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Oklahoma DHS corruption

I am back at least for awhile anyway I spent 2 weeks in jail got out then got locked up again got out and now they are saying that I am looking at 3 years in prison. These people want to shut me up in a bad way. Now they are saying that I made a bogus myspace page for the case worker which I didn't do. She has a myspace page but I had nothing to do with it I can only hope that she made it before May of 2008 that would prove I didn't do it I didn't even know her then.

More DHS Corruption

Ok guys I am back I don't know for how long but I am still fighting for justice. I was thrown in jail for 2 weeks no water for over 24 hours and no food for 4 days. The DHS worker I found out used her connections with a friend of hers at the DA's office to have me arrested and thrown in jail. I am back out for now but who knows how long it will take them to come up with another lie to come after me again.

Dana Is Leaving Soon

Ok guys I don't have much time left so I wanted to drop you a line. I am trying to get eveything in order so that I can leave. I will leave my computer with my sister so she can log in let you all know when I go. I can't tell anybody where I am going because I don't want anybody to get harrassed. I told her I would let her know when I am gone and then she will come get my computer and notify all of my friends. Take care all of you and may God be with you.

Your friend, Dana

Grand Jury letter about DHS fraud

I was told to write a letter to the Grand Jury so they could look into my story so here it is I am posting it so they can't lie and say that I said something I didn't say.

To Whom It May Concern,

My space link

I am still new to all this posting on the web and such I have always been a hands on person but hands on isn't working so I am learning as I go. Here is the one web source I was able to master somewhat and if you follow this link you will find my video and a slide show of my grandson my little angel.


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