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Dolphin I picked dolphin it is my favorite animal and they are nice and always smile which I never do now.
I am the natural grandmother but they didn't have a section for that so I picked natural parent. My grandson has been kidnapped to be placed for adoption by a very evil woman. We have done nothing wrong but make her mad. This is a personal vendetta for her when she tried to take him twice before I knew enough about the law to know that she was breaking the law and was able to stop her. So she waited for me to go to work knocked on my door my daughter answered the door and they charged in and stole my grandson. They had no just cause so they have been making up stuff since. They have lied to the judge, doctored drug tests and still nothing happens. Most people think I am lying because they don't know about the "Adoption Incentive Bonus" program. DHS will tell you that it doesn't exist but I have a copy of it and it tells which kids are worth more money. We are being judged by this woman’s lies but yet I am told that I can't tell the truth about her. The fact that she is motivated by money her criminal record proves it. The fact that she has an active warrant for her arrest. The fact that she lost her last job at the Attorney General's Office after only a few months because of her temper and vindictive behavior but somehow they say this is not important, I say it shows a pattern. I have friends who have admitted that they are going through some of the same stuff but that their record is not as clean as mine and so it makes it easier for DHS to get over on them. They want me to get my story out because I have no record nothing I have never even had a traffic ticket. How does this happen that this kind of woman can get this kind of job and go in and mess up good peoples lives. While she was drawing welfare (TANF) I was working hard for a living. I just lost my last job of 8 years because she called my boss and told him to find a way to shut me up. It has been over a month and they still can't find a replacement. They did hire a woman a couple of weeks ago she is not even close to doing my job and she is a convicted felon, and working now in the legal system go figure. You see as so many people have told me it is hard to find someone that will work as hard as I do for what I get paid. It is going to take 2 people to replace me but most people want more money then what I was getting paid to work that hard, and there lies their problem. I have done what my grandmother has told me to do be a good person, obey the law, and work hard for what you want. She didn't tell me that one day a criminal that works for the government would come into my life and destroy everything I worked so hard for all my life. Yes I knew their were bad people in the world I just didn't expect them to be in the government and come after me. My whole family has been in the legal field in some form or another. My mother was adopted and so was my aunt so the family’s were never that close. My grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather was a lawyer and served in the war which is how he died TB. My cousin is now a lawyer but not the kind that can help me in fact nobody can help me. There are some that can but the refuse I even offered to buy my grandson back I would sell my house but to no avail. They know they are killing me and they don't care my heart is broken and I have no spirit left and nobody cares. While this woman is all happy and gets to do as she pleases because the government will protect her. To those who maybe interested there are pictures and a video done by the local news on my story feel free to check it out. Myspace.com Dana Lawhon or the URL of dana_lawhon thank you for your time.

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