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Title Publication date
Soldier wins 22-month custody battle and finally reunited with daughter, 2, who his wife gave up for adoption 2013 Jan 25
Report: Baby trade in Philippine hospitals 2013 Jan 9
Surrogacy Scandal Raises Question About Regulation 2011 Aug 11
People looking overseas for babies 2011 May 29
Babies are not the only children worth adopting 2011 Apr 25
Is there a link between NHS-funded IVF and the adoption crisis? A response to Cristina Odone 2011 Apr 21
Infertility rises and so does adoption of girls 2011 Mar 21
Hole that swallows babies - how kids are spirited away 2010 Oct 31
Babies for sale 2010 Oct 30
Birth of a booming baby industry 2010 Jun 26
‘It’s like winning the lottery’ 2009 Oct 23
Heading to India for a Longed-For Child 2009 Oct 7
The rights of test tube babies 2009 Sep 8
When the biological clock runs out 2009 Sep 1
Expert Panel Releases Report on Infertility and Adoption in Ontario 2009 Aug 26
Egg scandal: Doctor uses son's adoption as line of defense 2009 Jul 27
Single black women choosing to adopt 2009 Jul 1
Last days of adoption? 2009 Apr 12
High-flying diplomat's China girl 2009 Mar 29
Neighbours Speak On PH Baby Factory 2009 Mar 15
Adoption seekers using YouTube, Facebook to find birth moms 2009 Mar 10
Woman Charged With Buying Baby 2009 Feb 21
Giving birth to ethical problems, Just because old folks can have babies doesn't mean they should 2009 Feb 9
Demi and Ashton Clear Up Adoption Rumors 2009 Feb 3
A pregnant pause 2009 Jan 11
Why after waiting years for a baby, I gave my adopted son back 2008 Nov 17
Adoption: A viable option 2008 Oct 15
The Globalization of Baby-Making 2008 Apr 11
Couple make new attempt to win back 'miracle' boy 2007 Sep 15
Market Puts Price Tags on the Priceless 1998 Oct 26
Children are happy gifts