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Abuse cases

Title Date
Asunta Yong Fang Basterra Porto 2013 Sep 27
Boy adopted by a British Columbia man 2013 Jan 1
Girl in UK, forced to become pregnant 2013 Apr 28
Boy 'adopted' by Mark J Newton and Peter Truong 2012 Feb 9
Austin and Edward Bryant 2011 Jan 22
Children adopted by Kenneth H. Brandt 2011 Mar 1
Children adopted/fostered by Maurice Martinez 2011 Jan 14
Boy adopted by Lori Wiley-Drones and Edward Drones 2010 Jan 1
Children adopted by Anya James 2010 Oct 1
Two girls adopted by English couple, "loaned" to pedophiles 2010 Aug 18
Boy adopted by Frank M. Lombard and Kenneth Shipp 2009 Jun 24
Boys adopted by/in foster care with Gregg Larsen 2009 Jul 1
Twins adopted by Daniel and Merily Pompa 2009 Oct 29
Girls adopted by Juan Rodenas and his wife. 2008 Jun 17
Children adopted by Judith Leekin 2007 Jul 30
Children adopted by couple in Quebec, Canada 2007 Feb 19
Girl adopted by Steven Lynn Mouton 2006 Jan 1
Girl adopted by woman in Ontario, Canada 2006 Aug 17
Girls in care of Mercedes Farquharson 2006 Mar 13
Keri Ponce 2006 Feb 9
Monica Fabregas 2006 Jun 7
Boy adopted by William Delos Peckenpaugh 2004 Dec 1
Masha Allen (Mariya Nikolaevna Yashenkova) 2003 May 27
Boy adopted by Donald Shissler 2002 May 31
Girl in guardianship of James Matthew McDaniel-Webb 2001 Nov 1
Timothy Boss 2000 Feb 23
Girl adopted by David Karl and Jennifer Danser 1999 Mar 1
Carmina Salcido (Cecelia Swindell) 1989 Jan 1
Children adopted by Harold Johnson and Sherry Johnson 1988 Oct 21
Boy adopted by Stephen Pratt 1983 Nov 1
Children living at Casa Pia de Lisboa 1981 Jan 1

Disrupted placement cases

Title Date
Children sent to Nicole and Calvin Eason 2009 Jan 1
Emily Fuqui Svenningsen and Eric Svenningsen 1997 Jan 1


Title Publication date
Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn 2022 Aug 7
In a shadowy online network, a pedophile takes home a ‘fun boy’ 2013 Sep 9
Victim Uses Namesake Law to Sue Exploiters 2013 Aug 27
Austrian commission reports rampant child abuse in former city-run home 2013 Jun 12
Gestational surrogacy a bad recipe for Louisiana 2013 May 31
Okechukwu Maximus Ndianaefo: The merits of child trafficking 2013 May 19
Russia may treat child adoption for cash as trafficking 2013 Jan 23
Judith Leekin lawsuit: Partial settlement reached in Port St. Lucie child abuse case 2012 Dec 10
Sierra Leone Parents Say Children Adopted Without Consent 2012 Jul 23
Deported woman seeks MEA’s help 2012 May 28
WikiLeaks: Foster Care Children in Ireland Used as Sex Slaves 2011 Jun 15
“Human rights start with children’s rights” 2011 May 30
Former foster parent and teacher sentenced for child porn 2010 Nov 23
When evil is cloaked as good 2009 Dec 16
Abuses Against Children Persist Despite Rights Convention 2009 Oct 8
Accused bishop is leaving the Maritimes for Ottawa 2009 Oct 7
Ricky Martin Tackles Trafficking 2009 Sep 25
Guatemalan Army Admits to Trafficking Kids for Adoption 2009 Sep 21
Duke U. Official Caught in Alleged Child Sex Sting 2009 Jun 27
Child-trafficking bill closer to becoming law. 2009 Jun 8
Children Of the World For Sale 2009 Mar 20
Prostitution of boys at India's pilgrim sites called rampant 2009 Mar 10
Pedophiles find Ukraine a good place to roam 2009 Mar 4
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
Suspected 'Cameraman' Charged in Child Sex Assault Case 2008 Dec 18
Adoption Subsidies Get Little Oversight 2008 Oct 9
Sexual Exploitation of Children is a Growing Phenomenon 2008 Sep 26
Help Pass the Protect The Children Act 2008 Sep 16
DSWD: Don't allow foreigners to sleep in orphanages 2007 Nov 9
Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic 2007 Sep 5
Foster Parent Pleads Guilty In Child Porn Case 2007 Jul 26
Multimillionaire pedophile sought known haven 2003 May 12
Sex-Abuse Case in Harlem Leaves Neighbors Confused 1991 May 23
Counties kept in dark about alleged abuses at foster-care agency
Economy of Child Trade
Ex-Bal Mandir Employee, Student Held On Rape Charge ; Republica June 18 2014
Home schooling 'could be a cover for child abuse and sexual exploitation'