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stolen children



Title Publication date
Switzerland's shame: The children used as cheap farm labour 2014 Oct 31
Child Abduction in China Feeds The Adoption Industry 2013 Oct 10
Child Trafficking: Man Sold Pregnant Wife’s Unborn Child for N200,000 2013 May 24
Fears adoption could spark new Stolen Generation 2013 May 14
The Challenges of International Adoption 2012 Oct 15
The Baby Market 2012 Jan 20
300,000 babies stolen from their parents - and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal 2011 Oct 16
Families hold out hope for the return of stolen babies 2011 Aug 6
Guatemalan judge orders US couple to return adopted young girl to her birth mother 2011 Aug 3
Salvadoran group dogged in search for children missing years ago in civil war 2011 Jul 24
Stolen baby found in Guatemalan adoption system 2011 Jul 24
Spain probes 849 cases of alleged baby trafficking 2011 Jun 18
Spain's Stolen Babies: A Nation Confronts Its Dark Past 2011 Mar 18
Where Did I Come From? Some Stolen Children Don't Want To Know. 2011 Mar 9
Haitian Children Sold for only $1.20 2011 Feb 21
Spanish mother reunited with daughter she was told had died at birth 2011 Feb 20
Hundreds of Spanish babies 'stolen from clinics and sold for adoption' 2011 Jan 27
Spain seeks truth on baby-trafficking claims 2011 Jan 27
The legacy of forced adoptions 2010 Aug 22
As Profitable as the Drug Trade 2010 May 21
The horrifying story of Vanessa Pearce 2010 Mar 21
Haiti's orphan adoption debate 2010 Jan 21
The search for China's stolen children 2009 Dec 25
Guatemala pushes for DNA tests of kids adopted in U.S. 2009 Dec 8
Anger grows over adoption scam 2009 Nov 4
Chinese officials try to find parents of 60 lost children 2009 Oct 29
Stolen babies a new industry in China's villages 2009 Oct 10
Mother reunited with daughter 38 years after she was stolen by the Stasi in former East Germany 2009 Oct 2
Lid lifts on the anguish of China's stolen generation 2009 Sep 26
China’s adoption system worries Canadian mom 2009 Sep 25
Some Chinese parents say their babies were stolen for adoption 2009 Sep 19
Guatemalan army stole children for adoption, report says 2009 Sep 12
Bindoon Boys Town: The sad truth behind Britain's lost children 2009 Sep 6
Ludhiana couple who adopted ‘stolen’ infant held 2009 Jul 12
People & Power - Stolen Babies (video) 2009 Jun 24
Thousands Of Children Stolen From Early Jewish Immigrants To Israel 2009 Apr 19
A desperation for sons ... even someone else's CHINA: Age-old gender biases feed 2009 Apr 5
Baby trafficking and other adoption secrets 2008 May 29
Vietnamese babies sold for adoption in West 2008 Apr 25
Adoption agency in child kidnap probe 2008 Jan 9
Teen's murder shocks Peru and stirs memories of past baby-trafficking scandals 2006 Mar 11
Argentine Dictators Go On Trial For Baby Thefts
Using DNA to Help Fight Child Trafficking