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Sixth Annual Demons of Adoption Awards


It is the time of year again to start the ballot for the annual Demons of Adoption Awards.

Pound Pup Legacy introduced this award in 2007, to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the  Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angel in Adoption Award



Initially started as a means to raise awareness for children in foster care, the

Angel in Adoption Award

over the years, has become an adoption industry love-fest, lauding agency executives and adoption attorneys, simply for running a business.

While members of congress are busy doting on representatives of  the adoption industry, children are being abused in their adoptive family, children are being trafficked to meet the demands of the adoption system, father's rights are being violated, women are being coerced to give up their babies and adoptions are ending in disruption because of improper screening and preparation of adopters.

To raise awareness about the dark side of adoption, the negligent and corrupt practices in Adoptionland, we ask our readers to vote for the Demons of Adoption Award.

The nominees for this year's edition are:

  • The Christian Post: for running several mind bendingly biased articles about intercountry adoption;
  • Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute: for giving their seal of approval to persons and organizations that promote the interests of the adoption industry and pushing agency friendly legislation in Congress;
  • Celebrate Children International: for being the agency behind numerous illegal adoptions, and the agency of record for the stolen child Fernanda;
  • Oxygen Network: for producing the absolutely horrendous show "I'm Having Their Baby." Tasteless, manipulative, coercive, and intrusive into the lives of vulnerable women trying to cope with an unplanned pregnancy;
  • Adam Pertman: for claiming to be a critic of the adoption system, while at the same time promoting the interest of the adoption industry;
  • Martin Narey: for trying to speed up adoptions and make it easier to adopt, and suggesting women who want to abort should abandon;
  • Adoption Assistance, Inc. and World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP): for their role in the adoption travesty featuring Artem Justin Hansen (Artem Saveliev) and his so-called "permanent placement" with "forever mom", Torry Hansen, infamous Adoptive mother who returned her problem-child back to Russia like a pair of unwanted shoes;
  • U.S. State Department: for their show-boating role in adoption regulation reform talks with Russia this year. Despite all appearances, the DOS has zero power when it comes to enforcing regulations established between the two signatories;
  • Larry S. Jenkins: for his involvement in nearly every case where father's rights were violated;
  • The United States House of Representatives: for fast-tracking H.R. 1464: North Korean Refugee Adoption Act of 2011; This bill in effect by-passes the limited safe-guards that are in place in international adoption, to bring North Korean children to the US for adoption.;
  • Nancy Verrier: for her untested and untestable theory. It creates nothing but weepy distraction in the legitimate battle against adoption secrecy, corruption, and coercion;
  • South Korea: for having the longest running international adoption program in the world; for not giving adequate support to single mothers.
Who should receive the Demons in Adoption Award 2012?
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