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adoption incentives



Title Publication date
Girl was found dead after 2 years. Did her parents get a state subsidy for keeping it secret? 2021 Mar 19
The Adoption Subsidy: Good Intentions Unfortunate Realities 2013 Jun 7
Judith Leekin lawsuit: Partial settlement reached in Port St. Lucie child abuse case 2012 Dec 10
Adoption Subsidies: A Great Investment for Kids Who Need Families 2012 Sep 25
Adoptions stir emotions 2012 Sep 10
Editorial: Some measure of justice might come for victims of Judith Leekin of Port St. Lucie 2012 Jan 15
Failed Adoptions Create More Homeless Youths 2011 Dec 29
Adoption 'tsar' Martin Narey in the spotlight 2011 Jul 26
Adoption targets saw 10,000 children ripped from their families 2011 Jul 17
Subsidy helps adoptive mom 2011 May 13
The adoption paradox 2011 May 13
Internal Revenue Service failed to pay refunds for adoption credits on tax returns, families say 2011 Apr 14
Ontario adoption law changes proposed 2011 Apr 13
Oklahoma couple accused in abuse received $4,500 a month from Wisconsin for adopted children, sherrif says 2011 Feb 25
Parents react to adoption fee increase 2010 Aug 5
Couple accuse social services of 'kidnapping' daughter 2009 Nov 27
Adoption system is UK's shameful secret 2009 Oct 10
HHS Awards $35 Million to States for Increasing Adoptions 2009 Sep 14
'Stop trying to fix families we can't fix': Barnardo's head's 'heretic' call for bad parents to lose their children 2009 Sep 7
Is it right to take children away from parents at birth? 2009 Sep 7
Social workers who snatched four-day-old baby put her up for adoption over unproven abuse claim 2009 Feb 14
Foster-care scam grows by $155G 2009 Feb 11
The President Signs the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 into Law! 2008 Oct 10
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
Landmark Adoption Bill Passed By House 2008 Sep 25
Adoption Incentives Bill Passes in House, Heads to Senate for Final Vote 2008 Sep 17
Adopting domestically can lower hurdles to claiming tax credit 2008 Sep 8
4 charged with NYC child welfare thefts 2008 Jul 16
Didn't look like kid-rob fiends 2008 Jul 16
Controversy trails 'attachment' therapist who runs Chesapeake center 2008 Jul 6
Loganville woman charged in abuse case 2008 May 28
Creating and Helping Jewish Families 2008 May 21
Adopt and Prosper? 2008 May 21
Cash prize for council that hit adoption targets 2008 Apr 14
What's New in Adoption 2008 Jan 1
Carmel will help its employees adopt 2007 Nov 24
The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services 2007 Nov 16
Are over-zealous social services acting on orders to meet adoption quotas? 2007 Oct 14
"My baby will be taken from me the moment it's born" 2007 Sep 6
Children taken from parents and adopted ‘to meet ministry targets’ 2007 Aug 24
Adoption Subsidy in the United States 2007 Feb 14
Babies 'removed to meet targets' 2007 Jan 26
Adoption Bonuses 2007 Jan 6
The Child Stealers 2005 Aug 20
Child Abuse in Two Huge Tennessee Families Investigated 2004 Sep 2
Child traffickers prey on Romania 2004 May 9
Government Bonuses Accelerate Adoptions 2003 Dec 8
Sex-Abuse Case in Harlem Leaves Neighbors Confused 1991 May 23
Give us back our children
Fears over 'unjust adoption rise'
UK following in US $$ footsteps
Theresa and Reed Hansen
should adoptive parents get free houses
Does DFCS quota culture put young lives at risk?


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