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I am still new to all this posting on the web and such I have always been a hands on person but hands on isn't working so I am learning as I go. Here is the one web source I was able to master somewhat and if you follow this link you will find my video and a slide show of my grandson my little angel.

Upon review...

I took a look to see the pics of your grandson.  He really is beautiful.  The sinister, cynical side of me can't help but think:  he'd make an excellent addition to the adoption-pool.  [The wounded Pound-Pup in me says, I hope that doesn't become true.] 

I also noticed the video you posted from "On Second Thought":


There's a very interesting article written about Rodger Weidner called "Former Oregon Prosecutor Claims Americans Need To Fight Judicial Corruption Or Freedom Will Turn To Slavery".  In it, Greg Szymanski writes, "Roger Weidner, a former attorney disbarred in 1997 for seeking the truth, has been jailed more than 19 times and illegally placed in a mental institution for wanting to expose judicial corruption".

This reminds me very much of a piece a PPL member recently posted about a government's response to those determined to expose the corruption taking place with child services.

What a very sad world we live in when advocates for child safety are jailed, and law-makers claim "everything is being done to correct these problems".

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