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forced adoption


Wrongful removal cases

Title Date
Forced adoptions of Slovak children in the UK 2012 Oct 5


Title Publication date
Catholic Church put up 30,000 children for adoption without mothers' consent 2023 Dec 14
The time they took us away: faces of the Sixties Scoop 2016 Oct 9
Torn from their mothers' arms 2015 Mar 24
Mass grave of up to 800 dead babies exposed in County Galway 2014 May 26
Fears adoption could spark new Stolen Generation 2013 May 14
Calls for probe into forced adoptions 2013 Mar 23
Secrets and lies in the histories of overseas babies 2012 Nov 26
United Church of Canada to hold mirror to its role in forced adoptions as families push for national inquiry 2012 Oct 9
Adoption policy forced Wollongong mother to give up child at 2 years old 2012 Sep 22
NSW apologises for forced adoptions 2012 Sep 20
Korean-Australian woman finds she was falsely adopted 2012 Sep 18
Parents deported, what happens to US-born kids? 2012 Aug 27
Vic to say sorry for forced adoptions 2012 Aug 16
Judge to rule in dramatic adoption battle of immigrant mother 2012 Jul 18
Elder slams NT forced adoption plan 2012 May 20
Despite Progress, Forced-Adoption Practices Persist Throughout the United States 2012 May 15
'Priest snatched my baby but I never stopped searching' 2012 Mar 29
Weatherill pledges forced adoptions apology 2012 Mar 29
Your baby is dead: Mothers say their supposedly stillborn babies were stolen from them 2012 Mar 24
'Our babies were abducted' on the delivery table: North Vancouver woman 2012 Mar 16
Curtain lifts on decades of forced adoptions for unwed mothers in Canada 2012 Mar 10
Apology 'owed' for forced adoptions 2012 Mar 1
Mexico Adoption Bust Reveals Vast Child Trafficking Ring 2012 Feb 29
MP claims 1,000 children "wrongly" adopted every year 2011 Dec 13
Court orders El Salvador to investigate children's disappearances 2011 Oct 10
Catholic Church says sorry to mothers 2011 Jul 27
Abducted Versus Adopted: For 1.5 Million of U.S. Adoptees, What's the Difference? 2011 Feb 9
Children's minister condemns Telegraph adoption campaign 2011 Feb 3
The legacy of forced adoptions 2010 Aug 22
She defied the law to find her mother 2010 Aug 21
Forced adoption: social workers' surreal investigation recalls 'satanic abuse' scandals 2010 Aug 14
Big money to be made in the adoption trade 2010 Jun 19
Grandmother and grandson to have child together 2010 May 1
DNA tests as Argentina seeks children of 'disappeared' 2009 Dec 29
Forcibly adopted American Indians torn between cultures 2009 Nov 29
Couple accuse social services of 'kidnapping' daughter 2009 Nov 27
MP hits out at adoption policies 2009 Nov 26
Dictator's wife defiant over forced adoptions 2009 Nov 10
Is it right to take children away from parents at birth? 2009 Sep 7
Baby was put in care even though mother ‘posed no risk’ 2009 May 1
Social workers who snatched four-day-old baby put her up for adoption over unproven abuse claim 2009 Feb 14
Jack Straw to lift secrecy over family courts 2008 Oct 25
"The Stolen Generation" 2007 Jul 13
Judges condemn "foul play" on adoptions
PM - Experts reject addicts' kids adoption debate
Fears over 'unjust adoption rise'