, female child?  Did your paperwork change your age?  When you found your family, what was the most important thing you learned from them?
This is so wrong.

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

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