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Seventh Annual Demons of Adoption Awards


For the seventh year in a row, Pound Pup Legacy, asks its readers to decide who will become the recipient of the annual Demons of Adoption Award.

Like previous years, the candidates for the award were nominated by readers of Pound Pup Legacy. An unprecedented number of nominations were made, and several nominations received strong support from our readers.

The Demons of Adoption Awards were  introduced in 2007, to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the  Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angel in Adoption Award



The Angel in Adoption Awards


have become an adoption industry love-fest that is unprecedented, even in this day and age, where a distinction between Congress and special interests is hard to make.

While members of congress are busy doting on representatives of  the adoption industry, children are being abused in their adoptive family, children are being trafficked to meet the demands of the adoption system, father's rights are being violated, women are being coerced to give up their babies and adoptions are ending in disruption because of improper screening and preparation of adopters.

To raise awareness about the dark side of adoption and the negligent and corrupt practices in Adoptionland, we ask our readers to vote for the Demons of Adoption Award.

The nominees for this year's edition are:

Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2013?
36% (158 votes)
14% (63 votes)
1% (5 votes)
1% (6 votes)
1% (6 votes)
1% (4 votes)
1% (6 votes)
1% (3 votes)
1% (3 votes)
35% (152 votes)
3% (15 votes)
1% (5 votes)
3% (13 votes)