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Ricky Martin plans for Children Homes in Latin America


June 21, 2011 / greatnewmovies.com

Ricky Martin has revealed that, he is planning to sponsor children’s homes in Latin America to stop human trafficking.

The Livin’ La Vida singer has revealed his plans of building homes for children in various parts of Latin America, in order to bid to stop the human trafficking. Currently, he is planning to build a Child Development and Prevention Centre in Loiza, Puerto Rico, expecting to complete it by 2012.

He also revealed that, he is hoping to build the similar homes in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and other parts of Latin America, through his foundation. He also held the third edition of a gold competition on Friday, in order to help in raising funds for the Children’s Centre, which helps to fight against human trafficking in Puerto Rico.

Martin said that, this is just the beginning of the project and will spread across the island and also in Dominican Republic, Mexico and Latin America. He also added that, they want to make a difference for the children and young men of Loiza, to support them by the tools, which they need to guarantee their bright future.

As per the reports, the centre has a budget of $4 million, which comprises ten classrooms, a library and a recreation area. He became father of twin boys, through a surrogate mother in August 2008.

2011 Jun 21