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Title Publication date
The Trouble With the Christian Adoption Movement 2016 Jan 11
The Dominican children given up to Quebec's 'adoption machine’ 2015 Sep 21
Alert: Haiti authorizes U.S. adoption service providers 2013 Apr 24
Haiti to overhaul adoption laws to protect its children, curb child trafficking and neglect 2012 Nov 30
Jillian Michaels Is Finally Becoming A Mother! 2012 Jan 16
Ricky Martin plans for Children Homes in Latin America 2011 Jun 21
The Evangelical Adoption Crusade 2011 Apr 21
Hopeful parents find many roadblocks to adopting Haitian orphans 2011 Apr 10
Haitian Children Sold for only $1.20 2011 Feb 21
New adoption scandal blows up over Russian boy left in Caribbean 2010 Apr 15
Obama administration embroiled in illegal removal of Haitian children 2010 Feb 28
Child Migration a Difficult Issue 2010 Feb 26
More Haitian orphans coming to Utah 2010 Feb 6
Haitian children kidnapped and sold, aid workers fear 2010 Jan 30
Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti 2010 Jan 30
Portugal sets up children’s shelter as concerns grow over child trafficking 2010 Jan 30
Haitian children arrive in Frankfurt for adoption 2010 Jan 29
Manitoba agency halts Haiti adoptions 2010 Jan 26
“Adoption is a last resort” 2010 Jan 23
Agencies warn against quick adoptions 2010 Jan 23
For a Sustainable Progress 2010 Jan 23
Home At Last 2010 Jan 22
Haiti's orphan adoption debate 2010 Jan 21
Haiti's orphan adoption debate 2010 Jan 21
Tragedy Exploited: A Sad History Repeating Itself in Haiti 2010 Jan 21
Klobuchar seeks help for Americans poised to adopt children from Haiti 2010 Jan 18
Plane carrying orphans from Haiti on its way to Pittsburgh 2010 Jan 18
Earthquake orphan appeal: Do not adopt earthquake orphans 2010 Jan 16
Haiti quake puts parents' adoption dreams in limbo 2010 Jan 15
Orphanage: Adoption plan needed for Haitian children 2010 Jan 15
Prospective parents grow more worried about Haiti's orphans 2010 Jan 15
Dutch Government allows new 'Babylift'operation to get children for adoption from Haiti 2010 Jan 15
Adoptions of Haitian children thrown into chaos 2010 Jan 15
Church, immigrant groups plan to airlift Haitian orphans to South Florida 2010 Jan 15
Families worry about children's food, adoption papers 2010 Jan 14
You can help: East Tennessee efforts to support Haiti 2010 Jan 14
Child Trafficking Major Concern After Quake 2010 Jan 14
Haitian boy, 4, arrives at new home in Eugene 2010 Jan 5
When evil is cloaked as good 2009 Dec 16
Sex trade, forced labor top U.N. human trafficking list 2009 Feb 16
meeting at Parquet with IBESR present and about 20 creche directors 2009 Feb 5
Probe baby selling 2008 Mar 3
France's Rama Yade in Haiti: New Face, Same Old Agenda 2007 Sep 19
Haiti: Ordeal of Children Victims of Trafficking for International Adoption Revealed 2007 Sep 1
100 children remain in hands of traffickers in Haiti, says IOM 2007 Aug 18
The last resort 2003 Jun 29
Requisites for Adoption
For-Profit Orphanages Keep Haitian Families Apart
Illegal Adoption now legalised by Dutch Ministry ?
Rumor Queen & The Dangerous Desire to Adopt a Haitian Baby
DEC member agencies call for halt to new Haiti adoptions


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