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Dan Wakefield



Organization Relation type Date from Date to
Focus on Children Facilitator for 2002 Jan 01 2004 Dec 31
New Hope Academy Founder of
FOC nanny house in Ululoloa Participates in

Relations to other persons

Person Relation Type Person Date from Date to
Tracy Wilson Works for Dan Wakefield

Relations to geographical entities

Party Relation Type Political Entity Date From Date To
Dan Wakefield Operates in Samoa 1957 Jan 01 1958 Jan 01


Title Publication date
In the matter of the adoption of Amelya Frances Kirkpatrick - Deposition upon oral examination of Dan Wakefield 2009 Sep 18
Defendants in Samoan adoption case must pay $100,000 to trust fund 2009 Jul 16
Letter to the Editor: A “very disappointed” Tracy Wilson 2009 Mar 29
Police complete probe into adoption scam 2009 Mar 2
U.S. v Focus on Children, et al Sentencing Press Release 2009 Feb 25
Judge has mercy on Samoan adoption scam defendants; no prison time 2009 Feb 25
Sentencing delayed for defendant in Samoan adoption case 2009 Feb 18
Adoption-scam defendants cut no-jail-time deal: Samoan kids ? Adoptive parents disappointed with probation sentence. 2009 Jan 7
Adoption scam defendants cut no-jail-time plea deal 2009 Jan 6
Samoan Adoptions: Faiupu Family 2009 Jan 1
USDOJ Sentencing Memo 2009 Jan 1
Focus on Children Federal Document 2009
No winners in Samoan adoption scandal 2008 Nov 18
Conspiracy alleged in adopting Samoan kids 2007 Sep 5
Tot dies after stay at nanny house 2007 Jun 17
Dreams of parents in two worlds shattered by scandal 2007 Jun 17
Trusting dad gives kids away; Son promises to return 2007 Jun 17
False promises: How parents and prosecutors contend families in two countries were duped 2007 Jun 14
Families share adoption woes 2007 Mar 13
Samoan attorney terms adoption charges 'rubbish' 2007 Mar 7
Adoptive parents anxious 2007 Mar 6
Baby Selling Scheme video 2007 Mar 5
Claims about 'orphans' key in shady adoptions 2007 Mar 3
Utah adoption agency hit by fraud allegations 2007 Mar 2
FOC IRS-990 2004 2004 Dec 31
Samoan adoptions raise eyebrows 2004 Aug 14
Letter from Dr. Robert Skillman to Dan Wakefield 2004
FOC IRS-990 2002, 2003 2003 Dec 31
Teen reform school still open 2001 Aug 18
Troubled American teenagers in Paradise! 2000 Feb 17
Families sue founder of defunct reform camps in Samoa, Laie 1999 Dec 28
Families sue founder of defunct reform camps in Samoa, Laie 1999 Dec 28
Cartisano back in business outside U.S. 1999 Aug 10
Nine Years After Girl's Death, `Camp' Director Has Returned 1999 Aug 8
It’s Cheap, But is it Good for Kids? 1999 Jun 1
Teens Complain Of Torture at Treatment Camps 1999 Feb 22
5 Stranded When Utah Firm Closes 1999 Feb 18
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Steps for Processing Adoption
Adoptive Parent checklist