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Title Publication date
Ethiopian adoption went awry 2010 Mar 22
Bruce Arnold: Church and State colluded in this abuse-ridden society 2010 Mar 6
Scottish care home children 'stigmatised' 2010 Jan 28
Kentucky officials knew that many of the children who died from abuse might be at risk 2009 Dec 13
Dictator's wife defiant over forced adoptions 2009 Nov 10
Child abuse: On the front line 2009 Oct 25
Italians make best parents for adopted Indian children 2009 Oct 18
Sex offenders have jobs as charity trustees 2009 Oct 18
To Breed or Not to Breed? 2009 Oct 18
Broken homes: Children that grow up around domestic violence repeat the behavior 2009 Oct 11
DCF Report rips way kids get meds 2009 Aug 17
What made Baby P's mother Tracey Connelly so wicked? 2009 Aug 14
IL Joins States Requiring Cross-Reporting of Child Abuse and Animal Cruelty 2009 Aug 14
Moms reveal why they gave up their children 2009 Jul 29
Children prove best carers to ease Africa's orphan crisis 2009 Jun 27
Sex abuse by adults is about power, not gratification 2009 Jun 20
Children traumatized by foster care lapses, advocate reports 2009 Jun 2
Staff preyed on children with disabilities 2009 May 21
Foster system is destroying children 2009 May 11
'Send problem children to boarding schools' 2009 May 5
7-year-old’s hanging death investigated in Florida 2009 Apr 17
Inside child prisons 2009 Apr 13
Parents' sexuality influences adoption choices 2009 Apr 2
Children of Incarcerated Parents: Helping The Silent Victims 2009 Mar 21
Delhi notebook - agony of missing children 2009 Mar 13
'Excessive secrecy' over deaths of children in care 2009 Mar 9
Florida RNs Watch For Signs of Economy-Related Child Abuse 2009 Mar 9
BC foster care in crisis, report and social workers agree 2009 Mar 8
Row on asylum children detention 2009 Mar 8
Families Search for Truth of Spain’s ‘Lost Children’ 2009 Feb 28
Holistic Approach Needed to Foster Care, Experts Say 2009 Feb 27
Foster care payments used to feed pokies 2009 Feb 27
Charities are ready to help swamped DOCS 2009 Feb 25
Almost 7,000 criminals 'applied to be teachers' last year 2009 Feb 23
How to Protect Your Child's Mental Health 2009 Feb 13
Chicago team hired to study foster children 2008 Dec 26
Nigeria 'child witch killer' held 2008 Dec 4
Do Children Commit Suicide? 2008 Oct 7
New Report Shows 20,000 Children in Foster Care in PA 2008 Sep 10
Foster Mom Loses Custody of Own Son 2008 Sep 9
The Federal Budget and Spending on Children 2008 Aug 4
[True or False] Having Kids Makes You Happy 2008 Jul 2
Legacy of Canada's residential schools 2008 Jun 11
Living in Limbo: The Non-Divorce 2008 May 21
Children of the Great War 2007 Nov 9
21 Big Lessons from Little Kids 2007 Sep 6
Excessive TV Spurs Attention Trouble in Kids 2007 Sep 5
Bipolar disorder in youths may be over-diagnosed 2007 Sep 4
<Eeeeks!> on ebay 2007 Aug 23
Infant/Child Response to Grief 2007 Aug 5
Can the term "adoption" cause depression in a mother & her baby? 2007 Jul 13
The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Family 2007 Mar 21
Romania trip report - Travelogue 2005 Feb 4
Forgotten orphans of Smyllum laid to rest by nuns in umarked graves 2003 Sep 14
Bitter legacy of separation 2002 May 17